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New Crochet Braids Tutorial For 2017

Crochet Braids Full Tutorial By DeAndrea Renee

Today, I’m here to show you guys how to do some crochet braids. If you’ve been following my channel for a while, you know that I’m pretty much known mainly for crochet braids. I wanted to do another crochet style, so I’ve been seeing this popular hair from FreeTress called Deep Twist, and I definitely wanted to try it. I’m going to start off with telling you guys a little bit about your braiding pattern. Your braiding pattern really isn’t a big deal, as far as the neatness goes of your braids. The most important part of your braids is that your parts are small.

crochet braids creating parts


You need to have your braids as close as possible, because, of course, as your crochets grow and as your hair continues to grow, your parts will widen, so if you start out with a wide part, you’ll end up with a much wider part. Your objective is to get your braids close together. What I do, I make my middle part and then I braid as close to the part as possible, so if you see, this braid is more over here than it is over here and that’s all you really have to do. At least one of these two braids needs to be as close to the middle as possible. If you can, get both as close to the middle as possible, but at least one; as long as you have one you will be good.


If you check a couple of my other crochet videos, you will see how my styles end up turning out. I personally leave some slicked hair down in the beginning. I leave slicked hair down because as your crochets grow they will look so much more natural. I like my hair slicked down beginning off. You don’t have do that, you can start your braid at the beginning of your head if you would like to, this is just a personal preference for myself. In order for your crochet braids to look as natural as possible you will need to do Y braids wherever you would like to wear your part. If you can see, I have a Y braid here, I have a Y braid here, and I have a Y braid here. When I say, “Y braid,” it’s literally connected like a Y, so it’s like this. It’s not straight back braids, like this, it’s a Y. That way it will have an end to it so you won’t just continue to see scalp, you’ll actually have an end to that hair.

crochet braids Y braid


I have Y braid, Y braid, and then just straight back. These are just straight back, because I don’t plan on wearing any type of part over on this side. I just have my hair going straight back. I braided all of this connected and then I folded it over, so I’ll show you guys that. Here’s that. I just braided it across, flipped it over, and sewed it together, so that’s not a very big part of this whole crochet thing. It doesn’t really matter how neat, as long as you have your Y braids and you make sure your braids are as close together you will be just fine. Here is the hair, it’s called FreeTress Deep Twist. It says 22 inch, and I got color one. I purchased five packs at 5.99 a pack. All you will need to do, after you braid hair, make sure that you oil your scalp.

crochet braids back


I am using Mega Thick Growth Oil from Doo Gro, just to make sure my scalp is moisturized, because you guys, when your scalp itches it will come at you with a vengeance. It is not fun at all. I hate when my head itches, so I just go through and run it through my parts. It’s really simple when you have a bottle like this, it’s easily dispensed through your hair. That took me no time at all. If you guys are wondering what I used to lay my edges down, I like to use Gorilla Snot Gel. It’s been the best for me, I’ve tried the Got2b Glue Gel and for me, I prefer the Gorilla Snot. It’s just better to me and holds so much better. I didn’t even tie this down. I really, really like the Gorilla Snot Gel combined with a toothbrush, and you are good to go. Let’s get started, ladies (singing).

crochet braids style aid


All right, ladies, so I have just finished installing one pack, so you can see (singing). I’m going to start on my second pack. All right, ladies, so I have just finished installing my second pack, so here’s my progress (singing). All right, so for my third pack I’m going to concentrate on filling up the back middle part, all the way to the same height as the rest of my crochet braid. I’m going to try to go ahead and level it off around here. I’m going to work on filling all of this up. I’m not going to cut it or anything, I’m going to keep it the length that it came in. I’ll finish that and come back and show you guys. All right, ladies, so I have just finished installing my hair in the back, so I’m on the third pack, as I was saying. When you open one of the packs, they have like three little batches in them. It’s about three of these. It’s one, then it’s two, then it’s three.


crochet braids tool


Crochet Braids Tool


I put two of them in my head, and this is the last one that I have left from the third pack, and it was getting kind of full, so I’m going to stop where I am at now. It’s pretty close to being level, not quite, but just a little bit off, but it really won’t make a difference. I’m going to show you guys how it looks so far. This is the fullness. You guys can see, it’s getting really, really full, and I’m holding very, very small amounts of hair. This is just the three packs, almost, not quite fully three packs, so now I’m going to start cutting my hair in half, so I won’t have to use as much hair. I might not even go through all of the packs that I purchased. I’m going to go ahead and cut this in half. You just want to make sure it’s leveled, that is about half. I’m just going to cut that, because I want a layered look.
You can see, I’m not grabbing big pieces, so I want a layered look (singing). That’s where it falls. I’m going to go ahead and finish installing this piece of, this little last piece of my third pack and I will be back to show you guys. All righty, dolls, so I have finished installing the full three packs of hair. This is the cut hair. You can kind of see, it’s kind of giving me layered effect. I’ll show you. Still got quite a bit left in the back. Still got quite a bit left in the back, but I am finished all the way up to my Y braids. These are my Y braids. I will be doing my invisible crochets here, but I’m going to finish up filling in the back first. I am starting on my fourth pack, still cutting the hair in half. I will finish up the back all the way to the Y, and I will come show you guys how to do the Y braids.

crochet braids tool in use


All right, dolls, so I have finished filling up the back of my hair. I’m still on my fourth pack, but I will show you guys what this looks like so far, before I start on my Y parts (singing). You can see it’s really starting to fill up, so now it’s time to do my Y braids. This is the most important when doing your crochet braids, because this is where your parts will be. I do what is called invisible crochets, and that is basically when you have an invisible knot, not a visible knot. This will allow your hair to look like it’s growing straight out of your scalp. When doing a regular crochet knot you pull the hair through and then you put both pieces through, but we’re not going to do that. We’re going to put one piece through, and then we’re going to twist and put that one piece through again so it will fold over.

crochet braids tool for loop


You want to get your small piece of hair and you want to run your hand over the hair just to fix its orientation. It’s not uniform, the curl is no longer uniform, so all I’m doing is running my finger over the curl and that pretty much fixes the frizz (singing). You can see this is knotted and this is invisible. You can see the difference. I’m going to continue and I’ll come back and show you guys how to close it. Okay, dolls, so I’m back. I have finished pretty much most of my hair. I finished these Y braids, these Y braids, so all I have is these two left, these two Y braids left. I’m going to show you guys how I do my invisible crochet braids with this hair. Just to tell you a little bit about this hair, it is extremely soft, you guys, like so freaking soft. I’m used to the kinky textured hair, which is pretty easy to get to stay in your head.
This was definitely different, so I will say it’s a little bit harder to get to stay in your head. This is why I tend to loop the hair more than once. In any of my other crochet braids I’ll only loop the hair once, but with this soft, straight hair you have to loop it more than once for it to stay secured in your head. Me, personally, I don’t want to double tie mine quite a bit, because I don’t plan on keeping my hair up for a long period of time and I don’t want it to be extremely difficult to take down, so I’m only looping mine twice. When doing the Y part, I still only get a small amount of hair, and you still want to try to get the hair back into uniform curl, just by running your hand over it a couple of times.

crochet braids partial intall


I’m starting with this hair that I have slicked down, so I’m just going to slide this under (singing). I’m going to pull this through (signing). I’m going to take one of the pieces, loop it through, then loop it back through the other way, pull it tight, that will form a knot and I’m just sliding the hair back and forth to make sure the knot goes underneath the braid (singing). Just like that, so it will layover. I’m going to show you guys again (singing). Sliding the knot under and fold it over (singing). All right, dolls, so I have finished my install of my crocheted Deep Twist hair, and it’s quite full, as you can see. I’m about to go in with my razor comb and I’m going to be thinking this out a bit, but I do want to show you guys the finished product without me altering anything.

crochet braids back after partial install


This is four packs and like a piece of the fifth pack. It’s not quite a full-third of it, but it’s just a few pieces of the fifth pack. I would say closer to four packs rather than five, but just a little bit of the fifth pack. You can see, you can’t see the knots (singing). Here is the side parts (singing). Here’s the other side parts (singing). You can see the invisible method does work really, really well. I’m still going to go through and thin this out just a little bit. I like it, but it’s a little thick. Let me show you guys the back (singing). Very full, you guys. I’m going to go through this and trim it just a bit and I will show you guys my finished product. All right, ladies, so here’s the finished product.

crochet braids finished look


All I did was take my, like I said, take my thinning shear, well, my razor comb, and I took the thinning side, which is the side that’s closest to the combs and I just thinned it out to my desired look. Here’s the side part (singing). I know I have on black, so it may be hard to see. This is all the hair to the front. Here’s my side part (singing). Here’s the middle part (singing). Again, this is all the hair to the front and here’s the side part, the other side part (singing). I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you like these contacts, I will have all the information down below. I might even have a coupon code for you guys for a special discount, so check down below. I will leave all the information there in the description box. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Thanks for watching.

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