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10 awesome musical groups featuring women:

As a musician, I am constantly trying to scope out bands or musicians that are comprised of women! I love rock music and alternative indie music. So, if these bands are not really your taste, don’t worry because I’ll eventually post up some women in different musical genres. You may have heard of some of the women below, but if you haven’t, you might just find a new favorite tune. 

1)    THEEsatisfaction:

thee satisfaction

“Cat.” Photo by Joe Mabel. CC BY


Stasia. Photo by Joe Mabel. CC BY

My gosh, I love these women. They have a funky, soulful vibe to their music. In particular, their song “Queens” is amazing and the video is stellar, featuring natural haired beauties getting ready for a party.

2)    Warpaint


Photo from NicolaiiandrievichCC BY

One of my favorite girl bands. They have a very etherial, yet grungy vibe to most of their songs. They have a really large following too!Here’s a popular song from their album, The Fool . The song is “Undertow.”

3)    The Go! Team

go team

Photo attributed to

The Go!team is a really fun, energetic, rock/garage sounding band with an awesome lead singer, Nkechi Ka Egenamba. Egenamba is a British rapper and singer and is super talented. I absolutely love this band because they have fun, up-beat music and a super energetic lead singer.

Here’s a fun song from them called, “Grip Like a Vice.”

4)    King


Photo from KING.CC BY

King is a musical group composed of twin sisters Paris and Amber Strother and Anita Bias. Their music has a sensual, jazz-like, calming mood. I have listened to their song, “The Story” on repeat because it’s that good. You have to check it out!

Here is “The Story.”

5)    Lianne La Havas

lianne 2

Photo from Jean-marc Bellenger. CC BY

I absolutely *love* Lianne’s music. She has a soulful, almost bluesy textured voice that contains powerful emotion. The addictive melodies in her music are super unique and graceful.

One of my absolute favorite songs is “Forget.” The music video is funky too.

6)    Kimya Dawson:

Best known for her music in the film Juno, Kimya offers really simple, refreshing folksy tunes. I love the simplicity in her vocal melodies as well. Her music is extremely calming.

kimya dawson

Photo by Steewen1. CC BY

She has a really smooth, yet rustic voice in her song, “So smart so nice.” Check it out.

7)    The Tontons

Big Lebowski Houston 08

Photo from Ed Schipul. CC BY

The Tontons are an Indie rock group fronted by Asli Omar, the lead singer. They have a fun rock sound and their fan base is growing. Check out the song “Golden.”

8)    All Girl Summer Fun Band:

I was exposed to this girl group about 6 years ago and some of their songs are super catchy.

Photo from Heidi De Vries.

Here’s a really catchy song called, “Video Game Heart.”

9)    Dum Dum Girls

dum dum girls

Photo from Nick Wolfinger. CC BY

These girls have a really trendy, indie, eclectic sound in their music. Some of their songs have a deep, grungy feeling, while others have more of a fun, light vibe.

While they are known for their song “Coming Down” I really like the song “He Gets Me High.”

10) Esperanza Spalding:


Photo from Harry Wad. CC BY

Now you know that I’m going to have to give some love to Esperanza. Not only is she a natural haired beauty, but she is a super talented bass player and singer! My gosh, she’s amazing. Check her out if you haven’t already.

One of my favorite songs from her is “I know you know.”

 If you have some favorite musical groups lead by women, or comprised of women, please add them into the comments section and I’ll check them out. I’m constantly trying to find new music to get into.

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