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Natural Hair Mag is the Biosphere of Natural Hair. We strive to be the Natural Hair community that you call home.

To redefine the face of beauty one strand of hair at a time.
We have built the foundation in which the Natural Hair community can call home.
Who Are We: 
We are a group of Natural Hair experts who have come together to provide the Natural Hair community a foundation of education. We are charged with giving our community an honest perspective of what’s happening in Natural Hair care. This entails exposing the truth from falsehood.
Do we have Natural Hair:
Yes, We practice what we preach.
Where Are We Located:
We are in the epicenter of Natural Hair Atlanta, Georgia


How To Contact Us:

Please contact us at


Are We Partnering With Salons and Stylist:

Yes. We realize the need to provide a solid listing of salons and stylist that our community can utilize for services. If you are a salon or stylist contact us at these addresses. Salons: | Stylists:


How To Become A Contributing Writer:

Anyone interested in becoming a contributing writer can contact us at

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