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10 Styles for Marley Twists!

Marley Twists

Marley Twists allows you to create styles for any occasion. You are only limited by your imagination when deciding to wear your hair in Marley Twists.  Below you will find 10 Great Marley Styles by To Natural Ali. Watch the Video and tell us what you think!


Style 1: The Side Swoop

1 The Side Swoop2

Nice, “The Side Swoop” Marley Twists Style for Everyday.


Style 2: The Mound

2 The Mound 2

Take control of the situation with “The Mound” Marley Twists style.


Style 3: The Pullover

3 The Pullover 2

When you are on top of your game try “The Pullover” Marley Twists style.


Style 4: Queen

4 The Queen 2

Showcase your confidence and Royalty at the same time with the “Queen”.


Style 5: The Something

5 The Something 2

On the go Marley Twists style, “The Something”


Style 6: Lil’ Miss Minnie

6 Lil Miss Minnie 2

Because girls just want to have fun, “Lil’ Miss Minnie”


 Style 7: Side Pony

7 Side Pony 2

The after work relax Marley Twists style “Side Pony”


Style 8: The Forehead Enhancer

8 The Forehead Enhancer 2

Ready to make it happen Marley Twists style: “The Forehead Enhancer”


Style 9: The Marshmallow Bun

9 The Marshmallow Bun 2

The out and about style, “The Marshmallow Bun”


Style 10: The Up Down

10 The Up Down 2

Last but not least, “The Up Down”


Watch The Video To See How She Pulls These Great Styles Together!

Did you enjoy the 10 Styles for Marley Twists Tutorial? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on this Video.

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