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12 Natural Ways to Prevent Balding, Thinning, or Damaged Hair

1.       Everyone Loves the Sunshine (and so should you!) Hair needs exposure to sunshine or sunlight, so why cover it up? Constant wearing of hats and scarves can prevent natural sunlight the hair needs. Also, hair needs to breathe. It’s alive!

2.       Choose not to stress. Excessive stress can have a negative impact on the entire body, including hair. One of the greatest things to do to address stress and subsequently prevent or correct baldness or thinning is to eradicate stress from life early on. The first step is to free one’s mind from stress that is self-produced. Make a choice about what is worth stressing over. Stress and worry are wasted emotions, and most times we do this unnecessarily. Prevention is better than cure.Aromatherapy is very effective in relieving stress. Essential oils of Lavender, Aniseed, Benzoin, Pink Grapefruit, Valerian, and Vanilla help to reduce stress. These oils can be mixed together and inhaled or diffused in a diffuser. Aromatherapy works within seconds (2 seconds to be exact, when inhaled). Also herbs like Kava Kava, Chamomile, Oatstraw and Cinnamon work well, especially in a tea.

3.       Throw OUT the Chemicals Already!!!  One of the most important factors in balding is harsh chemical processing of the hair, especially over the years. Now, we must be cautious of chemicals hiding in “natural hair” products as well. They have adverse side effect including allergic reactions, rashes, alopecia or baldness. Sometimes the damage is permanent and the hair cannot grow back.

4.   Keep it Natural. Rock an afro, twists, locks, and other natural styles and let your hair be naturally beautiful!

5.         Don’t pull too tight! Watch the tension of your braids, locs, weaves, extensions or styling in general. You should not have your hair pulled so tightly that small bumps/pimples appear. You are putting too much stress on your follicles if they do appear and hair loss will occur. Sometimes the hair loss is irreversible. Also, limit the amount of times that you have your hair pulled or twisted into these styles, as well as the weight of your hair in weaker areas such as your hairline. Even natural styles such as locs can cause hair damage as they get heavy and put more stress and tension on the hair.

6.       Nourish your Hair and Scalp with This! Hair nourishing herbs include: Horsetail, Nettles, Rosemary, Sage, Alma (Indian Gooseberry), Maidenfern, and Bringraj (Gotu Kola). A good product to try is the Scalp Stimulating Hair Growth Formula produced by Naturally Beautiful Hair Care. It includes Rosemary, as well as herbs that stimulate hair growth including Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, and MSM sulfur and Neem Oil. A winning combination! You can find it here:

7.       Stop Over-Cutting your hair. Women, as well as men can be seen rocking the faded/shaved look on all or some of their hair. Constant haircuts at the barbershop where the hair is cut very low (skin fade, near bald or bald) also plays a role in balding. The hair is cut so much that it is falls out over time.

8.       Don’t Clog Your Pores with Gook.  Avoid using hair pomades made from petroleum that clogs the skin of the head and prevents the scalp from breathing. It is much better to use one with coconut oil or butter, Shea butter, olive oil, or sesame seed oil. You can also try using Indian or Ayurvedic hair products.

9.   Detox. Detoxify your body. As you do so, you will also be detoxing  from the harsh chemicals in many commercial hair care products. These toxic chemicals enter into your body via the scalp of your head and pollute your body by entering into your bloodstream. A good place to start would be to do a good juice cleanse, or add more raw fruits and veggies and eliminate excess caffeine, sugar, and processed foods. Detoxing rebuilds, strengthens, and nourishes the endocrine system and hormonal system which plays a role in regulation of the hair. Hair problems can indicate reproductive organ problems, or other issues with body organs and systems, so a detox can effectively get to the problem and help it be corrected.

10.   Alkaline Your Diet. A high alkaline diet will greatly neutralize the negative effects of stress. The body is impacted differently and responds differently when your body is alkaline. Most people who are stressed in life are acidic! A high alkaline diet would consist of eating plenty of green veggies and would exclude meat, dairy products and starches. The animals most eat live under fear and stress. Remember, you are what you eat.  Although this may seem like a big feat for some, it is best to avoid sugar, table salt, vinegar, alcoholic beverages, eggs, smoking (esp. cigarettes and cigars), soda pop, refined grains, all drugs (legal and illegal) and complex carbohydrate products. These things impair overall health and will hasten the hair to thin, gray and bald. It’s always ideal  to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, raw organic fruit, and whole grains and to drink plenty of water for optimal overall health and hair health.

11.  Avoid Excessive Heat. Hot combs, flat irons, and excessive heat can melt your hair cuticle and damage your hair permanently.

12.   Feel Beautiful and You Will Be Beautiful. Start feeling good about your hair (even when it’s not done or groomed) because your hair responds to your feelings about it. Hair is very sensitive, in more ways than one.

Please remember that with Nature time is required for purposes of healing. Don’t feel bad if you have, or are currently, doing some things that are damaging to your hair and body. The first step begins when you take it.

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  • Great informative article as always. Wonderful site! Keep up the good research and writing.

  • Camilla Rodrigues

    Hi, my name is Camilla
    I live in Brazil
    I’m black and most commotion
    my hair is very curly.
    I can not find a good product here,
    I wonder if you guys recommend me some
    I can find here.
    I thank

  • victoria yarbrough

    y hair is come out bad what do I need to do for it

    • Deborah Hebert

      Stress can cause your hair to come out be very careful about how you handle stress.

  • Arsayalayur

    My hair has either never grown fast or retained length well due to splitting (our maybe both, but now that I have been working hard to cut out added sugars, no hfcs or artificial sweeteners, processed junk even “healthy food” full of salt and chemicals, and junk ingredients in my hair routine I have not only felt much better and had more energy but I’m pretty sure my hair is growing faster and retaining length. And I have been cutting off about an inch almost every month!

  • Dee Ann

    I think it should have said to avoid simple carbs in N° 10. Complex carbs should be included in your everyday diet, in moderation of course!