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3 Great Natural Hair Care Books!

Reading is fundamental!

Some naturals enjoy to read and when they can pick up good books about grooming their hair, it’s a win win!

I could go on all day about how important reading is for mental development all day long, but when reading about a specific topic like natural hair, reading can give a whole new insight on how to care for your hair, style it and maintain it to keep it healthy!

Some of the pretty styles I ever seen on natural women were from publications. I love YouTube videos for the obvious reason but some times, there is simply more very real education about a topic in a book.

Another thing about most of the natural hair books on the market is that they are not difficult reads at all. Most of them explore many topics, such as health and dieting and how the two relate to your hair’s growth, but most of them get through those points fairly quickly as well.

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Another good reason why every natural should have at least once natural hair book in her arsenal is because it is excellent reference material. With the millions of YouTube videos to search through, sometimes it is hard getting a simple answer. Because the words in a book do not change, you have a quicker reference guide there.

And while Nikki Walton’s “Better Than Good Hair” is a great read and the most popular book for natural haired girls right now, there are many other excellent, simple reads concerning the same topic that answers just as many, if not more, questions about natural hair and life.

1. Mireille Liong-A-Kong’s “Going Natural (How To Fall In Love With Nappy Hair)”: Liong-A-Kong describes her own struggle with natural hair and the many beautiful and simple styles she embraced over the years. I own this book and loved it so much, I gave it to a girlfriend who embraced her natural hair journey. Any and every natural hair style is covered in this 120 page turner!

2. Chiroco’s : “Grow It: How to Grow Afro-Textured Hair to Maximum Lengths in the Shortest Time”: Chiroco’s popular natural hair books basically tells you in the title what the book is about. She goes into simple details about the many steps to take (and those to avoid) for growing your hair to its full potential. “Grow It” is only 118 pages.

3. Phoenyx Austin’s “If You Love It, It Will Grow: A Guide To Healthy, Beautiful Natural Hair” is a simple how-to guide similar to that of Mrs. Walton’s “Better Than Good Hair.” But as a physician and fitness and lifestyle expert, Dr. Austin built her business of helping naturals love and embrace their bodies, lives and natural textures from a holistic point of view.

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