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5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Micro Sized Locs

1. What’s the main difference between Microlocs, Nappylocs , and Sisterlocks?

There are several versions of what appear to be the same, if not very similar, small locks. Only locticians certified under the  Sisterlocks ™ trademarked brand can provide Sisterlocks ™. These locticians have received their certification through the instruction developed by the Sisterlock ™ company and only are use the patented Sisterlock™ tool to create any locks they call Sisterlocks. Since the development of this brand, other brands and tools have been created, including the Nappyloc ™ tool, that also provides micro to small locks, as well as medium to large locks using a choice of sterling silver, simply designed tools available in 4 sizes. This tool is available to the public and does not require specialized certification or limitations to it’s use. Other tools have been used to create “interlocks” or to provide inter-woven locks (locking hair into itself) including the Interlocker ™, crochet needles, latch hooks, and large sewing needles. Additionally, people have also been known to use paper clips and other self designed tools to maintain their locks.

2. Does a tool and the interwoven method have be used to create small locks?

Although a tool is not necessary to create medium to small locks, the use of a tool is ABSOLUTELY necessary to maintain micro sized locks if you want them not break and remain strong. Palm rolling and other traditional locking techniques provide too much stress and are not suitable for the small amount of hair used to create extremely small and micro sized locks.

3. Are there any differences in the way these locks look?

  There can be subtle differences, although not all the time, that can be noticed by a trained eye between the various types of locks. If it is a tight braid-like lock you seek a slightly tighter pattern can be created with tools such as the Nappyloc ™.  If you desire a looser curly appearance to your locks, the Sisterlocks ™ tool can often create a crochet type lock that can appear a slightly fluffier and looser.   Important factors also include the texture of your hair and daily maintance and styling. Be sure you are certain of the look and size you’d like to receive and consult with your loctician about the reality of your hair texture and thickness creating the look you desire. Not everyone’s hair, and subsequently everyone’s locks, are the same.

4. What is the cost?

​The cost varies by region and stylist, but average anywhere between $400 to $700 or more to start. Startup costs may seem higher as compared to other hair locking prices, but time involved justifies. Most locticians will include the consultation, installation of the locks, and 6 week retightening in that price. Some also will include supplies, tools, and products, and even refreshments. Make sure you ask your consultant about everything that is included in your quoted price.

5. What is the maintenance?

Maintenance for new locks requires special attention to ensure proper locking of the hair. It requires minimal product and avoidance of excessive manipulation to the newly forming locks, so as not to hinder the natural locking process. The new growth should be retightened every 4 to 6 weeks. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO COMMIT TO KEEPING REGULAR APPOINTMENTS WITH YOUR STLYIST FOR AT LEAST THE FIRST YEAR.

​Jessyca Marshall, Master Microloctician

Founder, Naturally Beautiful Hair Care


I am certified in the inter-woven lock technique, used to create locks with a tool . These locks can range in size from micro to large. Throughout my years of experience providing these services, I have been asked a multitude of questions. I want to ensure that as much quality information as possible is given to those seeking to obtain these particular locks.  I’ve been through the process myself, proudly wearing my microlocks and grateful for the support that I received along the way. In turn, I want to be as helpful as possible.  I am not biased toward any particular method or tool, just strong, healthy hair that looks fantastic.  I advocate a HOLISTIC approach to hair care that consists of attention to the SPIRITUAL, HEALTH, and BEAUTY. These are critical components to GREAT relationship with your hair

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