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Black Female Professor Facing Felony Charges After Attacked By Police


An Arizona State University Professor is currently facing felony charges after authorities allege that she attacked a police officer during arrest. Dr. Ersula Ore was initially stopped for illegally walking across a street on campus. She told the police officer that construction obstructed the space where pedestrians regularly crossed, evidenced through the many people who had also crossed in the middle of the street throughout the whole day.

Officer Ferrin asked for ID, and the situation escalated; fortunately for Dr. Ore, the whole confrontation was caught on tape. Ore refused to show ID and Ferrin brutally slammed her to the ground which caused her dress to rise up. Her body was exposed and when she stood up, Ferrin reached for her dress, and Ore kicked him. Now she is charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, criminal damage, and obstructing a thoroughfare.


Here’s a still from Dr. Ore’s arrest

Ore’s lawyer Alane Roby claims that the professor was acting in self-defense. She states:

“She was exposed, told officer she was exposed…Her dress was up; the officer was reaching toward her anatomy. She felt uncomfortable with hands going there.”

This single event highlights the many tensions black women experience with the justice system. Not only do we face racialized discrimination, we simultaneously face gender discrimination. The fact that Ore was spotted for doing something most students do on a campus is suspect. Additionally, the condescending tone that Officer Ferrin used to speak to Dr. Ore highlights the blatant disrespect that black professors experience…even on the campus that they work on. In the video, she consistently attempts to tell the officer that she is a professor on the campus…not to get out of legal trouble, but to get respect.

While no one is “above” the law [even though I’m sure some people actually are treated as such…] we have to remember that certain populations are disproportionately targeted over others. This is why many minoritized folks do not even call the police in a time of need out of fear that they will be disciplined by the racist/sexist system.

This conversation became a bit more mainstream after the slaying of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. While he was being stalked by George Zimmerman, many asked “why didn’t he call the police?” Not everyone feels as though the police protect. If you actually just go back a few decades, most police were actually overt white supremacists which created a culture of ignorance and discrimination in the police force that lasts to this day. The “good ol’ boys” were also known to harass women. Even today, women are routinely sexually harassed by police officers which is why it’s recommended that if you’re getting pulled over late at night by police, you should call 911 just to be sure.

Dr. Ore was justified in asking for respect and was right to defend herself in a time when she felt vulnerable [with her hands cuffed behind her bad] with her body parts exposed.

ASU released a statement supporting the police officer’s actions:

“ASU authorities have reviewed the circumstances surrounding the arrest and have found no evidence of inappropriate actions by the ASUPD officers involved. Should such evidence be discovered, an additional, thorough inquiry will be conducted and appropriate actions taken.”

“Because the underlying criminal charges are pending, there is not much more we can say at this time. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has reviewed all available evidence, including the police report, witness statements, and audio and video recordings of the incident, and decided to press criminal charges of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, refusing to provide identification when requested to do so by an officer, and obstructing a highway or public thoroughfare.”

There’s a petition circulating on the internet that is demanding justice for Dr. Ore. Please sign and/or circulate:
Here’s the video of Dr. Ore’s arrest:

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  • Judy Johnsen

    While regrettable that the event happened the way it did, it is important to only cross at crosswalks, or as close to crosswalks as possible. The officer is just enforcing the law, and when asked by security or law enforcement for an I.D., a citizen should show the I.D. If the citizen then gets a citation, fought the citation in court. That is the proper way to do things, not refuse and try to walk away. The officer may have been trying to adjust her outfit so it covered her, there is no way to know that. I am no police apologist, but people crossing in the middle of the street can be dangerous, and too many pedestrians do that.

    • Aphrodite Kocieda

      On my own campus, *everyone* crosses the street in the middle. No one ever takes the pedestrian walk at the light. I too would be highly upset if the police decided to arrest me when everyone else is doing the same thing. The professor also stated that there was construction obstructing the regular pedestrian path. Cops just need to understand that a lot of black people and women have a negative history with them, and that might taint the way we interact with them. Thanks for commenting Judy!

      • Marguerite Pennello

        No excuses. A tainted history is irrelevant.EVERYONE must do as police say. Resisting is resisting, pure and simple. No one is entitled to take an attitude with police, be they a professor or minimum wager. This woman had poor home training. People everywhere have shown for some time now that they can do as they please in all things. Disrespecting police I lowest of the low. Our society is an embarrassment.

        • Aph

          I agree to a certain extent; however, we can’t act as though people of color [namely women of color] don’t have a tainted history with the police. Police officers, especially white male officers, should be more mindful about the reasons why many poc distrust them. The abuse is real and it has created a stigma towards the police in certain communities. So, I’m not saying that as a professor you’re above the law. I’m just saying that there is a reason as to why she may have felt unnecessarily disrespected…not because of her position, but because of her skin color and gender. Thanks for commenting Marguerite 🙂

          • Marguerite Pennello

            But you fall short of saying what should have been done
            Are you implying the police should drop it when any citizen objects to being told they are in violation? If you are, then we don’t need police. That means no one would be there to defend the professor if someone assaulted her while she Skywalker. Can’t have it both ways!

          • Paul f. bourgeois

            so the police are supposed to kiss her ass, because she’s a professor ?What kind of insane world do we live in? the video clearly shows her resisting arrest and it clearly shows her kicking the officer after the altercation she deserves the felony charge because she disrespected the cop! the cop didn’t give a damn but she was a person of color he gave a damn that she broke a law that he is paid to enforce but she thought she was do some special treatment, because she’s a black woman professor… give me a Break!

      • PlatypusFarms

        This argument of everyone else does it so no one can be held responsible for it is absurd. Everyone speeds so no one is to be ticketed for speeding. Everyone feels they don’t want to pay for their groceries so they all just walk out of the stores with full carts without paying so by your logic Noone is guilty of theft and no one should be stopped and arrested. In this case, college students and staff are creating dangerous driving conditions and feel entitled to do so. I don’t care who she is, what her race or skin tone is, her educational background and job title do not matter either. An officer was there, saw the crime and did his job by stopping her. Had he been seen letting her break the law, and she was hit -killed- by a college student not paying enough attention to anticipate a jaywalking moron jumping out in front of their car, the public would be cheering for his dismissal and trial for neglecting to stop the act from happening. An officer is not standing guard 24/7 to write up everyone committing this crime so it is ridiculous to make the argument that it is everyone or Noone who the police are allowed to stop. Figures this would happen on a college campus, more academic bullshit entitlement.

    • Yeah only people of color they choose to target crossing the street,I’m sure there were many others crossing street (whites) that evening also, were they asked to show I.D.I don’t think so….

      • Jams

        Person not people and yes white people have to deal with dick cops too it just happens without being there no one knows why the cop singled her out we can only speculate just stop creating racism where there isn’t the FBI profiles blacks whites and everyone into stereotypes why is it no one is outraged by they’re tactics or how about that poc get chosen over whites with better grades for university? Of course that’s not racist its only white people.

      • If we as black people spent as much time raising our children and working hard to better ourselves as we did whining about racism everytime something doesn t go our way out people would actually achieve success. It’s a shame black children are taught routinely that thy are owed something from the rest of the country because they are black. Enough is enough respect is earned not given away because someone whines that they deserve it.

        • Black Lady

          Your attitude is shameful.
          Obviously, she did achieve success when she worked hard to earn a doctorate!
          Respect should be given equally to all!
          If you pay attention, you will see that Black women have been disrespected by white and Black men.
          Maybe you don’t have a Black mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, friend, wife, girlfriend, or daughter. If you ever get one of these and they are thrown to the ground, punched, beaten, raped, or violated, I suppose you will tell her to stop whining because she didn’t deserve respect since she had not earned it.

          • I love how we’re supposed to treat some black female professor as some kind of deity. No, she *didn’t* achieve her success like others. She had standards lowered for her to get her job, her degrees, her bogus post in the “gender” and “race” industry. It’s all a sham. This is why no one trusts black females in *any* role, even if, like Condoleeza Rice, they try to escape the stigma with real achievements… Who wants a doctor that got into med school on affirmative action ? Who wants a lawyer, or teacher, or *anything* when you know, as in the case of our president, they got their job without the achievements and talent of others ? No one would *think* of applying affirmative action to football or basketball or music, etc.. Right ? Why? … because blacks and females are doing just fine there. Hypocrites.
            This incident with the coddled, self-important, black female is just one example of the corruption of our nation by a set of preferences that now seem to be institutionalized against the simple notion of equal application of the rule of law. It is nothing but civil cancer, and our marvelous professor in this incident is a wonderful example of it.

          • Concerned A.A. Woman

            I totally agree, and it is definitely an insult to African American women to imply that we whine of racism when things of this nature occurs . Let it happen to one of your loved ones and I assure you, foul play would be called by you!!! She had every right as a citizen of the United States to demand respect from him!!! Just because they wear badges does not give them the right to disrespect people either, regardless of color, creed or nationality! !!!!

          • PlatypusFarms

            The name you have chosen to use speaks more of you than words you could muster. I am truly sad for you.

          • PlatypusFarms

            By the way, perhaps we as a Nation, could be beyond race identification if we ALL stop declaring ALL Black -and I keep reading how Black is a word of hate- or ALL White -which is actually Caucasian btw, white is a word of hate- are exactly the same. We are not, which can be and has been proven. Skin color means nothing, proves nothing and yet holds absurd power over us as a whole. How can we demand change as a whole when we each must change first but fail to?

        • Sedrick,
          Your comments are *anything but* shameful, as Black Lady would argue. And in response to her statement… ” I suppose you will tell her to stop whining because she didn’t deserve respect since she had not earned it…” I would answer *YOU BET*, she *didn’t earn it* . The notion that you put a plug in for personal responsibility and then get slammed for not understanding the plight of oppressed black women is laughable, if it wasn’t also tragic. Only your attitude will save the devastation of families in the black community, so many of which are now run by confused, lonely, bitter black women like Black Lady.

          • Black Lady


            Your comments are by far the most disrespectful, offensive and racially degrading of any idiot who has posted here!!

            You have dismissed every Black woman as a whiny, non-intelligent and self-important burden on society whose only means of success in life is dependent on aid from others.

            First, all Blacks getting into college via Affirmative Action is a very damaging myth. I entered private universities (undergrad and grad) on my own merits and worked to earn a graduate degree with the prestigious Summa Cum Laude honor! I suppose you will say my outstanding academic achievement was rigged because my white male professors, the Dean, and all involved felt pressured and were dishonest enough to “hand” me a graduate degree with the highest honor because I couldn’t have earned it (according to you). Maybe all of my professors were too stupid to realize I was incompetent according to your assessment of Black women (and men). Does this mean white professors who recognize intelligence in Black women are incompetent or going out of their way to lower the grading curve to make us appear intelligent? Do you think the private universities I attended weren’t concerned with honesty or their reputation, so they had no problem handing me a degree and adding Summa Cum Laude?

            Next, I feel sorry for people like you. It must be very painful to go through life with an exceptionally small mind and empty heart filled with so much hostility, animosity, disdain, and dread.

            Thank you for confirming the point I have been trying to emphasize in all of my posts: a sizeable portion of society has a negative, discriminating, and disrespectful view of Black women that subjects us to inferior, oppressive and abusive attitudes and treatment and a few evil spirits like you actually excuse and encourage it.

          • alboraison

            BL, ahhh, where shall I begin? You are so predictable. Anyone who challenges sacred things like affirmative action is racist. Ah, yes, good analysis. Allen West ?Condoleeza Rice ? Anyone who says it’s primarily helped only middle class black women… ah, yes, is racist and sexist and wants to condemn all blacks. Anyone that disagrees with you is also racist ?

            Nice try. And just *how* do you know that you entered all your private universities (you think private schools don’t practice AA?) without an affirmative action boost ? Did you hide your race? Did you not submit a photo? Not fill out the *mandatory* section on ethnicity ? Not mention it in your essays ? Please, spare me the fairy tale. You have no idea whatsoever the role race played in your admission, or your matriculation. But I can tell from every word you write here that you wore it on your sleeve each day…

            Your comments only prove my point. You tout lots of success, claim that none of it came from special consideration, yet you support the very policy that gives degrees like yours to people who entered with lower standards. Huh? Consider your logic. Oh, and did I mention, you (may have) stole a slot from someone with higher achievements and credentials ? Probably just another whiny asian, or white person…

            But of course, we’re not talking about you. Nope, the long shadow of racial preferences shouldn’t be applied to you, since some white professors gave you your degree, and since these amazing schools really care deeply about their reputation. Yep, their reputation for meeting diversity goals.

            I guess we should just agree to disagree, and keep canceling out each other’s votes on the ballot. May I assume that you have only one vote to cancel out ?

            ps. Are you sure I’m not black ? Are you sure I’m male ? hint, I’m not Republican. I’m native. I’m not rich. I’m not “uni-cultural”. Oh, and I do educational stuff for underprivileged kids… even Blacks ! But I’ve loved your stereotypes…

    • Sylvester Dawson

      I believe this matter could have been handle difference. The officer could have requested for a supervisor to make the location and be advised by that supervisor. This officer appear to have body slam this citizen to the ground for a Class C Charge. Yes it is true that nobody should be above the law but viewing the video and given the climate there in the city every bit of caution should be notice.

    • Fuhqo

      Fighting something in court is unreasonably expensive and the judge is even more unreasonable and biased than the cops are.

  • Donald Storms

    This could have all been avoided if the professor had given the officer her id. All she wanted was to impress on the officer that she was a professor. I agree with the findings….the officer did nothing inappropriate.

  • Black Lady

    A few years ago a close friend who is a white male expressed his sorrow for Black females and stated we are at the bottom of the scale in society. Initially, I was offended. He was speaking honestly as a friend who was exposing the disheartening reality he observes listening to and watching his peers. He sees respectable qualities, beauty, honesty, virtue, courage and valuable assets to society when he interacts with Black women. However, he knows many white men don’t share his sentiment.

    Law enforcement has a history of being disrespectful to Blacks because they devalue us. Many cops are sexist and abusive toward women (domestic violence toward girlfriends and wives is prevalent), so a Black woman means nothing to law enforcement.

    Two weeks ago a video of a white cop repeatedly punching a Black woman he straddled on the ground ignited outrage. She was walking, no threat, no weapons and no serious provocation before he knocked her to the ground from behind and started beating her. White men in charge will defend the abusers because they feel the same disregard.

    How will Black women ever receive justice and respect?

    • May19

      By any means necessary.i.e deadly force

  • Black Lady

    Judy presented a response that sends a message of righteous actions by the cop and wrongdoing by the professor.

    Unfortunately, this incident and others will not stop until society sees the outrageous violations being inflicted by law enforcement. If that had been a white male professor doing the exact thing the officer would not have reacted. He saw an opportunity to degrade and violate a Black woman and he took it. Sure, she could’ve been more cooperative.

    Should we accept patronizing, disrespectful, harassment, and inappropriate speech and behaviors from whites (cops included) the same as our ancestors did during slavery, post slavery and pre Civil Rights laws? Where is our racial progress when we have to live in the same non-freedom fear as our ancestors who fought and died for us to live a dignified and non-fearful life?

    It’s 2014, but racial and gender issues continue to plague America. When shall we overcome?

    • Marguerite Pennello

      The professor did not act dignified. It is not a citizen’s call to question why one is stopped and not another. Thems the breaks. Receiving a citation is not denial of freedom. She resisted and that act cost her incidental freedom rightfully. Claim of racial wrongs does not give anyone carte Blanche to act the fool.

      • Black Lady

        The important message was not impressed upon you. Judgment, criticism, racial and gender obedience, and self-intolerance seems to be in the forefront of so many who think as you. Rather than viewing the big picture of the point I attempted to make, you found it easier to be negative and critical of a Black woman just as White America has brainwashed you and others to do.

        Obeying the law is relevant, but harsh, disrespectful and abusive reactions by law enforcement is prevalent in many instances where Black women (and men) have cooperated and not resisted.

        The point is society’s attitude toward Black women is negative and non-supportive. Mistreatment should never be deemed justifiable because it continues to send a message that it’s ok to mistreat Black women because no one cares, including other Black women.

        Black women have the highest percentage of friction (negative attitudes, jealousy, criticisms, mockery, disrespect, backstabbing, rivalry, and lack of empathy) toward each other than Black men, white men or white women.

        Black men do not have as high a percentage of friction among themselves. White men and white women are stronger in their support of their gender and race.

        Maybe society disrespects and puts Black women at the bottom of society’s scale because that is where Black women put each other.

        Again, when will Black women’s disrespect and maltreatment ignite outrage and inspire support rather than thinking Black women’s sufferings are justified?

        I suppose many of you feel the woman beaten on the freeway deserved it because she was uncooperative? How about Rodney King being savagely beaten because he was deemed uncooperative? I suppose Trayvon Martin learned his lesson when he was stopped. How about Professor Louis Gates being assaulted on his front porch by a white officer who didn’t feel he was cooperative or belonged?

        • Norwood

          Hear, Hear!!!

        • Brett

          Rodney King was high on angel dust and speeding down the freeway. You trivialize it by saying he was “uncooperative”. If he ran your family down before taking a beating by the cops, would you he so mouthy about defending him?

          • Black Lady

            Brett, we’re citizens of the USA. It’s a very, very disturbing message that people thinking like you could be standing next to me. Do you remember how many cops and how many minutes the world watched a human being beaten worst than a wild animal? The legal way to subdue a person under the influence of drugs is to get them to the ground or other surface to handcuff them, then put them in the patrol car and drive them to jail! Only an evil, abusive and ignorant person would ever think that many cops had a right to beat a person that severely and think that’s what it takes to protect people.

            Slave masters convinced slaves they needed to be savagely beaten when they did wrong. This created generations of Blacks suffering from slave mentality that Blacks must be severely punished if we are deemed to have misbehaved. I wonder if you had a cheerleader outfit on cheering and clapping during Roots when slaves were beaten. Rodney King’s beating was a modern day slave beating!

            Maybe you should seek therapy or spiritual counseling to end your slave mentality!

        • Texas Belle

          I don’t think Louis Gates was assaulted. The Officer thought he and the person with him were breaking into the house. Gates was belligerent when questioned.

        • Paul f. bourgeois

          Funny, “Black Lady” your ignorant statement about clapping during “Roots” is offensive and ignorant…. Guess what? That’s as close as you, or anyone that you know, has ever gotten to slavery…when are we ever going to stop hearing about something that was abolished 150 years ago…it’s almost as if someone who complains like you do, needs slavery in their life, to justify any kind of bad behavior, simply because you might’ve had some ancestors in that condition…are you going use slavery for the rest of your life, to be able to get away with behavior the rest of society looks at as abhorent? Simply because you think that you have a different set of Rights because somebody in your family tree may have suffered 150 years ago, is garbage, like most of the rest of your racially charged, ignorant rant…However, there isn’t any sense in arguing logic with you, because you are so brainwashed in your hatred and opinion of whites, and police, that you will never change your mind… so enjoy the rest of your privileged life, trying to get around the rules that the rest of us have to live by: by screaming’s a shame you have to use racism as a crutch. You should be able to rely on you’re own intelligence to get ahead, except you feel you have to scream racism to get ahead… so do what you have to “black lady.”

          • Black Lady

            Paul F. Bourgeois,

            Were you offended because you feel exposed in your racist thoughts of maybe wishing slavery had not been abolished?
            It saddens me that bigots like you exist. You have projected your prejudiced and racist views onto me by pointing a finger and trying to twist my perspective. The racism screams you hear are coming from your family tree. You are revealing your disapproval of Blacks and your approval of our maltreatment by claiming we should pretend slavery did not harm our race and culture and that we need to forget about it and move on.

            We try very hard to move on, but people Iike you throw banana peels in our path. We have to strive and work harder, but we do it and progress despite you. It was your race that created the “different set of rights” for which we had to fight, march, protest, be jailed, and die to change. We strived to have the same (equal) rights — not different, not special, and not privileged.

            Your insensitive, dismissive and disrespectful attitude about slavery reveals your RACIST and IGNORANT thoughts about a group of people who deserved better then and now! I’m guessing you may be an undereducated, lower class white guy who feels less privileged than you like, so you take your aggression out on Blacks who speak up about injustices.

            It is because of slavery that Blacks are still viewed as inferior. Thus, the various comments in this and so many other articles that address issues questioning potential racial offenses still stir commotion in 2014. History is very relevant, which is why libraries, books, archives, films, museums, and courses exist. Maybe you need to take Black history courses, view Black films, read Black history books, and visit Black history museums. Hopefully, this will help you appear intelligent in your next commentary on racial issues.

            FYI – I am married to a white man, have white (and mixed) relatives, an abundance of white friends, colleagues, church members, neighbors, and clients. This dispels your incorrect and ignorant rant about hatred and racism. How many Blacks do you embrace and include in your close circles in life?

            Next time, show respect and address me as Ms. Black Lady!

      • Typical Justification

        Typical… How many white people did this officer stop that did the exact same thing? Defend the racist officer all you want, fact is it is stated clear as day in the article others had done the same all day long. (” She told the police officer that construction obstructed the space where pedestrians regularly crossed, evidenced through the many people who had also crossed in the middle of the street throughout the whole day.”). Why was she the only one targeted. If this was truly such a huge problem the officer should have had a string of people lined up with citations. But he didnt. Oh…. Typical. Keep on justifying… Typical….

    • Right On Sister!!!! White people forget our History & want to justify the law when the law.only applies in their favor, I agree with the Beautiful Black Lady,..

      • M smith

        When in doubt….must be racism. Yawn.

      • Black Lady

        Thanks, Mr.Nelson Rivera. History is important for many minorities. I remember non-Hispanics in California always complaining about so many Mexicans. I asked if they knew California once belonged to Mexico.

        During the land theft, purchases, and takeover era, California became another territory claimed by the greedy European settlers in America. I educated people about California’s history so they would stop accusing Mexicans of taking over California. They were home. Unfortunately, someone changed their locks and told them to move.

        History can help us understand today.

        • Wow- Mexico used to own california before greedy European settlers took it away?
          Are you unaware of history, or just deliberately making a false argument? Mexico, and California, were settled (conquered) by the Spanish. Indigenous peoples were not allowed into California as Spain attempted to use the catholic missions to enslave native tribes. Mexico (after it’s independence movement) was comprised of free spaniards, native Americans, and other groups that claimed parts of California and Texas, etc., for a brief blip in time.
          Do you actually claim that Mexicans have been here forever in California? Where are your tears for the tribes that truly called california their own?
          And this ridiculous idea that conquering and settling areas is a uniquely European concept is only superseded in its stupidity by the idea that slavery was also a uniquely European concept utilized to punish Africans.
          The native tribes here in North America conquered eachother for a thousand years before Europeans did the same.
          Some if your arguments have merit, yet when you post this drivel, it overshadows those arguments and makes you look uneducated and racist- at best.

          • Black Lady

            Jason, both of us have failed to provide completely accurate facts about the history of California and Mexico. Maybe you can learn from reading, so you will sound more educated than the person you accuse of looking uneducated.
            1) http://latin htm

            History cannot be changed. If my pointing out the history of Whites enslaving Blacks and taking over land once owned by Mexico makes me a racist, what does that make those who created the history and the historians who recorded it? Why are you so defensive of what Europeans did in history?

            History books, museums, documentaries, and other historical records have revealed that Native Americans, Africans, Black Americans, Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans and those of Jewish descent have been oppressed, violated, abused, maltreated, tortured and murdered by some people of European descent at various times in history.

            Again, history cannot be changed. However, we can change today’s events by acknowledging injustices, speaking out against injustices, showing support and empathy for those who have suffered injustices, and standing up to help end injustices against any human – – regardless of the their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, mental or physical health status, or socioeconomic status.

    • Arena

      Wow if anybody here is a racist and responsible for spreading hatred it would be you! Good job. Hope that bitterness keeps you warm at night. Oh and P.S. It’s people like you that are holding race relations back so again I say Good Job.

  • Obey the law woman..your not an illegal alien with entitlements

  • Brett

    This woman feels she is entitled to be treated differently. Not because she is a black woman, I think she started bellyaching about that after the fact, but because she is a “professor”. As if the fact she has an education elevates her above the peon public servant. No difference than a celebrity pulling the “do you know who I am?” nonsense. Cry me a river, she got uppity and the officer brought her back to reality. Case closed.

    • Black Lady

      Brett, please seek help for that judgmental, critical, uncaring, jealous, and negative attitude! Are you jealous that this woman earned her doctorate and felt proud to say it? What is “uppity” about being intelligent enough to earn a doctorate?

      She was not trying to be treated differently. She was trying to be treated equal by stating others cross in the same place without being arrested. It was the officer who treated her differently. Maybe he also felt jealous, negative and judgmental. Here was his only means of releasing resentment toward a Black woman with more education than he will ever have. He chose to be a public servant and she chose to be a professor.

      Do you feel she should have felt sorry for the officer because he didn’t choose higher education? Do you feel “peons” in society have a right to inflict harm on those with more education, money, and status to feel better in a mentally twisted manner? Just like you Brett, the officer felt a need to knock her down.

      The only people who use the word “uppity” are jealous and angry.

      • More drivel- how do you know this officer doesn’t have higher education? How do you know he won’t gain even more, in time? The fact is, a professor has no more claim to ignore the law, or an officers orders, than anyone else. And claiming that respect would have been as easy as, “Here is my I.D. . I am also a professor here.”
        How would that have turned out? We will never know.
        I actually understand the writer of this article, pointing out mistrust as a reason for escalation. I am not saying I agree, or valid, or fair- but I understand. That said, if you don’t like the police state you’ve created, then vote it out.
        Lastly, this argument that no white people were stopped is completely fallacious- how do we know that no one was stopped? How do we know that the police were there all day? We know so little, yet say so much.

        Le sigh.

      • PlatypusFarms

        In this country, if a law enforcement agent stops you, you stop. If he or she asks for your ID, you provide it. Read our laws. I don’t care about the rest of it because had she obeyed any law up to that point none of it would have happened. She got hostile instead and he followed procedures. Perhaps all of us need to go to our local law enforcement agencies and find out more about escalating procedures. It’s public information. If you think it’s about her race, go to and check out the drunk arrests on dash cams. If the officer ticketed her for her crime, jaywalking, she could have gone to court (and beyond the ticket fine, there is no cost for traffic court cases and you do not need an attorney) with a video of the construction conditions, some factual information about the distance between the closed crossing zone and the closest available crossing zone and perhaps a witness or two regarding the condition of the road way where she chose to cross – was she darting out from between parked cars or did the traffic, had there been any, have a clear view of her in clear weather conditions with full visibility. You know, using her intellect. If the construction is such disruption to the local community and college pedestrian traffic, why has Noone bothered to go public with demands for compensated access? Sounds like another academic self entitlement backfire.

  • Even if she did break the law, there is no justification for such force to be used. If a male officer cannot control a female with out being so physical, he shouldn’t be a police officer. Most of the statements are off point. If you feel comfortable with the police treating you the same way, then fine. But everyone should be concerned with the abuse of power that officers display and get away with. If this had happened to any of the commentators, I’m sure you would then be more sensitive about this situation. A baton to the back or a slame to the ground for jaywalking tends to make one more aware. If our legal system gives citizens the benefit of the doubt, then all sectors of the legal system need to adhere to that basic tenet.

    • Black Lady

      Steven Jones, thanks for your sensibility and compassion for the well-being of women in vulnerable predicaments.

    • Amerikka


      • Bob

        It was her “I’m a Professor” statement filled with entitlement overtones that got her in trouble not her race.

    • Paul f. bourgeois

      “cannot control a female without being physical”…are you serious? Have you seen any of the videos where a black woman is fighting a cop, or fighting with another black woman? There are black women, and a lot of other women, that are just as vicious as any man… and when confronted with that viciousness, a police officer has to respond in kind…this is the same kind of reverse racism ridiculous thinking, that let OJ Simpson off the hook, for murdering two people in 1994…quit seeing racism under every rock you turn over, and in every instance of public behavior that you see… you will get alot further in life. The arguments FOR this professor’s behavior, that I have read so far, have my sides aching from laughing so hard…what a politically correct bunch of fools you all are…thinking this ignorant lawbreaker deserve some special set of Rights, because she’s a stinking professor… guess what… I’m not impressed.

  • MalcolmX

    White- America will never see the wrongs with this situation. Although this officer had dirt on his mind from the outset, I wish she would’ve just given him her ID and took the high road bc it hurts me as an African American male to see them rough her up like that. Knowing this strong white male was looking for her to give him any reason to bulldog her. Just as he did. The Territory named Arizona and it’s governmental systems Suck.


    There wasn’t any on- going emergency, and because racial and gender disparities were factors escalating tensions on both sides. The officers superiors should have had female officers respond too facilitate the arrest instead of allowing the officers the happiness of bulldogging this lady like that. For what, jay walking and refusing to show ID. White America won’t feel me but the protocol or lack there of caused the situation to escalate. The officer should have been made to stand down during the arrest process. She will succeed in civil court ..

  • R

    BS Malcom X-I’m white and I have a problem with this officer. Cops are out of control. There are a few good ones, but for every good cop there are many more jack booted thugs that can’t wait to “take down” some person who is “resisting.” I’m a nurse and I can’t treat belligerent, cokeheads the way officers treat someone who is simply jaywalking. The fact that they found nothing wrong with the officer’s actions reveals a fundamental flaw with police mentality in this country-that police are above the average citizen and have the right to use whatever force necessary to bring citizens into submission. Cynical adrenaline junkies at best, psychopaths at worst….

    • Black Lady

      R, thanks for noting a high number of cops are out of control and a threat to society.

      Many have mental health disorders, substance abuse issues, racist and sexist attitudes, domestic violence tendencies, thug mentality, superiority complexes, and emotional reactivity problems.

      I would lobby for a law that requires mandatory psychological assessments during pre-employment and quarterly or bi-annually throughout the cop’s career.

      They are supposedly here to serve and protect, but how do we protect ourselves from them without being criticized, judged, beaten, arrested, and criminalized by citizens and a judicial system that feel cops are gods who can do no wrong.

      I have dated cops, worked with retired cops and have been befriended and helped by them, so I know all cops are not guilty of inappropriateness.

  • John Tedesco

    I saw the video weeks ago, but am still jarred by the level of force us against the professor. I come from a law-enforcement family and have a really high threshold of support for the police – and side with them in most cases. Here, the officer was WAY out of line for the really minor infraction of crossing a street outside of a crosswalk. In the video, the professor is clearly stunned, articulates to the officer that he is exposing her, and given how he had escalated the situation, instead of diffusing it, she was reasonable to think he had ill intentions with where his hand was going. It was a sad day for law enforcement’s duty to protect and to serve!

  • Thomas

    She should have showed her I.D.,,,I’m a black man,55 years old.I tell my kids,when a Officer approaches you.Be nice,be polite,Show I.d.,Than we can fight any ticket in court..This woman was not acting right.And yes,white officers write white people tickets.

  • No person, regardless of race, should be treated that way. At the least, the lady should have been allowed to restore her garment for personal modesty. I would have done the same, no body gets to see under my skirts!

    As to the jay-walking, a short video of others doing the same, should get that dismissed real fast.

    I wonder how many others have been stopped and asked for ID on that campus, in that area?

    Regardless, I believe the officer was way to rough with the lady. Some personal courtesy should have been used.

    Its a sad occasion when personal dignity and professional courtesy are based on race. Should never happen in this country.

    And yes, I’m white, and a lady.

    • Black Lady

      TheShadow Nash, thanks for pointing out that no matter what race Dr. Ore is, she is a lady who was violated. If this lady had been a European, Asian, Mexican, or any other race, this treatment would have been just as humiliating, disrespectful and abusive. I feel women of all races should be outraged.

      Personal modesty for women should factor in during law enforcement encounters unless she has a gun or knife and will kill others if apprehension is not swift. Safety of lives should take precedent, but this was a minor incident with no weapons or danger to anyone’s life.

      The excessive force was shocking and unnecessary. Superiors involved in exonerating the officer and applauding his abuse of a woman should be discharged with the officer.

      I wonder if the cop has a wife, girlfriend, mom, or daughter and how would he feel if he watched a video of another cop doing this to the lady in his life.

      • Rikki

        You continue to miss the point, and refuse to accept fact. I’ll say it again, as others here have pointed out to you numerous times – had she shown ID as instructed by the officer, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED . As for he skirt being pulled up, too bad. She was argumentative, combative and resisted arrest. And as much as you would like this to be a “race issue”, it wasn’t. If I were the officer, I would’t have stood for her combativness for one second. The instant she resisted, i would have used a nightstick to subdue her until she no longer resisted. I think the officer acted with incredible restraint given the circumstances. And as for this happening to a female member of my family – it would’t. And this is NOT due to the color of our skin, but instead we are raised to respect law enforcement officials, and would have shown ID when requested, regardless of any perceived innocence. After reading your numerous posts to this article, your “agenda” is clear – you are a racist, with low self esteem and an inferiority complex. And anyone that dissagrees with you is wrong (and you ironically label THEM a “racist”), regardless of facts. You want people to view you as intelligent, but your posts have shown you to be nothing but a bitter black woman with a chip on her shoulder, and despise in her heart. Good luck with that, darlin’.

  • You freakin blacks always find something to complain about. What about the crimes perpetrated on white victims by black assailants that never makes the news? A perfect example is the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. You barely saw anything on the news about it. Frankly I’m getting sick and tired of all the ranting and raving from your race. If you don’t like how the police treat you then move. I’d rather live in a non black/Hispanic society. Crimes will go down significantly and I won’t have to worry about leaving my door unlocked at night. The unfortunate thing is that there are good blacks out there. Too bad that’s the exception and not the rule.

    • Aph Ko

      This is a great example of a racist comment.

      • Rikki

        The only racists around here are the ones that censured my comments because they didn’t agree with with another (black) poster, and you. If you feel this woman should have been treated differently because of her race, then by the very definition of the word, YOU are the racist. Anyone who breaks the law, runs from the police, or refuses to show ID to a law enforcement officer when requested, is just asking to be arrested – by any means necessary – and she resisted, was combative and argumentative. Those are the facts. But then, bigotry rarely recognizes facts. Act civilized, get treated in a civilized manner. Not a hard lesson to learn, Aph.

      • Black Lady

        Yes, it is. That attitude, those thoughts and these words should be thrown into an incinerator.

    • Black Lady

      Tina, you have presented yourself as a pathetic and confused racist.

      Go ahead and leave your door unlocked in your non-Black and non-Hispanic dream world. Let’s hope you are comforted by the following whites who should make you feel safer because according to your worldview Blacks and Hispanics are the only criminals that make it necessary for you to lock your door.

      Although many have been executed or died, I think you may be able to cuddle up safely with those on death row or serving life. If only you could have left your door unlocked when Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Gacy, Timothy McVeigh, David Berkowitz, Edmund Kemper, Dennis Raider, Donald Gaskins, Fred & Rose West, Lawrence Bittaker & Roy Norris, Charles Ng, Gary Ridgway, James Holmes, Adam Lanza, and other non-Black and non-Hispanic criminals were alive and free.

      • kc

        She does have a point. yes the bad apples in the white community are typicaly twisted beyond belief like dahmer and gacy.and no u don’t see these twistef predators. being black people. they simply aren’t. ill own that as a white man. but u as a black need to own the fact that they thug mentality does not for the most part exist at all in the white community as it does among blacks. and it is blacks,not whites who have been murdering and robbing one another in record numbers all across america sinthe late seventies. before u contemplate a rebuttal OWN THAT. I don’t think the cop is racist or sexist. i think he escalated the situation because he was disrespected by this uppity woman. both cop and proffesor are in the wrong here

        • Black Lady


          Thug mentality does exist in the white community. There are plenty of white girls and guys with thug mentality. A few of my clients fit the bill. Yes, there are more Blacks with thug mentality and more murders and robberies take place in urban and lower income Black communities.

          Interestingly, rappers are viewed as having thug mentality, yet their millionaire and billionaire statuses are the result of lucrative sales from white communities. Are those listening glorifying thug mentality or just enjoying the music?

          I disagree. The cop exhibited both racist and sexist attributes. Exhibiting attributes do not confirm he is a racist or sexist. However, he definitely can be deemed as abusive and should have been reprimanded!

          Why do you feel she was uppity? As I stated in another comment, only jealous and angry people use the word uppity. My guess is that the officer felt inferior and maybe put down by the education she flaunted in his face. His only means of showing superiority was to abuse his power and put her down — literally. If he was a secure and spiritual man who respected women, he would have written her a ticket and allowed the judicial system to punish her. Instead, he had to flaunt his authority and power as forcefully as she flaunted her status.

          A decent and respectful gentleman would never physically abuse an unarmed woman.

      • Tommy

        Every white person is a racist and every black person is mistreated. I’m sick of all of this PC bull! You do not like it? LEAVE THE COUNTRY!!! Have you heard of the Barbary coast slave trade? No, of course not. Why? Because we do not want something for nothing! I’m German, do you know what my people did to the Jews? Are they demanding reparations? Ya, they were given Isreal. You were given Liberia. Jews have flourished in Isreal, Africans in Liberia rape murder and steel from their own people. I’m not a racist, just tired of bitching!

        • Black Lady


          Are you suggesting that Black Americans leave their home, the America built with their blood, sweat and tears? I have as much interest in or knowledge of Africa as you. For those of us with white spouses, should they “leave the country” with us?

          First, Black Americans are not Africans! Some may have African ancestry, but some do not. Some of our ancestors originated from various countries, including European countries.

          Next, Jewish people demanded and received reparations! All Jewish people did not descend from Israel, so why would you think this was something that helped all Jewish people? Many are from Germany, Poland, Iran, Morocco, Russia, etc

          • Jeff

            My Sister, you are mistaken. “Black Americans” are Africans. It has always been a mystery to me as to what transforming event took place in the Americas that changed the enslaved Africans into a totally different race of people! Africans born and reared in the United States are totally brain-washed on this issue. They were Africans when they arrived on these shores and remain Africans to this day. For example and analogy, consider the Chinese laborers brought here to work on the railways…if you encountered their great-great grand children today, you would undoubtedly label them as Chinese… not Native Americans. It is as if my African sisters/brothers are ashamed of their ancestors! Embrace your roots Sister…you may have been born and reared in the United States – however, you remain African.

            We presently dwell on land stolen from the indigenous Native Americans. I suggest pause before you lay claim to your right to aid and abet in such an horrific theft and subsequent crime against humanity.

    • carol

      Tina you will never live in a Society without people of color because your white race is the minority on the world.

  • Only one race on this earth, Homo Sapiens. We are either all equal or there will never be true justice for any of us.

    • Black Lady

      Jeff, I disagree. Black Americans are not Africans! Most of us descend from African heritage if you want to trace roots, but today many Black Americans from the USA would be in an unfamiliar and foreign land and of a vastly different cultural mindset than an African in Africa. I have friends and acquaintances who are 100% African and those who are American (all races). I must confess that my mindset, way of life, and cultural beliefs are American. Therefore, I will embrace this land that my ancestors helped cultivate rather than consider it to be some temporary dwelling that is stolen. My family tree includes Native American and European American as well as African American ancestors, so I am home.

      I am aware of the Africans who sold “sisters and brothers” into slavery and aided in physically capturing them which made slavery possible. Why do “Africans” like you fail to realize that a large continent filled with strong people could not allow strangers on boats to come and chain people and take them away unless there were traitors who helped? Are you ashamed of those ancestors?

  • Rikki


  • Dwayne

    He was as patient as he had to be. He repeatedly explained his reasoning behind his actions and repeatedly told her he didn’t want to fight her.
    Could he have been more polite? More respectful in the way he talked to her? Sure he could have, but he doesn’t have to. He is not disrespectful in anything he says. He is not talking down to her or demeaning her. He appears to be a very level-headed, just-the-facts kind of person. He explains that state law says she must present an ID to a police officer when asked. He then says he will arrest her if she does not present ID. Next he spends considerable time trying to pull her hands behind her back, using minimal force, all the while begging her to comply and saying he didn’t want to fight her.
    Nothing the cop says or does even suggests racism. The people here suggesting racism are ironically the ones who are creating racist divides where there previously were none…

  • alboraison

    Just like the author, the victimized soul in this article lives by affirmative action, entitlement, and the race and gender industry. All a self-absorbed hoax. But none of this will matter in the end… While I typed this, another 240,000 Chinese kids just finished another chapter of Algebra. Everyone involved in this story, and their poor victimized children, will be working for them. Too bad.

  • Lisa

    Love the BS comments on Affirmative Action by crybaby white people. Whites have benifitted from Affirmative action for 250-300 years. Now you see how blacks felt being excluded all of those years. BTW, Affirmative Action mostly benefits White Females. Even if the standards were lowered for her to get in( which is making a garbage assumption since NONE of you are privy to this womans academic transcripts). This woman obviously had the academic fortitude and work ethic to get her DOCTORATE. The last time I checked, there wasnt Affirmative Action in the ACTUAL JOURNEY to get ones diploma. As for the situation at hand(which should be the focus but some crybaby white people will use any red herring to excuse the excessive abuse of power by these disgusting cops) obviously there are racial overtones to this. There have been various incidences( I can think of one where a Black Female solider home from Iraq got kicked and beaten just for telling a white man not to slam the door in her face in a restaurant) in which white men have exhibited this kind of behavior.

    BTW, this is not an indictement of all cops. My suggestion for the woman would have been to show the ID, then get out her cell phone, tape the construction site blocking the crosswalk, then tape the various other students not walking in the crosswalk and hire a lawyer.

    • Black Lady

      Lisa, your comments are on the money!

      Years ago I watched some interview of Johnny Cochran speaking about his DWB harassment when he was driving his Rolls Royce. He was treated similar to Prof. Ore, but as a lawyer he knew what to do and say and how to act. He was still treated unjustly, so he took the matter to court. His advice to anyone mistreated by law enforcement, “don’t fight in the streets for justice, fight in court.”

      Speaking of court, racism and injustice, read the following article at http://www.chicagotribune/news/local/breaking/chi-man-charged-for-slapping-spitting-on-judge-outside-daley-center-20140715-story.html

    • alboraison

      Lisa, your comments are complete lunacy. “Whites have benefited from Affirmative action for 250-300 years. ” … Huh? That’s the dumbest interpretation of history possible. Affirmative action is a recent sham that means *lowering* standards for some groups — based on race and gender — to presumably right the wrongs of the past, or create some magical “diversity”. It’s an explicitly anti-white racial policy here in the US, and has nothing to do with the last 250 years of history. Shout as you may, you are waaaay out there…

      Obviously, you’re from the race industry, probably went to school with “Black Lady”. My suggestion, take your rant and limit it to texts between you and others with an Obamaphone. That’s what these phones were given out for … to promote dependency on the charlatans that see life as one big exercise in victimhood and reparations. You’re perfect for that.

      • Lisa

        I surely do not expect whites whom have benefitted from the past discriminatory polices from education to housing to understand. I expect them make BS assumptions (Obamaphone? thats real cute) and continue to use red herrings instead of providing logical rebuttals to my arguements. Thank you for proving my point.

        • Alboraison

          Yep, silly whites just can’t grok such tight historical reasoning as “whites have benefited from 250 years of affirmative action”. Yep, generalize about me and all whites while you spout your own dumb-ass distortions. Yep, and you made my point too.

          • Lisa

            Can you honestly say that all of the whites whom were afforded the benefit of an education in the past when they had polices excluding blacks deserved to be there? (hence why I said whites have benifitted from AA for 250 years)How about former president George H.W. Bush making it to YALE on a C average? Yes it takes plenty of academic fortitude to get a doctorate in anything, especially a subject that requires one to and think for themselves. Just because you and your entitlement generation want to get your critical thinking skills from outlets like fox news doesn’t mean she has to.

    • alboraison

      And please, tell me how much “academic fortitude” it takes as a black women to get a Doctorate in Gender/Race Studies… sheesh… Victimhood 101. Tough stuff. Can the bar get any lower ? And wow…. the ACTUAL JOURNEY in the academic race industry… now *there’s* a gauntlet to run. Bunch of like-minded people looking for original scholarship in racial injustice. Creative contributions from a race-based mutual admiration society. ….. But for anyone *other than* those reaping the benefits of this lunacy, it’s just academic welfare.

      And I love the laughable notion that affirmative action mostly benefits White Females ? OMG, more crybaby white people? So even Affirmative Action is racist ? You could write a Doctoral thesis on that one.

      In truth, AA disproportionately benefits *middle-class* blacks. Probably like yourself. It’s just another way to “get mine”, earned at a lower standard. For some, it’s really worked out well. Working great for Obama. But for the vast vast majority of blacks, it’s cast a shadow on an entire race forever, since whatever Blacks do will be assumed to be inferior and in need of a government-spired boost. Ouch… those pesky unintended effects again… AA is incredibly destructive to blacks and society as a whole, except for those special few middle class professors.

      Tough love, eh?

      • Lisa

        First of all I am not middle class. You nor your band of rich yuppies could probably work two minutes in my shoes I work two jobs and go to school full time(by the time im finished I will have two degrees a BS and a BA) and NOONE has handed me a DAMN thing. Yet white middle to upper class crybabys like you with your entitlement complex continue to whine like the world owes you something.

        • Alboraison

          I attack a policy that gives advantage to some and rips opportunity from others, based solely on race and gender. You just disparage someone you think is white and middle class. Pretty clear who the racist bigot whining victim is. Congrats on your amazing degrees… I’m sure there’s someone out there not in a preferred race who’s slot was taken by you.

          • Lisa

            Really. WRONG yet again I started from the straight bottom and worked my way up. I didnt come crying and blaming AA when I didnt get into the college of my choice. There are various ways to acheive something that you want. However for the entitlement suburbia population that does not get through their thick skulls. BTW, I hope you are just as “passionate” about ending legacy admissions as you are about trashing a program that provides opprotunity.

      • carol

        There are statistics proving white women got the most benefits from affirmative action.

      • Jay

        You obviously dont know how aa works. You still have to be qualified for entry, they are just giving out degrees to minorities without earning them. The only difference between legacy enrollments at universities and colleges and aa is that legacies dont have to meet the sMe high standards as aa applicants. Legacies get in off the backs of the parents, aa applicants still have to bust their ass for the same opportunity.

  • Jeff

    Let’s examine the underlying issue that begs for resolution; the ongoing construction site that created the necessity to walk and cross the street outside of the crosswalk/corner markings. According to the article, numerous persons had crossed/walked in the streets during the same period due to construction. If the officer was attuned to the obvious “public safety” issue (the construction site), he would have simply acknowledged the construction obstacle and moved on to other more pressing public safety issues, an approach seemingly applied to other pedestrians during that day. Why the officer found it necessary to stop, identify and subsequently cite the black woman under these circumstances is highly suspect. Yes, everyone knows crossing in the middle of a street is illegal…however, every law enforcement officer is empowered to use discretion in the application of the law – taking into account all surrounding circumstances. This officer chose to create a problem (confront/cite a black woman) rather than solve one (place traffic cones to assist pedestrians to maneuver past the construction. It is the difference between being a “problem” or a “problem-solver.”

    • nonracist

      The lady should’ve complied and showed the officer her id, the officer should not have resorted to such violent tactics to subdue a woman; they are equally responsible for creating such a violent was unnecessary; the officer needs to learn verbal judo, he should have used his verbal skills to diffuse the situation which wouldn’t have occured if the professor had cooperated…racism..maybe..maybe not…..could’ve been merely frustration…..all black/white encounters does not necessarily amount to racism…oh, there are brilliant blacks who excelled academically without aa & there are some who had help via aa & proved to be excellent scholars…all said blacks are still disadvantaged in 21st centuary america….ask president obama….never seen a president have such a difficult time, republicans, ted nugent, trump and on and on

    • Jay

      Spot on. First duty is public safety, he obviously wasn’t concerned with hers.

  • Higherlearning

    Everyone keep stating the lady should have shown Id but she was already handcuff, one thing I refuse to do is argue with nonblack people .the mistreatment of blacks is nothing new, oh and one more thing blacks are the aboriginals of America, we all aren’t African.

  • Jay

    The fact that a male officer had to resort to such violent actions to restrain a woman speaks to a lack of communication or the inability to communicate. The number one skill necessary to being an effective peace officer (a term i use loosely in this case) is the ability to communicate effectively.
    While some of you may say the officer did communicate well, and that he was clear in his commands/requests of the professor i would argue that the most important skill in communicating is listening. The officer did not listen well, and had he done so this may have been avoided.
    Not to condone any illegal act, especially one as heinous as jaywalking, but there seemed to be extenuating circumstances, ie the road construction blocking the pedestrian crosswalk. I would be surprised if she just jumped out in front of traffic as if it were a live action game of frogger, so the threat to motorists was probably minimal. Additionally you are not required by law to carry ID, while it is a good idea, it is not an arrest-able offense. The officer was insistent on his position of authority over the professor and thought the best way to get his way was by force. Might does not make right, neither does a badge and a gun. Most officers do not show any type of respect to suspected perpetrators. The officer could/should have acted like a decent human being…he did not. If this is how people are treated for jaywalking then maybe the asu police officers need a more effective training program.

  • I

    We need to educate or children on ways to dealwith the racist that is real in our world and becoming more evident with the advance of social media and any site that a person can leave a comment. it is frustrating to be racialy profiled but becoming combative with the police will only give them a defense. The way we win is to teach our children that we have value we are powerful. There is something bigger going on and that message needs to spread. Why are so many of our men being charged with felonys to take away our rights the most important of all the right to vote and the right to bare arms Have every black person 18 and older legally obtain a licence to own a concealed weapon then just watch how quicklythose laws begin to change.

    • Rikki

      You “need” to teach your children how to act civilized (IE. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, protesters in Ferguson, and on, and on, and on, ad nauseum). As for giving blacks guns, apparently they don’t need “permits”. Have you not watched the news recently? Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia? They only thing they do with them is kill each other, and innocent children. The world is sick of your BS and your reverse racism, blaming everyone else for your uncivilized behavior (this article is a prime example). You’ve had 175 years to assimilate and become productive members of a civilized society. It has become quite apparent that this is beyond the capabilities of the majority of blacks (look up the statistics on prison population by race sometime). THIS is the “White Elephant in the room”. Accept that the attitude and behavior of blacks (for the most part) is unacceptable, and DO something about it. When the black community as a whole starts acting like a civilized part of society, then and only then will things start getting better. And until that happens, STOP blaming the uncivilized behavior exhibited (and the consequences of such behavior) by members of the black community on “racism”.

      • Jay

        Uncivilized is when an unarmed teenager is shot 6 times until he is dead. And yes WE need to do a better job of raising OUR children. It is the parents of the priveledged class who need to do more to teach their children the true history of our country, racism, slavery and injustice. When they know and understand the perpetual culture of violence towards young black males maybe they would react differently when faced with a situation in which an unarmed stereotype is treated as guilty without proof and unnecessarily murdered. Rikki you are part of the problem if you are not fogjtimg for a solution, all Americans should be pissed to the ppint of protest or more at the way the police, nationwide, have a clean slate to do as they please and find an excuse for their actions later. Human rights, dignity and respect, uou should pass it on to your kids and mayne they wouldnt grow up to be murderous cops….think about it. We all need to change our perspectives and attitudes.

        • Rikki

          You, and others like you, STILL don’t get it. Everyone seems to forget that this “Teenager” (AKA “Thug”) had just robbed a convenience store, was blocking traffic by walking down the middle of the road, was combative when confronted by a police officer, resisted arrest, AND physically assaulted a law enforcement officer. THIS is my definition of uncivilized behavior. And don’t worry about me raising my kids – my kids don’t act like this, and therefore I don’t have to worry about them being shot as a result of forcibly trying to take a law enforcement officers gun. The depth of your stupidity, and the stupidity of those like you, simply astounds me. Nothing about the woman in this article, the Trayvon Martin shooting, or the Michael Brown shooting is racially motivated – as much as you and others like you would have the rest of the world believe. In all 3 of these cases, it was uncivilized and violent behavior, combined with an attitude of “I am above the law”, that lead to the unfortunate conclusions. And as far as teaching my kids about the history of blacks in America, they know this – WE never owned slaves, my parents never owned slaves, my grandparents never owned slaves, no black person in America today was ever a slave, nor were their parents or grand parents. It is history….get over it. And finally, I am not part of the problem – the BLACK COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE *IS* the problem. Again, I cite statistics – look at the disproportionate number of blacks in prison, the disproportionate number of blacks on public assistance, the disproportionate number of blacks that either come from or are responsible for broken family/single parent families/no parent environments. The black community, as a whole, is responsible for for the uncivilized behavior of each successive generation, because they don’t teach their children to ACT civilized – but rather teach a mantra of entitlement due them as a result of the color of their skin, and a racist mentality that condones uncivilized behavior and violence when something doesn’t go their way. Wah-wah. Cry me a river and then I can go fishing. And finally, I will conclude with this – I don’t see color until it is pointed out to me. I cannot say the same for the VAST MAJORITY of blacks I meet. The black community constantly screams about racism, but in my experience (and watching the news), I can clearly see that blacks in America are more racist than any white person I have ever had the misfortune to meet (IE. the lynch mob that wants to hang the cop that shot Michael Brown in self defense because he is white). I’ll say it again because you and the rest of the black community still don’t get it – act civilized, get treated with civility. Respect and be respected. Basic stuff.

          • Aph Ko

            If you don’t “see” color, then you don’t see racism…which makes sense at this point considering your whole entire post is a diatribe steeped in whiteness, ignorance, and a blatant disregard for education. You can go fishing now.

          • Jay

            Rikki, the sad thing about what you are saying is that you don’t realize the privilege you’re being born white has afforded you. Racism as it is today can be hard to identify because it has been ingrained in the fabric of our country and our society. Supreme Court Justice Stewart famously said when speaking about obscenity “I’ll know it when I see it.” Racism today is much the same, people may not act racist, or be racial supremacist, however that doesn’t mean that their actions aren’t racially motivated. I in no way condone the actions of Michael Brown as far as his part in the theft of cigars from a local store, but I can also not condone the shooting of an unarmed teenager. If a trained police officer cannot subdue an unarmed person, with all of the non lethal tools and training at his disposal, then we as citizen need to stand up and demand better. You say Trayvon Martin as well as the ASU professor acted uncivilized, I wonder how you would respond to a man following you around your neighborhood for no real reason and starting a confrontation with you, or how you would respond when you are singled out for jaywalking when there is an obvious obstruction to the crosswalk. Your attitude of my family never owned slaves, is proof of the white privilege you won’t admit. I was never a slave, nor my parents or grandparents, but we have all been shaped by it, not acknowledging this fact is part of the reason the racial attitude in America is so abysmal. The greatest racial problem in our country is people believing there isn’t one. I am black, I am from the black community and I can guarantee the one thing that isn’t taught is entitlement, quite the contrary. From a very young age, and especially because I am male, I was taught by my parents, relatives, church members etc. that I need to work even harder than anyone else and be more respectful than anyone else, just to get the same or less treatment than anyone else. You see, the black community, unlike our non colored counterparts HAS to deal with the institutional racism that our country was built upon, so our elders try to prepare us and teach us to be extra vigilant in our actions and how we are seen by others.

            Furthermore, you should really check your facts, there are more whites on public assistance than black and just as many white “broken homes” as there are blacks. Also, more violent crimes are perpetrated by whites, the only fact/figure you got correct was the disproportionate amount of blacks in jail, which has less to do with actual crime and more to do with how our justice system disproportionately convicts blacks. For decades, whites have used the “uncivilized” descriptor on blacks, but let me ask you how long you would sit civilized while your children were beaten, raped, and murdered? In my estimation the black community as a whole has been more than civil, but detractors want to point to the ‘bad apples’ and use them to define an entire group. How is it that a black teenager can steal some cigars and be shot dead and a white teenager can shoot up a movie theater, kill 12 and injure 70, but he can be disarmed and apprehended? The answer is in the skin and the perception of the officers in control. The answer is in the years of beneath the surface racism from people who say, ‘I’m not a racist I have black friends’, or ‘there is no more racism we have a black president’, as well as those who would ignore the fact that we have a history of racism in America. The only way to fix the problem is to first admit there is one.

            Lastly, the sad fact about racism in America is the black people can do nothing about it, it is up to others. Historically blacks haven’t been the catalyst for change in race relations, although your history books would have you believe it was all done by MLK. Slavery didn’t stopp until white people made it stop, Jim Crow didn’t stop until white people made it stop, the racial injustices will continue until white people are fed up with the treatment of blacks. My point to you about US raising OUR children was spoken universally across racial lines for black, white, brown, etc. When you don’t take the responsibility to say I can be a difference maker, and instead lump blame on an entire group of people based solely on their race, that is racism, you are a racist and if you didn’t know it, well now you do. The thing is, you don’t have to be, you can educate your children on the racial bias that exist, or you can ignore that it exist, the difference will be wether you raise the next generation of murderous cop, or the generation of white kids who acknowledge the bias their skin affords them and tries to see beyond the color of skin.

          • Rikki

            Jay, I appreciated your thought provoking rebuttal, and the time you took to write it deserves a civil response, even if we fundamentally disagree on most points. First, being white is not a “privilege afforded me”, and I resent this assertion. I work just as hard (maybe harder) than the next guy (or woman) to support my family and pay my bills/raise my kids. But I don’t have the “luxury” of EEOC laws to ensure my continued employment. And you can’t tell me this doesn’t exist – I just went through a layoff in our company and 1,250 WHITE people were laid off, and not 1 black person. Neither did I have a United White Guy College Fund to help educate me, or an NAAWP organization to help ensure MY civil rights. I too have been stopped by police when I thought it was not warranted, and sometimes it was by a black cop, or was picked out of a line of people doing the same thing. And you know what I did? HINT: I didn’t verbally abuse the cop, I didn’t assault him, I didn’t run, I didn’t try to grab his gun, I didn’t argue with him that he shouldn’t have stopped me, and I certainly didn’t accuse him of racism because he was a different color. What I did do was say “Yes, sir”, “No, Sir”, signed the ticket (or was peacefully arrested without incident) and sometimes fought it in court. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. That’s life. I didn’t try to blame whatever I was doing wrong on the way society has treated me. I alone accept responsibility for my actions, my behavior, and the consequences of the things I do and say. I treat others the way I would want to be treated. Does it always work? Of course not. But you do the best you can, and keep going forward and learn from your mistakes. This is maturity. Throwing a tantrum and making excuses for the tantrum based on the color of your skin after the fact, is not acting in a civilized manner. In all 3 cases we have discussed (the woman in this story, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin), the use of 2 words would have circumvented the unfortunate outcomes: “Yes, sir”/”No, sir”. In the case of the woman in this story: “Show me some ID”….”Yes, sir”. In the case of Michael Brown: “Get out of the middle of the street”….”Yes, sir”. In the case of Trayvon Martin: What are you doing here?”….”Going home, sir”. All the anguish could have been avoided by showing a little respect, a little courtesy, and perhaps a little humility. But that wasn’t the case, now was it? And what was the outcome in each of these instances? Not good. And I see absolutely NO evidence to indicate racial bias in any of these circumstances. You can argue till the cows come home, but the Trayvon Martin incident was clearly self defense, the Michael Brown incident was clearly self defense (until evidence to the contrary is made public), and the woman in this story was arrested for not complying with a law enforcement officers directions. In a nutshell, you can’t blame uncivilized behavior on the way society has treated black people in the past. It doesn’t work anymore. The black community SHOULD be ashamed of the remarks made by Michael Brown’s father: “We want a thorough investigation, no mistakes, before our sons killer is arrested and convicted”. What happened to the provision in the constitution that provides for “innocent until proven guilty”? I guess because the cop was WHITE, that isn’t valid – at least in the protestors/lynch mobs mindset. No, so long as blacks continue their racist and uncivilized behavior, NOTHING is going to get better. Stop trying to blame everyone else for the uncivilized actions of the black people in this country. Once again, the message is: “act civilized, get treated in a civilized manner”. Burn your community, loot your businesses, get beaten/gassed. Assault a cop and try to take his weapon, get shot. Argue with a cop that asks to see your ID, get arrested. Attack a neighborhood watch volunteer in the middle of the night and get shot. I’ve tried to paint this picture as logically and simplistically as possible, and I am certain that you will not agree, nor concede any of my points. But until you (and others) can understand that uncivilized behavior begets uncivilized responses, that disrespect begets disdain, things will NEVER change, nor should they. And finally, if I am a racist, so be it. I wasn’t raised in a racist environment (one of my most memorable mentors when I was young was a black man that taught me the virtue of humility and hard work, and I hold his memory and the lessons he taught me by example, very dear to my heart). But if I am a racist, the black community as a whole has taught me well over the last 30 or 40 years. Congratulations.

          • Jay

            I’d laugh if you ignorance wasn’t so sincere. The fact that you don’t see white privilege is further proof of your ignorance. We live in a culturally biased society, FACT! That you don’t see that is sad. If you took the time to read AND understand my post you would be able to maybe see more clearly the error in you judgment. The fact that you assume there was no racial bias in this particular case and then go on to say the officer is innocent until proven guilty and that it was clearly self defense but admittedly don’t have the full story even further speaks to the lens with which you see race in all of the cases mentioned. I would agree with you that in two cases a ‘yes sir’ could have avoided the misfortunate occurrence, I must disagree with you about Trayvon. Trayvon was shot buy a civilian who had no right or authority to do so and was in fact told by the authorities to cease and desist in his ‘surveillance’. In every case, the officers could have used better conflict resolution, or other means of nonviolent action to subdue the victims in question. Interesting to me more than your defense of the officers, and the vigilante is your lack of mention of the way white violent criminals seem, more often than black suspect, to be apprehended to face justice in a court room, while black unarmed teenagers have seen ‘justice’ most recently from the barrel of a gun and historically at the end of a noose. What happened to Innocent until proven guilty for Trayvon Martin and for Michael Brown, but you are all on board for the rights of the officer to be innocent until proven guilty. The constitution is for all people not just white people, but that is the only people you seem to be concerned about having their rights abridge, this officer, and the man who shot Trayvon are still alive to learn from their mistakes. Trayvon, and Michael will never have that chance to learn and to grown and to learn from their mistakes, that opportunity was stolen from them. That you don’t see race as a factor means you don’t understand the circumstances, or the facts. That you willfully disregard the wealth of information that contradicts your active ignorance and passive racism speaks to the accuracy of my thoughts. There were a lot of pre civil war Americans who could not understand the error of their passive acceptance of slavery and late racism in the south, they found themselves on the wrong side of history which in this case puts you right alongside them in their bad company.
            If you are a racist, it isn’t because of your experience with the black community over the past 30-40 years, it is because of the culture of racism that OUR country has existed upon over the last 400+ years of colonialism and the creation of the USA. Accepting this, acknowledging this and ultimately using this knowledge to change the culture of OUR country is OUR duty. You should open your mind beyond what you think you know and dig deeper. Acknowledging these actions of the pass is not passing blame, if you are ignorant of your history you are bound to repeat it. You are ignorant of our history, and your words and actions perpetuate the stereotypes and institutional racism passed on from our forefathers. We all are to blame because WE ALL have done nothing to stop it, being ignorant is not an excuse once the truth has been shown to you.

            “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

            Edmund Burke

          • Rikki

            Jay, you sure make a lot of assumptions. I read your post, and struggle to understand it. However, it contradicts the facts, time and time again. You speak of ignorance – ignorance is ignoring something called “Use of Force Continuum”. It is a calibrated scale upon which police officers make a determination of the level of force required to counteract a hostile aggressor. This continuum is stepped, and allows for a police officer to use the highest level of force if he/she is in fear for their life. without having to move sequentially through the levels. The facts as I see them right now are that this “thug” Michael Brown committed a robbery (and I don’t care what he stole, he committed a CRIME). He then walked down the middle of a street, at which time a police officer told him to move. The facts of this scenario at this point show that the police officer was struck/punched (I saw the hospital pictures of the officers face), and witness accounts say there was a struggle through the window of the cruiser.. I seriously doubt the police officer self inflicted the bruises on his face just so he could shoot this kid. So at this point, I would give the benefit of the doubt to the officer (as opposed to a robbery suspect caught on video), and say that perhaps the officer was rushed by a 6’4″ black male weighing 240 pounds, AFTER the thug assaulted him, and possibly reached for his gun causing it to discharge in the cruiser. Yeah, I can conceive of the officer going to the highest level of continuum because he was in fear for his life. But the grand jury will make this decision, hopefully based on facts, and not the threat of further violence by the BLACK community. But because the officer was white and the thug was black, this MUST be racially motivated, no? You make me laugh. More excuses for uncivilized behavior, and violence when that behavior causes this thugs death. I keep hearing his mothers words on CNN: “He was a good kid”….more laughing.

            As for Trayvon Martin, a jury of your peers disagreed with you, and I agree with the jury. It WAS self defense, as evidenced by the bruises (yet again) on George Zimmerman (a HISPANIC, not CAUCASIAN male). Try getting your facts straight before you play the race card, sport. And if I am a neighborhood watch volunteer patrolling a neighborhood that has had a rash of burglaries, I have every right to challenge you (whether you are white, black, brown or purple) as to why you are wandering around in the shadows under cover of darkness, hiding your face in a hoodie. I have done this exact same thing as Zimmerman in my neighborhood in the past, and will do so again if required. And I carry……..

            Unlike the OJ trial, justice was served in the Zimmerman trial. The only unfortunate thing about Zimmerman is that it actually had to go to trial – and that was only because of the pressure from the black community, and the threat of further violence. Pathetic.

            Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were both thugs who violently attacked the wrong people and were killed for their uncivilized behavior. I have no issues with someone using deadly force if someone puts them in a situation whereby they are in fear for their life, regardless of skin color or age. I have personally been attacked by 2 blacks men at 3 AM in a Wendy’s parking lot. I pulled my weapon and they retreated. Fortunately, I didn’t have to shoot. But personal experience, and news reports of the violence in places like Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Oakland – and now Ferguson with pictures of looters stealing hair extensions?, liquor and setting fires to businesses in their community show me that there is clearly a pattern of violence in the black community. And when blacks start killing innocent children with there gangland violence, as has happened too many times in recent months, I get to a point where I have NO empathy whatsoever. Where is the outcry for the innocent little 12 year old who was killed by a stray bullet while at a sleepover in her friends house in Chicago? Crickets chirping. But a thug is shot by a police officer after committing a robbery and assaulting the officer? Let’s burn and loot the city!!!!

            If I am a racist, it is because I see blacks expecting to be treated different because of the color of their skin. It is because I see blacks DEMANDING “justice” through a lynch mob mentality simply because the skin color of the thug that was killed was black, and the person who shot him was white. If i am a racist, it is because I am tired of the violence perpetrated by the black community – both in their self inflicted genocide and the innocents that are killed as a result in our cities, and the violence perpetrated in our society by blacks – as evidenced by our prison populations. If I am racist, it is because I am tired of listening to the same old rhetoric rationalizing why there are so many blacks in our prisons, why there are so many blacks being arrested, why there are so many blacks without jobs, or that are on public assistance (and you need to go back and check your facts on this – you are once again very wrong), or why there are so many blacks committing violent acts such as attacking a police officer in Ferguson. If I am a racist, it is because the black community has taught me that skin color does count, and because I am white, I am the enemy. Once again, congratulations. Maybe you have an excuse for this too?

            Obviously you don’t want to look at facts. If you did, you would see the White Elephant. The fact that a black man committing a first offense statistically receives a lighter sentence than a white man committing the same crime. The fact that recidivism rates within the black community are something like 600% higher than the rates of any other race (which explains why our prisons are overflowing with black inmates with longer sentences than other races convicted of the same crime – you get a longer sentence each time you are convicted of a crime). Blacks are arrested in higher numbers because they ACT like the woman did in this article. There was no reason for her to be arrested, UNTIL she refused to show ID and became combative. Uncivilized and violent behavior *IS* the problem within the black community, and nothing is going to change until the black community recognizes the problem, and does something about it. Stop making excuses and trying to blame everyone else. I truly wish I could get you to see this problem and perhaps contribute to it’s resolution like some very brave blacks did in Ferguson when they joined hands and blocked stores from being looted during the violence. THEY are heros, and a credit to their race. YOU are content with making excuses and calling others “racist” and “ignorant”, instead of looking at facts, recognizing the real problems, and addressing them. And in doing so, you become the racist, whether you realize it or not.

          • Jay

            The Use of force Continuum is a shield the Ferguson Police department and any others who would use that as an excuse to not take responsibility for their actions. My only point, my original point is that people should take responsibilities for their actions. That officer killed a young man and should be held accountable. The fact that you think because the victim was black, and or a criminal automatically makes the officers actions justified and above reproach speaks to your ignorance and your privilege. The constitution in no way allows for one persons guilty to be decided by another individual, innocent until proven guilty. At least the officer will be given the opportunity to prove wether he is innocent of murder, Michael Brown however will not get the chance to clear his name, or for that matter atone for any mistake he may have made. The mere fact you invoked OJ Simpson name, I thought about stopping reading your foolishness, the fact that you then go on to talk about the jury in the Zimmerman case acquitting him and that it never should have gone to trial but for the force of the black community illustrates your bias and contempt for the black race. You can’t use the OJ jury to illustrate whats wrong with the black community and then use the Zimmerman jury to show whats right with your argument. I am sure your former mentor would be shamed to know you invoke the presence of him in your life as proof or validity to the ignorance you spew and evidence that you are not racist. I truly feel sorry for you, I am no longer laughing, I am praying for you, your children and people like you. I can no longer waste time trying to convince you of the truth in front of you. I can however go out and make a difference in not just my community but my city, state and country, I hope one day you truly can do the same. That will be all, thank you for your discussion, however misguided it may be.

            A wise man once said don’t argue with fools, because from a distance one can’t tell who is who…

          • Rikki

            “The Use of force Continuum is a shield the Ferguson Police department and any others who would use that as an excuse to not take responsibility for their actions.” Wrong – it is a universally accepted practice that provides guidelines as to how much force an individual (not just law enforcement) may use against a resisting subject in a given situation. The pinnacle of this continuum is the use of deadly force when an individual is in fear for their life. And whether you like it or not, EVERYONE has the right to protect themselves against violence, by any means necessary, and at a level that is consistent with the threat. IE. If I am fear for my life and I have a gun/knife/automobile/baseball bat/whatever, I can protect myself from the threat, and it doesn’t matter that you, the assailant brought a “knife to a gunfight”. Law enforcement officers are human beings with the same rights.

            “The fact that you think because the victim was black, and or a criminal automatically makes the officers actions justified and above reproach speaks to your ignorance and your privilege.” Wrong – I never said the officers actions were justified – I said that I would give him, a law enforcement officer with a good record, the benefit of the doubt. I went on to say that that I would accept any verdict handed down from a Grand Jury so long as it wasn’t derived from pressure from the black community. What part of this didn’t you understand? Again, you invoke name calling and accusations of “privilege” to support your racist viewpoint. It isn’t working. It doesn’t change the facts.

            “Michael Brown however will not get the chance to clear his name, or for that matter atone for any mistake he may have made.” Maybe he should have just said “Yes, sir” and moved to the sidewalk like any reasonable/rational/civilized person would do. Instead, the evidence thus far indicates he assaulted the officer, and he paid for this error in judgement with his life. I feel sorry for the officer.

            And why is the OJ trial “off limits”? This was justice NOT served. It was a black on white crime, and the black community was okay with the verdict, in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. White on black crime is okay to put under the microscope, but black on white crime is not? Nice racist viewpoint you have there, sport. You should go to work for mainstream media – you’ll fit right in.

            “Bias and contempt for the black community” – you bet. I watched the rioting, the looting, the burning of businesses, the throwing of urine/bottles/rocks/Molotov cocktails at police officers in Ferguson. This isn’t the first time I have seen this, and I am damned sick of it. You speak of taking responsibility. How about you accept that this kid was a thug and was apparently killed for assaulting a police officer? I don’t give a crap about his race. But I suppose that still makes me a racist in your eyes (somehow).

            You speak of my “former mentor”. I find that insulting to his memory. He was nothing like you, or the vast majority of blacks today. He was hard working, compassionate, loving, a good father and husband, and took his responsibilities in life very seriously. He had his trials and tribulations in life, yet always managed to overcome through hard work and dedication. He was a teacher. It’s a shame you couldn’t attend his classes. He could have taught you a lot about accepting responsibility and not making excuses. A lesson you, and many like you, DESPERATELY need to learn. Have a nice life.

          • Jay

            He was a teacher. It’s a shame you couldn’t attend his classes. He could have taught you a lot about accepting responsibility and not making excuses. A lesson you, and many like you, DESPERATELY need to learn.

            You obviously didnt learn these lessons for yourself. So i’ll leave you with one from my high school english teacher, ‘the zings sting, but if you cant see the truth of the rebuttal in between, you lost the debate, and whats worse…you wont even know it.’ And he would add, ‘Good life lesson too…’

            So the truth is i will stop responding to your stubborn ignorance, of which im sure your mentor is appalled, i will continue to make a difference in the lives of the people in my community in a positive manner while youre idiocracy is passed down to your children, whose mentors and teachers are hopefully more well equiped and well versed to navigated them out of the pit of fools from which they have been spawned; because it is now obvious to me you are a lost cause determined to languish in the mediocrity, lonliness, and hate of what is solely your own racist perspective.

  • WorldPeace

    It is wrong for the police office to single her out because she is black. I am sure he
    would not have stopped a white female pedestrian or even if he did, he’ll just
    warn her. But on the other hand, even though the law does not require pedestrians
    to show ID, to avoid confrontation Dr. Ore should have presented her ID. It
    would not have been written on her back that she obeyed a police officer. The
    world is not fair, but there are some situations we can avoid.