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Black Women and the Return of the Wild: Five Steps to Reignite the Wild Thing in You

When you hear the term “wild woman”, what images permeate through your head. Is it one of the black woman, who through the abuses of society, has lost her right mind and runs through the streets cussing people out angrily? Or perhaps it may be “TBWOT” (That Black Woman Over There) who will cut you with her eyes if you stare at her too long because of the way she is disciplining her child. Perhaps it’s that woman of the night that is just trying to make a living to feed her family and her addiction.


I believe that there is another image of a black “wild woman” that may have been neglected and forgotten. And I believe she still resides in you. She is the black woman that used to see a place on a map and make immediate arrangements to travel there. She needed no one’s permission and had no excuses why she shouldn’t go. She is that black woman who would love to have a good black man, yet refuses to allow grass to grow under her feet waiting for him. Instead she is creating her own six-figure business and stepping deeply into success. You remember her – the one that was not afraid to try something new. And even when she was afraid to try something new, she did it anyway. She would quit that job that didn’t respect her, leave that relationship that didn’t value her, and move to that state or country that wanted to embrace her. Do you remember that wild woman, sisters?


I believe that woman still exists in each and every one of us regardless of age, economic status, or social position. Now, she is real deep down in there, and she is longing to come out. You may ask how I know this. I know this because I saw a glimpse of her when I would look in the mirror at a certain angle. There was evidence of her existence when I would go to that movie alone because no one I knew was interested in that topic. I would meet her often early in the morning while taking my sea salt bath, and she would whisper, “Don’t forget me.” Do you recognize her now? Well, just in case you need some reminding, I would like to leave you with five ways to reignite this black magic woman in your world. Keep in mind, your very life may be depending on it.



Step 1: Take a bath

Oftentimes when we lose our wild, it’s because we have let mental, physical, and spiritual toxins accumulate within us. This would be from staying up too late to meet those six-figure deadlines, having one too many sweet sugary lattés at Starbucks, or not getting enough rest and letting the stress set in. When we do these things we become zapped out and lose all our wild mojo. We are just plain pooped, and wild cannot live next to tired. To reignite the wild wolf in you and get that howl back, a sea salt bath would help. Sea salt helps to remove all toxins in all its forms. It energizes, and at the same time relaxes the body. The steam from the hot water calms the mind and senses. And the releasing of the toxins enlivens your spirit so that you can hear your tuition that is calling you to do something new.


Step 2: Move that body, lose those pounds

Imagine that every pent up emotion you are carrying right now was equal to a pound. Now calculate how many extra pounds you are presently carrying. Each of these extra pounds represents a feeling, often negative, that you have been carrying around for years. Maybe it’s the hurt from an old lover, or perhaps from a loved one passing away. It could even be from the disappointment of not getting that promotion, or the shame often felt from having financial problems. When you start a new exercise program you allow your brain to work on the inner, and stop focusing on all the external things happening around you. Exercise helps to get the blood pumping, which helps to move vital nutrients to vital organs in your body. And when you actually start to lose those extra pounds, you are getting closer to your wild sexy inch by inch.


Step 3: Traveling outside of your beauty zone

Are you in a beauty rut? Are you stuck in the same style you have been wearing since the last time you felt wild? Now, this could be a problem. Being a black magic wild woman requires change, fluctuation, and newness. Wildness cannot operate in a vacuum. It needs space to grow, to evolve, and to move, or else you will find yourself asking, “Why am I so bored?” One way to remedy this is to challenge your sense of fashion favorites. For instance, if you love turtlenecks and have been wearing them since Sade’s last hit, then try wearing something low cut, or even a crop top. Trade in those granny flats for a comfortable, not so high heal (safety first), that is sexy and fun. If you love to dress in dark browns and blacks, toss those forever winter colors and get something bright and bold, like red or orange. There are so many ways to bring pizzazz to your wardrobe that will activate that wild woman in you.


Step 4: Eat raw foods, not raw animals

Yes, I know we are talking about wild, but research has shown that eating animal products can clog the arteries and heart. How are you going to wild with a cholesterol filled heart? Wild women live from their guts and their hearts. When either of these areas are compromised, then you find that you feel tired a lot, occasionally depressed, and the wildest thing that you want to do is turn on Netflix and watch the average housewife renovate. Eating raw – uncooked fruits and vegetables – will clean out your body and give you energy so high that your lethargic, tired friends will be begging you to take a chill. Raw foods bring back your glow and you flow, and will give you the energy to sustain your new wild life.


Step 5: Get your finances in order

Sisters, let’s face it, being financially secure is sexy. When your mind is not always on your lack of money, it can be on other things that bring out the wild in you, like the sexy Maxi you were eyeing at Nordstrom, of the sexy sex you long to have with a wild man. Getting your finances in order helps you to feel in control of your life, and helps you enjoy the now instead of using it to worry about the future. So get out those late notices, those past dues, and your calculator, and make arrangements with your creditors to get right.


Believe me, if you take these five steps to reignite your wild woman within, I guarantee that even the wolf herself will be looking at you thinking, “Now that’s a fox!” Howllll!!


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Peace and blessings, Lisa Marie Goodson (AKA Nubia I)

Transformative Life Coach

The Black Berry Beauty Academy







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