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Why Castor Oil Is My New Go-To

Castor Oil

Why Castor Oil Is My New Go-To

Like many naturals, I have tried many natural hair oils in my hair’s lifetime. Some of them made an immediate difference in the manageability of my hair, like castor oil, while others were rather lackluster in performance.

I typically used castor oil has a supplement in my natural hair oil concoctions. For example, I was real big on using olive oil mixed with coconut oil, avocado oil and lavender essential oil as my go to moisturizer. But yesterday, right before I started my weekly co-wash, I recalled reading about castor oil challenges all over the place on YouTube. So, I’d figure what’s the harm in trying something new?

And BOY! I’m so glad I did! I massaged an natural hair oil mixture made mostly of castor oil on my scalp and hair for several minutes. Then, I allowed it to sit for about an hour. When I rinsed it out in the shower, I cannot believe how obviously softer and more manageable my hair was! I almost did not to co-wash because my hair was feeling so soft, but I certainly did not want to start neglecting my tresses again.

It took me forever to realize this (I feel like a dummy!) but I now see why naturals swear by castor oil so much. It provides near immediate softens and manageability to 4C hair, making it a top natural hair oil. Many naturals often times feel like their styling options are limited because they do not know how to comb, brush, or simply maintain their hair properly. But castor oil is definitely a must have natural hair oil that makes these tasks less of a burden.

Here is the rundown of exactly how I made my castor oil and how I used it on my 4C hair:

  • Created my own natural hair oil mix of 70% castor oil (other oils where olive, coconut, avocado, and others)
  • Rubbed the concoction all over my hair and scalp very generously and allowed it to sit for at least an hour. I did not cover it but I’m sure I would have gotten added benefits if I did.
  • Rinsed in the shower. Did my co wash with Giovanni’s Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Conditioner. Lightly rubbed more castor oil on my hair, especially my ends. Wrapped my hair in plastic and deep conditioned for an hour. Rinsed.
  • Gently combed and brushed each section that I two strand twisted.

Let’s see how castor oil is such a great ingredient for your natural hair regimen:

  • It is very popular for promoting growth
  • It encourages thickness
  • It is very high in Ricinoleic acid, a well-known organic compound known for its antibacterial properties

Check out this natural’s YouTube video about how she successfully recovered her edges with castor oil!

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  • Ghisele

    Growing up as a child every Sunday my mom would wash my hair and put in the castor oil then chiney bump (bantu knot) it……but my problem now is finding castor oil that doesn’t have salt in it. A lot of persons are adding salt to it.