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Curling Natural Hair Without Heat

One thing that makes some naturals nervous is getting luscious curls from curling that require entirely too much heat.

While it is important to have clean, moisturized hair with any style that gets done to natural hair, obtaining curls without heat is very possible.

Many naturals will feel tempted to blow dry their with a dryer or some other heating device. But, if possible, allowing hair to air dry is the best way to get hair wet-free without excessive heat. It is the best way to avoid accidentally burning natural hair or making breakage.

Curling Natural Hair Without Using Heat

Now, back to the curls. Even though clean hair is necessary for obtaining pretty curls, it is not necessary for the hair to be bone-dry. In fact, some some of the prettiest curls have been produced off of allowing wet hair to dry. A perfect example of this would be a bantu knot out.

Here is a list of ways to get curls on natural hair without the use of no heat.

  • Bantu Knot-Out –  This requires un-twisting Bantu Knots on wet or dry hair. Section the hair in several parts on wet or dry hair and allow the knots to settle on the hair for at least a day. The curls will look way more defined on wet dry that air dried. Don’t forget to use a curling custard or leave-in conditioner while doing the knots.
  • Braid Out – On dry or wet hair, cornrow the entire head and allow to sit for a day. Allowing the cornrows to dry on wet hair makes for more defined curls and they last longer.
  • Rollers – On damp hair, put leave-in conditioner on the hair and simply roll the hair on basic hair rollers. Clip the hair to make it stay on the roller. Allow the hair to hair dry for a day or for however long it should. Unroll the hair and enjoy the curly curls!
  • Bendable rollers –  Wrapping dry or wet hair, with a coating of leave-in conditioner on it, with bendable rollers allows hair to curl, especially the ends.

Just to give you better direction, check out this video of a natural curling her hair without heat!

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