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Quinnisha’s Natural Hair Journey Three Week Update

Natural Hair Journey


Week of 12/15

This week was a great loose, fro hair week. I’ve learned more of how my hair works in certain conditions before and after I style it. And I am pleased to announce that I have found a stylist. My sister; who’s hair is naturally straight introduced me to a stylist who styles her hair as well named Deshana; her hair is natural as well. I set an appointment with her to spruce up my look and purchased some products today that moisturizes my hair extremely well and has the texture feeling so soft. I’m very excited and hope you all like the results.


Week 12/08

This week has been motivating and inspiring. I came across so many people who were asking me questions about my hair, what products I use, how long I’ve been going natural, how I style my hair. It was great seeing so many people turn heads and feel inspired to change there looks to natural. I also finally found a salon that specializes in natural hair. I’m very looking forward to it and will keep you all posted natural rockstars.


Week of 12/1

The journey of my hair this week has been better. I actually decided to not comb my hair out completely. So I’ve been rocking a mini-fro to change it up a bit. I’ve set an appointment to see a stylist for next week so I can experiment with more hair options that I may not be able to accomplish on my own and get more knowledge of how to take care of my hair. My hair life has been working well for me and I love being able to inspire other woman to change there looks and have freedom in their own hair textures. Until next time, keep shining my natural rockstars.



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