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Diet –The Most important part of the transition

A poor quality low mineral diet is at the crux of poor quality hair.  The saying goes

“junk in –junk out”. Maintaining a nutritious diet full of anti-oxidants, supplemental

nutrients and a plethora of healthy food, such as fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, lean meats

and leafy green vegetables will ensure that you chart a sustained course for what your

body needs to produce healthy quality hair. Persons who subscribe to a Vegetarian

lifestyle should carefully plan meals so that they can make sure that they are getting

the necessary nutrients typically found in meats from their vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits,

grains and supplements.


In closing providing your body with the hydration it requires by drinking water regularly

will notonly improve the moisture content of your tresses, but will dramatically improve

the look, feel andquality of your skin as well as your scalp. Research conducted at the

Institute of Medicine has prompted experts to recommend that women consume at the

minimum 2.2 liters of liquids each day and for men 3 liters.  This recommendation has

been made by professional to assist individuals in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to

keep the hair and body properly hydrated. Harmful substances, i.e., Smoking and

drinking directly work against your health the health of your hair by impeding any

of the positive effects that result from the good foods we do consume. Alcoholic

beverages should be enjoyed in moderation, and smoking should be eliminated entirely

in any healthy regimen. It is also recommend that a reduction in the amount of sugars,

sweeteners and salts in your diet is implemented. Salt or sodium intake should be limited

to roughly 1 teaspoon per day.

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  • Kimentha

    I believe this info to be so true. I’m just having a hard time trying to change & implement a healthy life style to my life. I’ve been diagnosed as a diabetic for about 9 yrs now and I must say that the meds are manufactured to be cheat sheets so to speak. I’m aware of how a healthy lifestyle will change my body, but how does it work on my hair. Thanking you in advance for your response to my query!

    • NHM

      Hi Kimentha,

      In general eating healthy will do wonders for your body. The hair requires proper nutrition just like the rest of your body. Often the hair is overlooked for nutrition. Just remember that the hair is no different than any other part of the body when it comes to being healthy. Having a daily regimen of drinking water and making sure you eat vegetables that are raw and full of nutrients is always good.