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Diva by Cindy: The Secret to Longer, Healthier Hair

If you’ve been searching for a natural-based product for your hair texture, then you need to check out Diva by Cindy Hair Products. With award winning crèmes and celebrity endorsements, this product line is sure to help your hair heal and grow. The stories behind the products are as compelling as the background story of Cindy Tawiah, the creator of Diva by Cindy.

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After working as a nurse for 13 years, Tawiah left the industry to open up her own salon at the age of 35. She specifically wanted to create products that helped grow and detangle hair, which is something that she accomplished.

Tawiah is known for her award-winning Super-Gro Hair Dress which is a product that helps your hair grow while detangling. While you’ve heard of many different products that claim to grow your hair, Tawiah’s products actually work.

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She holds a different philosophy from other companies that create hair growth crèmes. She states that the scalp is alive, and she uses particular agents in her crèmes that stimulate blood flow. All too often, other products are too heavy and don’t stimulate the scalp. Within her alcohol-free products, she uses peppermint, menthol, as well as horsetail, and nettles–all natural growing agents.

Tawiah specifically creates these products for your hair type. Her goal is to heal your hair and to get it growing.

What’s also quite phenomenal about the Diva by Cindy Hair care line is that Tawiah is invested in social entrepreneurship, meaning that she is interested in helping out with certain social causes. $1.00 from each purchase is donated to helping Victims of Domestic Violence.

As a domestic violence survivor herself, Tawiah dedicates time, resources, and energy to help give back to other women who are in vulnerable positions. In 2004, Tawiah created the Diva Project where homeless women and domestic violence survivors are offered particular services to help restore their spirit. The Diva Project website states:

“Cindy decided to start using proceeds from her Diva by Cindy Hair Product Line and her then existing Hair Salon, Shades of U, to host a day where some of these victims can come in for a day of healing, restoration and transformation. Meals are provided and the women can be mentally, emotionally and spiritually refreshed.”

Tawiah hopes to take the project to national heights so that more women can be exposed to the restorative services.

The Diva by Cindy brand is devoted to helping women on both the inside and out. In fact, Tawiah helps women with business opportunities by offering them distributor positions which you can check out on her site as well.

Cindy Tawiah is a wonderful example of social entrepreneurship. She creates products that complement social justice causes; she has a sincere passion for restoring beauty and positive energy to all women; and she has a real dedication to getting your hair growing!



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  • Mbali

    Does Diva by Cindy helps with receding hairline, if yes how long does it take before you see the results

    • admin

      Hello Mbali,

      Results will vary per person. You can contact Cindy directly at for a consultation.