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DIY Organic Hair Gel in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Making hair gel from scratch is so easy to do! Thanks to flaxseeds and xanthan gum powder, you can make your own hair gel in 10 minutes.

Flaxseed oil has many benefits. It is a healthy alternative to other cooking oils for women considering a diet change. It is also a light carrier oil that could be used as a mild moisturizer for hair and skin care!

Xanthan gum powder is a powder used to make gel in cooking and skincare products. It is used to bind oils and liquids together. It is a popular ingredient in many of your favorite natural hair products.

Even better, both of these items can be found as USDA organic products, which I know many naturals love and appreciate.

Flaxseeds can be purchased at any organic health store as well as xanthan powder.

Making flaxseed oil gel requires nothing but a half cup of flaxseeds and 2-3 cups of boiling water. Mix the seeds until your see the water becoming thick on the surface. This is how you know it’s gelling. Then you take a strainer and removing all seeds from the water and allow the water to cool, gelling it up even more.

With xanthan gum, the process is even easier. 3 cups of water (does not have to be boiling) and mix in a teaspoon or less of xanthan gum in it. Mix it for a few minutes and it will gel up immediately.

Because both of these are water products, I would advise you to only make a small amount. What is not used will have to be stored in a refrigerator for use in a couple of days or else it will need to be tossed in the trash.

From YouTube videos I watched, women who have used this product report that they saw no flaking on their hair after using these gels. This is a huge reason why many natural stir away from hair gels.

It sounds fun, economical and CHEAP! Consider buying from xanthan gum or flaxseeds for hair gel and make that beautiful bantu knot out even lovelier!

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