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Don’t Allow Fibroids To Take Over Your 2017, Here’s How


One of the most frequent questions I receive from women regarding health are about fibroids. Every woman wants to know how to get rid of fibroids and today we’re going to tackle the main causes of fibroids.

What are fibroids?

Fibroids are basically bumps in the muscle or the muscle fibers of the uterus. Often times when there is a bump in the uterus it’s no different than the bump on your face. In fact all bumps are the same, they only change the name based on size/diameter and location.

How did I get fibroids?
Fibroids are a result of unbalanced emotional issues, negative mentality, and the poor food choices one makes; which stems from emotional and mental aspects. It can be past traumas like sexual abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, even self inflicted abuse.

When a woman does not heal from traumatic events such as these she can begin to close up her receptive feminine energy, causing the body to think the uterus is no longer needed and it will eventually begin to die off inside the body.

The uterus is sooo powerful! As women we have the ability to bring the spiritual into the physical. When the women herself (her spirit) is damaged, she will begin to manifest damaging physical traits as well. This can be fibroids, cancers, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, etc.

Why are bumps present?
The one job of the body is to stay alive no matter what and the body will do exactly as it’s encoded to. When it comes to any bump the reason it’s there is to separate toxins from the rest of the body.
When a woman has a lot of toxic waste building up in the body it begins to irritate the skin of the uterus. Eventually the veins, arteries, and cells become hard and lose their flexibility.
When they lose their flexibility the body looks for soft tissue to use. When it finds this soft tissue, it rushes all the nutrients it can to this area and this causes the ballooning effect called Fibroids, cysts, tumors, or polyps.

It then uses the tissue to remove the waste that has built up in the body. However, the toxins irritate the skin and becomes inflamed (from the heat) and begins to rot. The rotting tissue gets stiff and creates the full fibroid, cysts, tumor, or polyp.

What are the Elimination Pathways
The body has primary and backup functions to get rid of waste. The primary functions are sweating (pores), urination, defecation, exhalation and a lot of the waste is also carried through the blood to be filtered.
When those pathways are blocked consistently and the body is registering to empty “waste” into a certain area in the body, bumps appear (internal/external).

How do I get rid of fibroids for good?
Removing fibroids is a combination of:

1. Herbal remedy
2. Food (nourishing, cleansing, hydrating food)
3. Activity
4. Emotional Balance & Peace


As women when we hold our emotions in and choose to bury issues that trouble us, rather than dealing with them; we begin to store negativity.

When we store negativity as women we tend to associate the negative situation with ourselves and abilities as women; such as

I’m not enough

I’m not beautiful

I can’t be beautiful

I’m not successful

I’m the only one who gives and cares in my family

Everyone depends on me

My significant other doesn’t listen to me so I just won’t express myself anymore

I did this when I was young and regret it

I allowed this person to talk me into this and I regret

I’ll never be hurt again

I’ll never be vulnerable again

I’ll never be out of control again

Nobody cares about me


When women begin to feel like:

They aren’t appreciated

Can’t nurture a child (can be child or project)

Don’t feel comfortable expressing femininity

Do not easily receive easily (compliments, favors, etc)

and Lack self-confidence

It neurologically triggers the body to reject the very essence of the women, her uterus. Once this rejection happens, the body begins to store waste in the muscle fibers of the uterus and every where else in the body leading to a total toxic infection. 












One thing women who have fibroids have in common is that they think alike.

And to be honest it’s playing the blame game subconsciously. It’s being comfortable in the victim role without realizing it. Even women who recognize they are responsible for their actions will still find an excuse.

The reality has to be that you have to give yourself everything you are requiring of others FIRST.

There has to be a point where you allow yourself to be expressive in every way possible and not bury strong emotions inside. Don’t allow yourself to feel inferior or inadequate.

The only real opinion that matters is yours because you create your own reality.

And if you do not like your current situation it is on you because you allowed it. HOWEVER, practicing response-ability is the biggest step in healing.


It truly shows you that YOU DO HAVE CONTROL and it has to start with you. WE MUST PRACTICE APPRECIATION & LOVE FOR OURSELVES AS WE ARE. Whether that means removing yourself from people and situations, choosing a different perspective on things, voicing what bothers you more, whatever.

You have to allow yourself to be free to express every part of you that brings more life and harmony to this world, especially yourself.

Not being able to express that feminine energy comfortably of: feeling like you are needed, creative, intuitive, valued, and nurturing; will cause you to draw back.

When we draw back often times it’s with negative reasons and once again… it’s because we giving up our power over our lives and placing it in another persons hand. Perspective is everything loves.

I truly appreciate you all for reading this post.

My next post will break down each aspect of healing with steps to apply so that you can begin your journey of healing.

In this post my main focus was the subject not talked about when it comes to any dis-ease, which is the spiritual/emotional body.

We have to be sure we are balanced in all areas. Food is definitely a factor in this dis-ease so we must change our foods as well. We will cover herbal remedies for Fibroids, endometriosis, cysts, etc as well as lifestyle changes in food next post.

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Peace & Blessings





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