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I didn’t become concerned about my weight until I was 16 years old. I was a junior in high school, a member of the track team, and I felt like I was the biggest girl on the team. I was muscular. I had larger thighs, arms, and calves than everyone else. All of the girls on my team, at least in my eyes, looked like toothpicks. They were either long and slender or petite and rail thin. I complained to my coaches. They assured me that I was healthy and strong, and besides, I was a power runner. Power runners have lots of muscles. I thought I was fat. Of course, my coaches thought I was silly. Even today, I sometimes think and feel that I am fat. Intellectually, I know that I am not. However, my feeling sometimes get in the way.


I have been the same weight since I was a teenager. Since I was 16, I have been between 137lbs and 147lbs. These days, I am on the higher end. Nonetheless, I realize that this is a miracle. How many women can say that they are roughly the same weight they were in high school? Not many. The same girls who I envied in high school because they were “thinner” than me, covet my lean frame. Who knew?


Through the years, I have experimented with a lot of different ways of eating. At the core of the way I eat is eating well is one simple rule: only the best. Below is my approach to food. It has kept me the same weight, and more importantly, it has built a strong constitution that helped me beat cancer three-times. My doctor reminds me, what if I didn’t do all the things that I did to stay healthy?



1. The best for me is home cooking.

I cook over 95% of all my meals. I know how to cook. I enjoy cooking. I understand many people have challenges when it comes to cooking. Either they don’t know how or they don’t have the time. The solution is simple really: learn how and make the time. Don’t you deserve the best? I’ve always believed that it is important for everyone to know how to cook at least five dishes. There are tons of recipes that take less than 30 minutes. If you allow it, cooking can be a very meditative activity. More importantly, it can be a way to pay tribute to yourself and honor your body.


2. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day; 3.0 liters is ideal.

Water helps shed unwanted pounds. It keeps you hydrated. It’s a great way to keep you regular and reduces toxicity in your body. I struggle with drinking this much water sometimes. When I am on point, my skin looks great. I eat less, and I just feel good about myself.


3. I limit your diary intake.

Many cows are raised on industrial farms and feed tons of antibiotics. If you must drink milk or eat cheese, make sure it’s the best cheese and milk on the market: local, organic, fresh, and grass feed. I’ve never been a big cheese eater, so this is easy for me. However, I do enjoy pizza. Rather than eat some fast food delivery pizza, I go to the best pizza joint in town and get a Neapolitan pizza. Everything is made fresh.


4. I limit my meat intake.

It takes a long time to digest animal products, which is really taxing on your system. Also, meat consumption contributes to many environmental problems. Start off small. Join the Meatless Monday movement. The concept is to have a meatless day at least one day of the week. Research non-meat recipes and try something new. If you must eat meat, again just, be mindful. Eat organic, local, grass-fed, and ethically raised. Eating organic is really a lot less expensive than people think. Besides, if you are eating meat less, you can spend a few extra cents on meat that is raised well. Aren’t you worth the best?


5. Rarely, do I eat flour.

The industrial food complex has altered our food so much that wheat is not wheat anymore. I limit pastas, breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, and so on. Flour also bloats you up. People think they can flatten their stomachs by doing ab workouts. Honestly, you want a flat stomach stop eating flour (and sugar).


6. I must make an effort to limit my sugar intake.

This is really hard for me. I have a sweet tooth. So, I have to make a significant effort to stay away from sweets. I don’t eat candy, but every now and then, I like a vegan ginger snap cookie. I have to watch that. I don’t drink soda, never have. I don’t like the fizz. Thank goodness for that. Again, if you are going to go for the sugar, go for the real stuff and limit your intake, which included diet soda.



I am no expert. I don’t perfectly follow my plan. It’s more of a practice. Each day, however, l show up for practice.

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