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Exposing so called conscious rapper’s, athletes, and actors that exploit the black community

Exposing so called conscious rapper’s, athletes, and actors that exploit the black community
by Dr. Randy Lancaster Short, M.Div., M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D.

Dear Mr. Talib Kweli Greene:

Sir, it has come to my attention that you have issues with the editorial content and the Black First ( aka B1) journalistic thrust of the publication for which I am a frequent commentator. In as much as I am neither enamored nor a purchaser of the genre of music that you and others make which causes serious harm and the moral-ethical genocide of our people, this missive is the kind many should have written to you long ago. First, I am clear that many of the so-called artists, celebrities, journalists, stars, and athletes are professional sidepieces to the intelligence agencies that have been skilled at preventing genuine movements for change for Black Americans—using every foul method imaginable ranging from dumping dope in our communities, assassinating leaders, inserting foreign non-whites amongst our ranks ( I.e. Kamala Harris Emhoff, Barak Obama, Joy Reid, and Alphonso David), and contaminating the food, water, air, and our cultural production to destroy us. Secondly, your activist resume reads like a Who’s Who of opportunism—bereft of a true program of uplift for Black Americans, and many hitherto have denied that you are a genuine 5th generation + Black American. It would be nice for you to clarify who you are really.

Natural Hair Magazine supports the full repair and restoration of Black Americans. Your hostile and vitriolic response to our effort to repair four centuries of damage mirrors what one encounters from hater foreigners from Africa, the British Caribbean, Latin America, and elsewhere. We know who’s side you are on—your own. We are tired of toxic washed-up, has-been, cynical, Democratic Party call boy, Luciferian-values extolling, opportunistic-self-appointed-self-anointed race leaders Rappers. We don’t buy your records or your publicity stunts aimed at restarting long-dead careers. Nowadays, most people prefer to purchase vintage catalog music like Marvin Gaye’s classic “What’s Going On” versus wasting their limited cash on unmelodic, uncreative, sterile, mysogynistic, cannabis-inspired, opioid and narcotic-abuse-inducing-doggerel made by buffoonish narcissists who traffick in anomie, immorality, chaos, and deviant lifestyles. Many of these enemies of Black people come from established middle-class Immigrant families, and like white rebellious youth mock the Black experience by living slum versions of the Great Gatsby. Maybe you are more like the Pied Piper of Hamelin that is helping to lead generations of Black Americans to their early demise? Whatever your mission is that White Supremacists are paying you to do to hurt Black Americans it is coming to light. You have no desire for your children to turn out like your duped Black American fans. Most foreign Black provocateurs sell dope and promote evil and self-destruction for Black Americans, and if they are not criminal they are vicious and insidious institutional destroyers of functional Black Americans in the workplace or educational institutions. You are well aware of how Medgar Evers College named for a martyred Black American is an example of how Caribbeans hate Black Americans. Elder Harold Cruse wrote about the toxic xenophobic Caribbeans in his writings. Further, a great number of Caribbean-Americans with Chinese, European, and Indian heritage hate all darker skinned Blacks—they are honorary agents of white supremacy. These types of Caribbeans are proud to be bed wenches and cabana- rent-a-dred studs for anyone with white skin. Such flotsam and jetsam are the reason folks flee the Islands, and when these self-hating Black foreigners get to America they immediately enlist to be overt and covert enemies of Black Americans upon whose struggle they unjustly enrich themselves—pretending that their British education is the reason for their success. These folks are a foreign Coon Benedict Arnolds who with malice and forethought murder Black unity for interracial sex and the lowbrow status of Black American back-stabbers. Of late, many of these foreign subversives work as colored operatives of the Queer-Trans-Pedophile coddling Progressive Left. You belong to this Hollyweird cabal albeit of minor importance, and this might explain why you cut a moist LGBTQ record in California in 2010s which certainly inspired Sodomite star wannabe Nazz X–who is promoting degeneracy and drug abuse to our already misguided and oft unfathered young Black men. In as much as that pro-LGBTQ record bombed, you insulted the delayed wisdom of the Zulu Nation that deposed Afrika Bambaataa for gross allegations of his rapine pedophilia for decades. You think punishing pedophilia is harsh, and you probably praised Bill Cosby’s railroading in 2018! Nonetheless, the same way I have limited patience to hear the anti-Black and satanic sounds you create like demonic swill for those unable to see through your scam, I am cutting this letter short and I will summarize this matter in the following and final paragraph.

Mr. Greene, my friends in Saint Louis and Chicago have asked me to remind you of a few unfinished items in your career airbrushed by Wikipedia. The brothers who dealt with Most Def and you at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago want you to know that they believe you are the reason Yasin Bey’s career has stalled. Second, they forgive Most Def because they believe he wants to be genuine. As for you, they consider you a complete opportunistic fraud and washed-up-failed Rapper pimping the pain and imbecility of Black Americans who you’ve been assigned to deceive and oppress. By the way, the folks at ADOS have theories too, and you need to share your roots for real. Maybe you oppose reparations because you are not due any? So, you hate on the Yankee Niggers who are due recompense? Some of us attended universities with mulatto and non-mulatto foreign Blacks 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations and experienced their mendacious anti-Black American bigotry in our own country. Overseas, folks are quite quick to harm foreigners that disrespect them in their land of birth. At long last, Black Americans are discovering that they belong where they live and are demanding respect as the proprietary Black community in America that HATES middleman minorities helping to oppress them. FBA and ADOS and DAFTAA (Descendants of Aboriginal and Forcibly Trafficked Africans in America) movements are here to stay whether or not your rigor mortis music career reignites or not. The blood of my brother Daren Seals and the other martyrs of Saint Louis-Ferguson uprising demand their share of the funds you raised in their name. You have been silent as others have been murdered. Is it because you don’t care or because you know why they are hunting down the true Black American fighters? You are all into Palestine, Haiti, South Africa, and Europe. Is it because you are more connected to them? Why beef with Bush about a million dollar bounty on Assata Shakur but silent about Obama’s two-million dollar bounty on our sister? Is this kind of hypocrisy why they ran you out of Ferguson? Did you come as hard against them as the Editor of Natural Hair Magazine who is a woman? You support the COVID-19 mandated genocide against my people and support the Boule, the illegal invasion of America by racist foreigners, and you think you are a hero? They sure make heroes small these days.

God and the Righteous Black People will Judge You,

Dr. Randy Short

P.S. STL and Chicago have my back and want to hear from you.

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