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Halle Berry Wins Her Natural Hair Day In Court For Daughter

I’m sure we’ve all read the story about Halle Berry going straight H.A.M. on her ex, Gabriel Aubry, for straightening and lightening their 6 year old daughter’s hair.

Little Nahla is a multicultural baby. As most of us know, Halle is biracial; mom is English and pop is African American. Aubry is French-Canadian.

Nahla has between 2c-3a textured hair, a loose but still very visibly curly, texture of hair. If you Google her, you’ll see what I mean.

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Recently in the news, Berry accused Aubry of trying to manipulate Nahla’s hair to mask her multicultural textures in family court. Surprisingly, the court found in Berry’s favor. I am only surprised by this because I would think courts would have far more serious matters to tend to.

However, I applaud Halle for taking it so far as a court to tell this man it was wrong.

First of all, multiculturalism should be celebrated, not shunned. The very development of our nation is a melting pot of ethnicities and customs from around the world. And frankly, if he does not like the idea of a curly-headed baby, why make a kid with a black woman?!

Additionally, little Nahla’s hair is a loose curl pattern. There is no doubt in my mind detangling her hair is no where near as much of a chore as if her had deep curls of a black or biracial child. What in the world is this man’s problem?! Hell, if he’s so ashamed, he has plenty of money to hire a hair dresser to keep her hair maintained if its oh so much of a burden on him!

Secondly, it is entirely too early to Halle_Berry_10give this little girl (who is only 6) the impression that there is something “wrong” with her, that her hair color and textured is not accepted or welcomed into the world. Shame on this man for trying to make his beautiful multi-racial baby something she is not. Yes, she has a great deal of Caucasian in her blood from both parents, but no one can predict genetics and frankly, they should not try to.

With the natural hair movement gaining more traction within the last decade, it’s about time black, biracial and multiracial women begin to appreciate their natural curls. I cannot help but you feel good about the many compliments I get when I go into work with a new hair style that allows my natural texture to be displayed. My hope is that this movement reaches our little girls as well.

I love that there are more dolls in stores with natural hair (though not enough). Everyday, our little natural-headed girls are surrounded by images of plenty of beautiful women…that look nothing like them. How do you think that would make a little girl feel? Inferior? Not pretty enough? It may make her feel like she will never be pretty enough will start “fixing” things on her body that really don’t need fixing. We do nothing but potentially build another generation of young women with some real self esteem issues. And sadly, I think that is what Aubry is doing to his daughter.

Halle certainly has NOT always known how to pick them, but he is not the only individual who holds issue with natural hair textures and he will not be the last.

But for her to take the issue so serious that she presented it to a court of law, tells us a lot about the type of mother she is and how much her daughter’s natural beauty should respected and celebrated.

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