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Hey Curlfriend: Complimenting Natural Hair


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In the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several hair shows and meet-ups.  Through attending these events, I have connected with so many different naturalistas of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Too many times, we hear the negatives about natural haired ladies—those who are overly-critical and unwelcoming.

“You’re not really natural…,” or “You’re not natural enough…” Unfortunately, we do not hear enough about the positives in the natural hair community.  After all, embracing your natural hair experience should be enlightening and uplifting to us all—especially, when most of why some of us go natural is because someone else inspired us.

Well, I’ve been blessed to connect with so many lovely natural beauties.  One theme that I have concluded amongst us all is how friendly and liberated we are as a community. How empowering we can be towards one another.  How encouraging, kind and fun we can all be with one another.  Even when we’ve just met one another, it can feel as though we’ve known each other for years—all because of our hair.  Our experience with learning to love and accept ourselves for who we were naturally created to be serves as the humbling platform that unites us all.

From one naturalista to another, I encourage you to take a look around your surroundings and notice another natural beauty.  Say hello. Connect. Relate. Because after all, this journey is not just your own, it’s all of ours!

So waving from my side of the world, to yours I say “Hey curlfriend!”
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