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House of Safi Hadi: Classy, Quirky, African



House of Safi Hadi is a classy, quirky, African online shop that features unique clothing and accessories. The fabrics are upcycled, meaning that they’re vintage items that are recycled and reused. The creator of House of Safi Hadi, Nikki, says  that this isn’t the type of shop that features materials from China; it is all authentic and African.

Nikki has always been interested in African materials and clothing. She used to follow African clothing designers for over 10 years through Facebook, blogs and other social media sites. She visited Tanzania and loved the local prints called “kanga prints” and was thoroughly influenced to showcase her African pride through her clothing. She stated that since she’s quiet, she loves that her clothing can make a statement.

In reference to her shop, Nikki says the goal is to “make sure items are unique, up to date, modern, and have a piece of ‘special’ to them.”


The shop started after Nikki was tired of waiting a month or two to get her pieces delivered. She said that sometimes when she would place an order, it would get caught up in customs and would take 2 months to be delivered. That was quite inconvenient considering there were times she had an event the following week and wouldn’t be able to wear the pieces that she ordered.

“That was the issue. I couldn’t get what I wanted here…It was taking too long for me to get what I wanted so I started my own shop.

She ensures that the items at the House of Safi Hadi are quality items that are different. Additionally, it won’t take long for your orders to arrive. Nikki says:

“The items are available in stock. When you order, you don’t have to wait for stuff to be made. As soon as you order it , it will ship in the next 3-4 business days.”

The accessories and clothing at the House of Safi Hadi take a contemporary, fashionable twist on classical African designs. Nikki likes elements of surprise. She said that if the garment is covered in the front, the back has a surprise to it. She says that’s what makes her shop fun. “It’s quirky, something unexpected.”


Nikki is natural herself. She has had locs for around 10-11 years. She states that her items cater to Natural Hair Mag followers and any woman of African descent.

“Wearing something from Africa gives you that extra boost of confidence. If you’re willing to take it to the step of not following the majority of society through your natural hair, putting on that African garment takes you to the next level. It’s a sense of pride, an ability to show what we love, and that we’re up to date with the current fashions.”

Make sure to check out House of Safi Hadi and show your African pride. Stay Classy, Quirky, and African!
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