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How to Change the Direction of Your Health

When it comes to health, many of us constantly waver back and forth between doing what we want to do and  doing what we know needs to be done. Does this sound like you? If so, no worries – by the end of this article you will know how to solve this problem for good.


The key to the solution lies in shifting our mental state.  We must make it so that what we want and what we need are in alignment with each other instead of battling each other! Is this easier said than done?  Potentially.  However, the professionals at LOJ Fitclub have been able to simplify the process and make it as simple as possible.  What they have found was that all of the thousands of people they have help transform had one thing in common, They all believed that their transformation was possible.


So how does this work?  Well the first thing you should know is that C.H.A.N.G.E ((Choosing | Hard | Audacious | Necessary | Growing | Experiences)  only happens through total immersion.  To immerse oneself in something means to become deeply involved; to absorb. Thus, lasting change only occurs when you are totally engaged in that change holistically – in all areas of your life.


How can you become fully engaged? By controlling the social and cultural forces that shape your life – your ENVIRONMENT.

In other words, the reason you have not been successful on your health journey is because you have not addressed your mental, physical, and spiritual influences. In many cases your environment dictates your consumption, which in turn directly impacts your well-being.  For example, your food consumption, music consumption, media consumption, and exercise regimen are all shaped by your environment and they all affect your mental and physical health positively or negatively.


With this understanding it becomes easier to see why change often requires so much effort. If you do not completely remove yourself from old influences, you will eventually fall back into old habits and patterns.


Is it possible to change your mental and spiritual environment even if your physical environment is negative ?

The answer to that is YES!

In fact, LOJ Fitclub would like to prove it to you free of charge! If you feel you’re ready to make that environmental change and disconnect from your past influences, we invite you to apply for the LOJ Fitclub 7 day Holistic Health Program. If you are approved for this program, it will cost you $0! Remember: change your environment and influences and you will change your life.


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* Personal Training (online programs available)

* Online health/nutritional coaching

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* Vegan meal prep (online classes & consultations available)

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Case Study Client Testimonial


Clients Words:

“What a difference 9 months makes
Been so busy on this weight loss grind, I never really notice the progress until I look at old photos
Last week, I was able to wear a pair of size 12s I found at Goodwill. Didn’t buy them cause the inseam was too short, but it was a great feeling to wear a size I hadn’t worn in 15 years. This time last year I was a size 22. “

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