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Five Steps to Eating Yourself to Wealth

I wish I could tell you that I have been a health nut all of my life. I would love to say that my upbringing was filled with three square meals a day around a large family table. I wish I could tell you that nutrition and good health ran in my family, for that matter, in my race! But I can’t. What I can tell you, is because I can’t tell you any of the above, I truly now know the value of good health, and why this knowledge has afforded me a very thriving six figure business, and why and how I am now on track to hitting the seven figure mark within two years.

I have been in business for myself for a long time, but wasn’t making any money. Why? Because I didn’t value myself enough to ask for what I was really worth. You could show me all the reasons why I should raise my prices, but I couldn’t see it. When I say “see it”, I really mean conceive it. See, although I would stay up ’til the wee hours of the morning “working on my business”, I would also eat lots of junky foods while “working on my business”. I ate cookies and chips, not celery or carrots. I drank fruity beverages, not fresh water. And although my heart was passionate about making money, my brain was stagnant and sluggish. And even though I was a “vegetarian” most of the time, and a “vegan” sometimes, I was still unable to eat right until one day a friend of mine introduced me to a raw foods diet. This is where you eat uncooked fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, for cell regeneration and optimal health.

I must tell you, this way of eating literally changed my mind! It was like that proverbial light bulb went off in my head, and I started to see how the foods I was eating were affecting my capacity to see myself and love myself enough to ask for what I was worth. I gained more mental, physical, and spiritual clarity. I quit drinking and smoking, started working out, and started visualizing my good. I was so open, and soon after, my PayPal account started reflecting it.

What about you? Have you ever thought that what you are eating may be affecting your profit margin? Do you stuff your low self-esteem and self-worth behind the foods that you are consuming? Do you want to get more work done that will actually lead to profit potential without working all night long? Would you like to know the five steps to eating yourself to wealth?

Step 1: Learn the difference between hunger and thirst

Let’s face it, sisters. Most of us are not drinking enough water. Water helps our blood deliver nutrients to the vital organs in our bodies, like your heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, and pancreas. Make it a point to drink at least two quarts of water a day, and you just might find yourself swimming in a cash flow of healthy, divine energy.

Step 2: Eating all day is not the way

Do you know some of the longest living people don’t eat three square meals a day? Cutting down on the frequency of your snacking can save your digestive system much needed energy. Every time you put something in your mouth, your digestive tract has to get up from a well-deserved rest. Look at it this way: would you wake yourself up every hour on the hour when you are trying to get a good night’s sleep? No. Because you would feel terrible the next morning. Your body heals during these rest periods, which means that while you are not eating, you could be creating a new product or service.

Step 3: Getting more rest so that you can look your best

Sisters, in today’s technology driven social media lifestyle, we are truly our brands. What we look like can either sell our products or services, or keep people running the other way. When you look good, you feel good. And that attracts other people who want to look and feel like you. And they are willing to pay for it. Ladies, don’t skimp on the beauty sleep.

Step 4: Fruits and vegetables are like dollars and cents

The more you deposit them in your body, the better the return. It is a fact that at least five to seven servings of organic fruits and vegetables a day can keep the doctor away, which means more money in your pocket and not on medical bills. And more money to invest in your thriving business. Go ahead, ladies. Eat that organic apple and be your own teacher’s pet.

Step 5: Fasting at least once a week can eliminate the need for lots of sleep

I know You are probably saying, “I thought lots of sleep was good for you”. And it is, if your body is healing from disease, illness or stress while you rest. But, when you eat heavy foods and unhealthy meals your body uses a lot of energy on digesting food and recovering from unnecessary ailments instead. Do you know many healthy people don’t need eight hours of sleep because they are following the previous four steps? When you eat less, drink lots of water, and indulge in high quality fruits and vegetables, you won’t need as much sleep because your immune system will be intact. Instead, you can use all that extra time and energy to perfect your craft, invest in private coaching, or simply lay in the sun on a beach counting all that money and sipping on a green smoothie. And you did it by simply eating your way to a fabulous, juicy, healthy, wealthy life. Cheers!

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Peace and blessings, Lisa Marie Goodson (AKA Nubia I)

Transformative Life Coach

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