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My Vivid Transition


On September 24, 2011, with no plans, no appointment scheduled, no products, I disappointed a few and amazed more with my BIG CHOP, which was performed by a random stylist at my local Hair Cuttery.  I sighed, grinned, and thought , “Okay, $14 mission complete, NOW WHAT??”.   Now that I had left myself with approximately 2.5 inches of hair stretched the next step was unknown, uncalculated, and I was short from denial.  What I wasn’t expecting for sure was the newfound insecurity I felt following the short-term liberation of freedom and boldness that I once carried after my ‘chair’ decision.  I was left exposed, I was in the raw, and I was completely left to surrender what I learned about hair in the past.  This was a new me, with new reactions from spectators, family, and friends.  My mother was astounded (and not in a favorable way).   She smacked me with a comment which left me shaking my head, “Your hair was what you were proud of and what made you”.  To know my mother you would understand that she didn’t mean any harm, but I acknowledge that she had yet to understand hair and its many misconceptions.



My mother was right in one aspect, I was/am proud of my hair.  This I used as a catalyst to stand taller and walk with conviction even on those days when my discovery process leaves me unsure.  I confess and have learned that my hair does not make me and that is a great feeling.  I understood and believed in the process and took on my ‘new’ hair as a personal challenge to reveal something new in myself.


So many truths have revealed themselves since my BC last year.  I realize that the concept of beauty has been misconstrued; the attractions of some men are shallow, and that I was a victim and culprit in altering the sense of reality when it came to the beauty of hair and fostering a belief in good & bad hair.



Following numerous product attempts, wasted funds, and frustrating moments coupled with laughter, I have adopted the easiest and best suited method for myself – Wash & Go.  Shy of ten (10) months post BC, I have straightened and trimmed my hair twice yet I still enjoy the freedom and ease that a wash & go, moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizers [cannot stress enough], and water creates.  My typical daily hair regime consists of a co-wash (wash with conditioner vs. shampoo) followed by application of a leave-in or a rich moisturizing conditioner  which I let remain and serve as a curl definer, concluding with a sealing method by applying a light oil once hair is semi –dry to dry.



Each day I learn, like, or love something new about my hair and my look; but more importantly am intrigued to accomplish more styles as it reaches new lengths and density.  To anyone contemplating going natural, seeking your natural hair qualities, whom are just adventurous or curious, or tired of questioning yourself ‘what-if or wonder-if?’; only you can provide the answer and only you can ride through this process.  Allow my example ignite you and/or lead you one step closer in gaining another perspective.  Let my short-story be a reminder that although adversity, doubt and criticism may surface ~ your decision to seek your true – natural – self is a rewarding experience and you owe it to yourself.  Whether naturally straight, curly, or kinky… love yourself first, be good to your hair, and discover a new you.


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