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I’m Natural, So I don’t Need A Professional!

I’m Natural So I don’t need a Professional…WROOOONG


This is the most common misconception in this natural hair movement.


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies… I cannot stress enough how important it is to continue to seek a professional for hair care and maintenance when natural. The most important thing you will need from a professional stylist is… Da Da Daaaah TRIMS. Yes ladies you do need a trained/licensed stylist to perform trims to keep your natural hair healthy.

What are the risks of keeping split ends? Why trims are so vital to healthy hair?

Welp it serves many purposes.

1)     Trims removes split ends – which split ends are the bane of your natural hair existence. Why? Broken ends causes slip knots that aide in tangles. As many of you know detangling is no fun. So why keep wasting your time on detangling day after day after day. Yup so getting a trim will alleviate this. I know I know many of you are like… “But I don’t want to loose my length.” Guess what you are going to loose it any way if you fail to get a trim. And Nope YOU CAN NOT do it yourself.  This is not a task for the novice or untrained hand. You can’t see the back of your head so stop fooling yourself and save your coins for that professional stylist. It will only make your natural hair journey that much more smoother, literally!

2)     Split ends travel up the shaft of each hair strand and eventually causing the hair to break. So now you are saying, well my hair is not growing. That’s because your hair is falling out and breaking off. These dead ends have no life and don’t do anything to keep your hair looking healthy.

3)     It also causes hair to be extremely dry, lacking of any moisture.  Split ends eats up moisture products because the hair becomes very porous. The cuticle layer (protective layer of hair strand) is lifted and hair becomes rough.  You can tell if your hair is porous by taking a single strand of your hair and clasping it with two fingers, now run those two fingers up the shaft starting from the end and stopping at the scalp. If your hair feels bumpy then your hair is porous and is in serious need of moisture. If it feels smooth then your hair is healthy.  Also you can check the elasticity of your hair by taking that same strand and pulling it with both hands. If your hair breaks easily it has low elasticity and is weak and damaged.  If your hair retracts back then your hair is healthy.

4)     Split ends causes frizz. Well hellloooo fuzzy hair. So now you are wondering why is my hair so frizzy and doesn’t hold a style? The broken ends will never hold curls. It’s pretty much dead hair. So when you hold to your “length” by not trimming those ends you are aiding in the fuzzy hair team.

Another reason to seek a professional is for color. So many of you kill your natural hair by purchasing box color kits off the beauty supply and retail store shelves. I don’t care how nice it sounds with all the “oils and moisture” the box “says” it has or how cute and pretty the chic on the box hair looks. Believe this, those models on the box 9 times out of 10 has a weave or hair was colored by a professional not utilizing the product they are advertising. Trust me I know, I’ve worked on sets for products advertising.  It’s a shame, shaking my head.

The perils of box color or plant based dyes.

1)     Box colors are metallic dyes; they contain salts of lead, metallic salts, silver and bismuth. Once you go to a professional for color services these dyes are hard and almost impossible to lift or correct with out damaging the hair. These dyes can make your hair, dull, stiff, and brittle. Most of the time the color result after applying is not the desired color that you wanted.

2)     Plant based dyes such as henna can have an adverse reaction if you use other chemicals in your hair like color or perms (to make hair curly). The repeated use of them has a permanent effect.  Which means your hair will forever be that color unless you cut it off.

3)     Temporary and Semi Permanent dyes can have lasting permanent effects. Blacks and Reds are notorious for this. Blacks and Reds no matter what level: Temporary, Semi, or Demi is a permanent color that cannot be lifted safely out of the hair. Yes there are products on the market that state they can lift blacks or reds but honestly your hair will be so fried that you’d be best going bald.  Sorry to bust your bubble ladies. In order to achieve a black w/o the permanent effects would be to choose a very dark brown. Which to the untrained eye looks black. Reds are about the same with continued usage. Especially if using the store bought colors and dyes

4)     Coloring hair is a science and takes a trained/licensed professional to know how to gradually get you to the color you want. If you don’t understand the color wheel please do not apply color on your own.

Professional colors use low level of ammonia combined with silk and keratin amino acids.  These ingredients may sound harsh but they much less invasive than the metallic dyes. Professional color will fade with time, which is a good thing. This allows you to either go lighter or darker on the color scale. Usually most colors will fade to a natural/neutral brown.

Color takes time, do not expect to go to a stylist and get blonde on first visit when your natural color is dark brown. Your stylist will take you in steps; most of the time within two visits maybe three depending on how light of a blonde. This is the SAFEST and HEALTHIEST way to achieve desired color results. Again ladies save your money so you can get your hair colored the proper way, which leaves your hair in a healthy and lustrous state.


So as you see you are doing more damage than good by not seeking a professional to maintain or guide you on your natural hair journey. You will spend a lot more money than you think by opting to do your hair on your own. It is in your best interest to go to a professional stylist at least on a quarterly basis. Do this, Look in your cabinet look at all those hair products that you have purchased to achieve certain looks. Now ask yourself, “How much money have I wasted on these products?” that are now doing a great job of collecting dust. It is your choice, now make the right decision and save yourself the time, effort, and money and schedule your appointment with your local professional natural hair stylist today! It’s really easy to S.imply K.eep Y.our H.air H.ealthy

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  • Toya

    I am so glad I read this. I was about to “FIRE” my hairstylist. She said she wouldl still be able to take care of my natural hair so I hope I don’t let her talk me into getting a perm again like she did six years ago.

    • Angie

      You may want to seek a stylist who is just a natural hair care professional. If your current stylist talked you into a relaxer a few years ago, what makes you think she won’t do it again. A natural hairstylist is trained and educated on all things natural from protective styling, to moisturizing your tresses, to pressing to give you a relaxed look.