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Kristina’s Journey

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Hello. I have been natural for 7 years and counting! My journey started in high school. I got curious after washing my hair in between wearing weave installs, I noticed my curls and loved it! Then the search began! I researched countless naturals all over the Internet. Some of my favorites includes Taren Guy, the Moptop Maven, Long Hair Dont Care 2011 (All found on YouTube), and I also followed blogs like f*ckyeah curls, curls, curls for even further inspiration. I then came up with my own regimen and things that worked for my hair specifically, I kept it simple. Im no product junkie and my regimen changes often depending on time, work, and modeling. The most challenging part of my entire journey I would say is being a model with natural hair, but I’ll get into that another time! I recently had a baby and my hair has been growing like weeds lol! I started posting videos to YouTube to document my new journey. Check out my latest video!

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