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Las Vegas Shooters Start White Supremacist “Revolution”

Las Vegas Shooters

2 Police Offers Killed By Las Vegas Shooters

On Sunday, two police officers and one civilian were gunned down in Las Vegas by a couple of shooters who police now believe may be associated with the white supremacist/neo-nazi group. The  Las Vegas shooters, who were actually married  [Jerad Miller and Amanda] left a swastika and a flag that stated, “Don’t Tread on Me.”

They also left a note on top of one of the bodies they shot which stated, “that this is the beginning of the revolution.”

The pair were described by neighbors as militant saying that they were planning on killing police officers and eventually “going underground.” The couple thought that the government was the “oppressor.” Many sources indicate that they were white supremacists who assumed that the government was the enemy.

For those of you who don’t know, white supremacy suggests that white people are the dominant race, and all other races are inferior. We’re familiar with Hitler as one of the most famous white supremacists, as well as the KKK. Elliot Roger, the young man who went on a killing rampage because he was upset that women didn’t like him also subscribed to white supremacist ideology in his disgust of white women dating non-white males. He felt like non-white males did not “deserve” white women.

Las vegas Shooters2

An Example of A White Pride Demonstration…Yes, They Exist

It might surprise people to know that militant white supremacists and neo-nazi’s still exist. There’s a website called Stormfront which is the largest racist web forum in the world. On the front of their website, it states:

We are a community of racial realists and idealists. We are White Nationalists who support true diversity and a homeland for all peoples. Thousands of organizations promote the interests, values and heritage of non-White minorities. We promote ours. We are the voice of the new, embattled White minority!

In other words, they’re a bunch of angry white racist people who assume that since their lives are not going the way they wish, they blame it on them black folk. Equality made them angry.

The Southern Poverty League Center, an organization that fights hatred and bigotry, did a report on Stormfront, proving that “Almost 100 people were murdered over the last five years by registered users of Stormfront.”

This form of  physically violent white supremacy seems extremely outdated, right? Contemporary white supremacy regularly takes form through more subtle, insidious means like through postracial politics where we pretend that everyone is equal while white people still benefit the most from everything; however, openly committing violence in the name of white dominance seems extreme…and embarrassing.

Honestly, I don’t even know why the Las Vegas shooters stated that they’re starting a “revolution” considering white people running and colonizing the world has been going on for a while…

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