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Let’s Really Address Fibroids

  Health and wellness are discussed every day in our society.
Wellness is a trend that is spreading in America. African American
women are a targeted population concerning wellness. African American
women have high rates of cancer, fibroids, weight issues, and stress.
Wellness is often associated with fitness and weight. True wellness is
a healthy connection between the body, mind, and spirit. African
American women are having increased numbers of hysterectomies in the
US.  According to a NIH report,

200,000 hysterectomies are performed every year. Eighty percent of African
American women by the age of fifty have fibroids Uterine fibroids are
non-cancerous tumors that grow within the wall of the uterus. Fibroids
can cause minor or severe pain, cramping, heavy cycles, inability to
conceive (due to the size and location of the fibroid), and
discomfort. Early intervention and diagnosis is the key to wellness.

Wellness is a mindset. Healing begins with self empowerment, the
ability to create boundaries, and reduce stress levels. Uterine
fibroids can be managed through whole body wellness. We can improve
our quality of life through rest, proper sleep, and living in our
purpose. Fibroids in the metaphysical realm are shown to grow and
manifest through stress, working in a hostile environment, feeling a
lack of self love and community love, and unresolved issues.Healing
can be gained through early prevention, early diagnosis, and

I encourage women with symptoms of pain, heavy bleeding, unusual
cramping, lengthy cycles, and/or inability to conceive to contact a
medical provider. The earlier diagnosis will likely give you more
choices for treatment. Treatment options are immobilization,
laparoscopic myomectomy, and several other alternatives to a
hysterectomy, It is recommended to consult with a medical doctor and
possibly getting a second opinion. A medical physician is needed for
diagnosis, care, treatment, surgery, and excessive pain. In addition,
women diagnosed  with uterine fibroids. In addition, women are
encouraged to contact a Nutritionist, a Herbalist, and a Naturopathic
physician too.

Natural alternatives are another option for premium wellness. A change in your
eating habits, increasing your water intake, eating fresh vegetables
and fruit, and reducing your salt and sugar intake. These are
suggestions for improving your quality of life and optimum wellness.

Exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, and a vacation are needed in
order to improve your quality of life. Fibroids are an indication of
imbalance. Checking in with yourself, listening to your body
,identifying changes, and discussing changes with a physician are
recommended. Wellness is a lifestyle and an action word.  It is
important to become an active participant in changing your thoughts
and creating the life you desire.  Wellness centers, alternative
medicine, herbs, and other resources for healing naturally are an
option. Prevention is key and more desired. Please take the initiative
and start with yourself. Enjoy a nice walk, smell fresh flowers, put
your feet in water, and breathe. Wellness begins and ends with you.
Self love and power is in your presence. Please seek wellness daily and a
purpose filled life. These are the keys wellness.

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