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Making A DIY No Part Wig As A Protective Style

During your natural hair journey there may be moments when you just don’t feel like dealing with your hair.

You don’t have the time to retwist every night nor can you afford to have braids put in right now. So what is a natural to do when she is not having a good hair day?

Make a wig!

Some of the most beautiful hair styles have been wig and some of the hottest stars have gladly admitted to wearing hair pieces. Beyonce makes her signature blonde wig tresses part of her multi-award winning brand. Nicki Minaj wore very elaborate wigs  for years because rocking her beautiful natural hair, which is long and healthy looking by the way.

Wigs are a great way to tuck your natural tresses away and or long periods of time. It is not unusual to wear the same wig for months. Of course, you will have to continue your routine of conditioning and oiling your scalp and keep the wig clean.

What type of wig to make depends completely on you. Long and down your back, cute and flirty shoulder length or short and chic short cut; any style can be made into a wig.

The beauty of wigs is that once you learn how to make, your styling options will be limitless; therefore making your natural hair journey a more creative and exciting one.

So how do you actually MAKE a wig?

A popular YouTube natural made a quick video of making a curly wig which turned out to be beautiful! Check it out below!

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