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Moisturizing? Or Coating?

Moisturizing has become more of a significant marketing approach as opposed to anything else.

It is critical to differentiate between true moisture and oils masquerading as moisture sources.

Multiple black hair products on the market are loaded with cheap oils such as petroleum,

petrolatum and mineral oil to give the illusion that they moisturize textured fibers. When

there is an absence of true moisturizing ingredients, the best that oil-rich products can do

is temporarily give black hair the appearance or “look” of healthy hair. Regular use of these

oily products, will lead to problematic issues such as chronic dryness. Although the

products coat black hair and provide a temporary shine and sheen, it is simply a

manufactured” shine and is cosmetic in nature. Products of this nature provides no actual

moisture benefit to the hair shaft as the mere appearance of moisturized hair is not enough

to support and grow textured tresses.


Moisturizers and oils should never be confused or used interchangeably to prevent

dryness. Oils work to form an impenetrable barrier so that the moisture contained

within a strand remains there. The major problem with oils is that any moisture that might

attempt to enter the strand is kept out after they are applied. When the hair already feels

dry, you want to do is create a barrier to moisture! Oils often mix with other oils but will

never form important hydrogen bonds within the hair. Facts states that oils by their nature

will repel water. When water is not being cross-linked and bounded within the hair shaft,

then the process of retaining moisture is simply not taking place. You must ensure that you

are truly moisturizing your hair and not simply coating it with an artificial shine.

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  • Kia

    I am wondering how to properly incorporate oils into my regimine. If you moisturize, condition, then seal, and that keeps moisture from getting in, how do you properly moisturize and seal? I currently use Jajoba oil and olive oils.