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My hair journey has been just that; a journey. This week has been pretty simple with my daily hair routine. I switched my hair product from Kinky Curly; which made my hair look moisturized but felt tough, heavy and difficult when it came to styling it other ways. So I randomly turned to Luster’s no drip S-Curl spray. It was easy to use; I kept my daily hair routine of washing my hair, literally shaking it dry, combing out the knots a little bit, then aim and spray and shake again. Bottom line, my hair has felt soft and lightly moisturized. No dry feeling…I just wish it came in a bigger bottle since I have so much hair to spray. I like to keep it simple with the products and crazy with my styling when I feel like it. I’m loving my natural hair its full and fun. Its kind of like fashion I’m learning and experimenting and hoping for the best each time.


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  • Cassandra

    I have been looking for a moisturizer for my hair also. I have used in kinky curly, miss Jessie’s, shea moisture but my hair still feels hard. I will try the luster’s no drip spray. Thanks

    • Quinnisha

      yeah, go ahead & give it a try, let me know how it works for you. I’ve been experimental with my products thus far. But I have realized it boils down to your hair texture and its needs. Thanks for your message.

    • NHM

      Let us know how that works for you Cassandra.