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My Hair Liberation (Pt. 3)

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Some salons just get you styled and out the door with little engagement about you and your hair. Others want you to pay so much money for basic natural services, i.e. wash and condition, no style that they price themselves out of the market. Today, Salons need to work with clients and create better solutions for natural hair market. Natural hair women desire education, support, and creative styling options when we pay for these professional services. I understand that some styles like, small twists, braids, weaves, braided up-dos take more time and have physical demands on the stylists, but the basic wash, deep condition, twist out, afro style, or other less demanding natural hair care should not cost the average woman income an arm and a leg. I know economics in play here as well, supply versus demand.

Most women today are going natural and need the support from our community salons/stylists to meet us half way. As a mother doing my hair is time consuming and I have to juggle it between work, my daughter’s hair, and family time. It would be relaxing to go to a salon that offers exceptional service and options for natural hair. Therefore, we need to have a healthy conversation about how to best serve each other in the growing Natural hair market.

I am very grateful for all those who are embracing natural hair as a foundation to healthy hair and sharing their experiences. However, more can be done. My natural peers and I would like to see more salons embrace this as well by stylists educating themselves about natural hair care and creating consistent client service. I would be happy to commit to a salon with these services and maybe price would not be an issue.

Please read the following article that provides information and some research about the current market with salons and Naturals today.

By: Anesha Beliberated

Twitter: @liberateminds_

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