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My Hair, My Favorite Accessory

Every year for my birthday, I always do something wild and crazy for my hair. In the past I have always opted for a slick and straight style. Crazy colors and long lengths have always been a factor in the birthday style of my choice, but this year I wanted to try something new. Something bold and natural for my hair was definitely on the agenda.

Because this would be the first year in some significant time that my hair would be natural, experimenting at first seemed like it would be limited. I had high hopes of doing something big and pretty, reminiscent of Corrine Bailey Rae and her natural twist out, or cork screw curls and I struggled with figuring out how to accomplish this. So immediately I start running through my options of protective styles, and decide on a cut and styled weave would be my best chance at achieving the look I wanted.

 I later found myself at my salon, which specializes in natural hair, having my awesome stylist to tease out a curly weave. It is incredible that after a few short hours having my hair washed, deep conditioned, and weaved, I now have this amazing, bold style that makes me feel fabulous and flirty! My mission for perfect birthday hair was accomplished!

So what does one do when they have the dream hairstyle? Coordinate my hair with outfits that complement the entire ensemble, of course!  It is amazing to me how a new do will completely change my entire outlook on style.

Since the new hair, I have been nerdy-chic, bold and beautiful, and the vivacious vixen. I have had so much fun trying something new to me and enjoy the reaction from those who have gotten used to my fro.  I can play any role I choose because the hair style is so versatile and fun.  Not to mention, not at all harsh on my actual tresses.

To me, this is the fun of protective styles. Now I can easily enhance my look without any harsh chemicals or permanent decisions.  Essentially, my hair has become my favorite accessary this season.  I can have it evolve into any look and my style transition with it. Just like I believe emerald green is the new “it” color, my hair has become my new “it” style! This is the life and I am beyond satisfied with my hair choice for my 27th year!


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