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Natural Black Hair In Its Organic State


Within its organic state the nature of black hair is capable of twists, curls, bend and kinks. The organic fiber of the hair is able to achieve all of these styles at various amazing angles. Rarely, will you find that there is a harmonious or uniformed distribution of the kinks or curls. The character of kinks resides at the follicle level, with the form of the hair follicle contributing greatly to the shape and appearance of the newly formed hair fiber.


Kinky hair fibers are comprised from elliptical or oval-shaped hair follicles in the scalp. Caucasian and Asian hair fibers grow from circle-shaped or round hair follicles; fibers which tend to be slightly larger in diameter than black hair fibers.  The follicles are often more densely disseminated than black hair follicles.


Visualize the technique used to curl ribbons when gift wrapping; typically, a piece of straight ribbon is tightly drawn, utilizing a pair of scissors which is held flat against one side of the ribbon.  Subsequently, the ribbon is pulled forcefully against the side of the scissors and results in the production of a curl. Thus, in that exact way, our oval follicles flatten the hair fibers on one and/ or both sides as they come out from the scalp, creating an intense and often random curl.


Asian and Caucasian hair tends to be uniformed in thickness of the root to the end of the hair shaft.  The shape and diameter of black hair shafts does not remain consistent along the length of an individual strand. Black hair often flattens and decreases in diameter around the bends and twists. The organic fibers will ordinarily make reversals in curl direction as we descend down the hair strand.

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