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Be A Natural Hair Entrepreneur

With more and more naturals realizing that they can make their own products at home, it is no wonder that there are so many natural hair care products on the market that started from women’s kitchens and bathrooms.

Natural products are necessary because they do not contain the harmful chemicals that most major commercial haircare lines contain.

Do you love making your own products? When you pass them out to your friends, do they boast about how wonderful there are? Do they report experiencing great results with your products? Why not capitalize off of it and be a natural hair entrepreneur!

Additionally, it is very easy to start a business. Depending on your state, it may require you to have, at minimum, a business license to officially open up shop in your home or a small office space. At first, there would be no real costs on your except for ingredients and containers for your products.

Also, consider what else you can do to build off making your own products. Can you do natural hair, including braids and protective stylist? If so, consider opening up a small salon in your own and use/sell your products there.  Now for this, you may need a small business loan to buy or rent office space.


If you are not ready to be a full-fledged business owner, consider selling your products at a flea market or a local bazaar. A table or booth may costs you anywhere from $50-500 dollars depending on the venue. Of course, the lesser amount will mean more revenue for you.

Also, make products that do not contain water. You will need a little chemistry knowledge if you want to sell products with water in them. I say this because water based natural skin and hair products WILL GO RANCID if you put water in them without proper preservation.

Consider taking some natural hair product classes with Joan Morais if you are really aching to make natural hair products for profit.

So to simplify everything discussed, let’s make a list of the various ways you can make money with natural hair products:

  • Have plenty of proof and testimony from people who have tried your products. People will need to have confidence in your product and testimonies provide that.
  • KNOW WHAT YOUR ARE DOING. Do not make items that will go rancid on a customer in two days. Test them on yourself too.
  • Have the proper licensure. If you choose not to have an office space, you could get away with a simple city vendor license for $30, depending on your location.
  • Know the laws in your state. Hair care products do not “treat” or “cure” anything so you will likely not need to have to deal with health regulators this early in the game.
  • Consider becoming a sole proprietor or an limited liability company. This will be necessary when it is time to claim taxes on the money you have made.
  • If you want office or salon space, be ready to take a business loan out with a bank or credit union. Starting loans could be around $5k-10k.
  • Know where the local thrift stores and bazaars are and know what other vendors are there. You want to be on top of any competition.
  • Know the vendor costs at bazaars. It will be easier to budget this into your total operating costs.
  • Lastly, keep track of all your expenses so you know when you have a surplus and when you are underwater.

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