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Natural Hair Styles That You Should Try

It’s Easy To Fall In Love With These Natural Hair Styles!

For those who may have been misguided into believing that natural, be advised– natural hair is here to stay! A far cry from the fly-by-night trends that tend to emerge and fizzle out as quick as they came, the natural hair movement will remain relevant as it is simply about embracing the uniqueness of your own individual beauty. That being said, many also make the misguided assumption of assuming natural hair is boring or one dimensional. This couldn’t be farther from the case. In fact, natural hair is arguably more versatile than permed or otherwise chemically treated hair. The following is an overview of 13 natural hair styles that all naturalistas must try!

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 1. High Puff w/ Sleek Edges

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One of the best, most versatile, and easiest ways to style natural hair, doing a sleekly edged high puff is a great do for beginners and natural pros alike. The style can be achieved by brushing the hair towards the upper-middle of the head and securing with a big elastic band. The edges can then be smoothed by using a good holding gel or pomade and tying down with a scarf. For a more in-depth tutorial, click here!

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 2. Wash-and-Go

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 Another super simple method of styling natural hair, a wash-and-go is essentially as simple as it sounds. An umbrella term for a vast array of options, wash-and-go natural hair styles are created by simply washing the hair, adding your favorite products, ad styling it in a manner that works best for you.

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 3. Two-Strand Twists

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Another highly versatile way to style natural hair, two-strand twists are a natural twist hairstyle that doubles as a protective style. A great style for everyone from children, to mature women over 60, two-strand twist natural hair styles have the capacity to be fun and youthful or grown, sexy, and edgy. Achieved by twisting two strands of hair together, the number of two-strand twist natural hair styles that can be created is limited only by your own imagination. For more two-strand twist ideas click here!

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 4. The Twist-Out

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Closely related to the last style, a twist-out style is achieved by untwisting and styling the hair. Given that there are so many ways in which one can twist their hair, there are equally as many ways to style a twist out. However, it’s important to use a deep conditioner and a curl defining product if you are twisting your tresses with the sole purpose of taking them out the next day.

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 5. Perm Rod Set

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A great hairstyle for women of all hair textures, perm rod styles are achieved by using your favorite products, wrapping individual sections of hair around the rod, securing, and repeating. Great on round or slender faces, for an in-depth tutorial on how to achieve this style, click here!

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 6. Finger Coils

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A excellent choice for TWA or those with big, beautiful fros, finger coils can be achieved by using your favorite gel and pomade, and twisting the hair around the finger until it forms a beautiful coil. Low maintenance and good for any hair texture, click here to learn how to finger coil your own hair!

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 7. Bantu Knots

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A great option for any woman with natural hair, Bantu Knots are a cute, protective style that is sure to make you the center of attention. Achieved by simply sectioning your clean, dry hair and twisting each section into knots, Bantu Knots give all who wear them an air edgy, Afrocentric regality. Great for older and younger natural sisters alike, click here to learn how to Bantu knot your own natural hair!

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 8. Tapered Cuts

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One of the edgiest options in terms of natural hair styles, tapered cuts add a fun, wild element to your natural tresses. With a variety of ways to achieve the taper as well as styling the hair, taking a little off of the back and/or sides can add a level of versatility that is unmatched.


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 9. Natural Fade

A bold and epic style for those who may be ready to the a “big chop” or for those who just need a drastic change, the natural fade is an incredibly low-maintenance way to rock your own hair with style! Dye it, add a design with various lines, the natural fade is a simple style with unlimited options.

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 10. Fluffy Fro

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An amazing option for those who have acquired a reasonable hair length, a fluffy afro is a good style for all occasions. With a number of methods to achieve this style, one of the easiest ways is beginning with a twist-out style and using a pick to fluff as desired. For a more in-depth tutorial on a fluffy fro, click here!

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 11. Curly Faux Hawk

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Another edgy option, the curly faux hawk can be achieved by curling the hair (in any manner you choose), slicking the hair towards the middle, and securing the style with bobby pins.

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12. Twist Hawk 

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Similar to the curly faux hawk, a twist hawk is created by doing flat, two-strand twists on the outside, and regular two-strand twists down the middle of the head. The premise is simple yet there are a number of ways to twist your twist hawk, check out this tutorial for more ideas!

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 13. The Blow-Out

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A super sleek style that is excellent for those who may be seeking to do a little something different with their natural hair, a blow-out involves washing, deep conditioning, and literally blowing out your natural hair until it’s semi to super straight. A great option for those who prefer a more polished style, this is great for any naturalista as this style can be achieved without the usage of harsh chemicals. For a tutorial on this style, click here!

Now that you have a great list of natural hair styles, get busy putting these tips to good use! Natural hair is a journey that begins the moment you simply wash and own it! Happy hairstyling!    

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