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Protective Styling: Tips, Tricks, and Benefits

Written By Venus L

One of the best ways to preserve the health, length, and texture of your natural hair, protective styling is a concept that deserves more attention. Defined as any hairstyle that protects your hair from an array of environmental and chemical damages, protecting styling is simply an umbrella term that encompasses any and all natural hairstyles that allow your hair to take a proverbial breather from the stress or styling, chemical, and environmental damages. An essential concept for every Naturalista to grasp, learning how to protectively style your hair can make a world of difference in terms of the length and health of your hair. The following is a guide providing an overview of the best protective styles, how and when you might need them, as well as the benefits associated with the specific styles.

The Faux Bun 


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A cute, trendy protective style, the faux bun is a great style to be worn virtually anywhere. A style that allows your hair to rest in a ponytail while the extensions do all of the work, this style is both stylish and easy to do. The hair is installed by simply slicking all of your hair into a high ponytail and wrapping the braiding hair around it until it appears as desired. Easily removable, this is the type of style that can be done each morning, but needs to be removed at night, in order to protect the quality of the extensions. For a more in-depth tutorial of the faux bun, click here!

Havana Twists 


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Another great protective style, Havana twists is a cute style with a variety of potential variations. Whether you are seeking large, chunky twists, smaller twists, flat twists, a splash of color, or even a bun, all of these things can be achieved using Havana twists. Moderately easy to install, these twists last weeks or even months with proper maintenance and care. For more information about Havana twist styles, click here!

Wrap Around (Halo) Braid


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A gorgeous, upscale protective updo, the halo braid is a great, versatile protective styling option. Achieved by simply adding a large section of braiding hair to your hair as a ponytail. You then braid the hair, wrap it around the head, and secure it with a Bobby pin. Quick and easy to install, this is the type of style you can do every single day, with minimal effort. The style protects the hair by allowing it to rest comfortably in a ponytail while still looking fabulous. For an in-depth tutorial about achieving this style, click here!

Box Braids 


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A great protective style with an impressive level of longevity, box braids are a fun, versatile style that can easily last for months. Styled by adding extensions to small, individually parted sections, this style is perfect for working women, those who may be pregnant or have a surgery scheduled, or anyone who may not have time to do their hair for days or weeks at a time. Protecting the hair against the elements and needless chemicals, this style allows Naturalistas the freedom of not having to do their hair all while stretching the hair which typically promotes growth. For more information about box braids, click here!



Source: @natural_beauty_couture

Another long lasting protective style, cornrows styles are a quicker alternative to styles such as box braids, cornrows can be installed using extensions or your own natural hair. Whether you want an updo, straight backs, designs, a faux hawk, or any other style, all of these can be achieved with cornrows. Although they last for a shorter time than box braids, they can still last for weeks or months with the proper care. For more information on cornrow styles, click here!

Crochet Braids/ Twists 


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Lastly, an easy protective style that can have longevity as well, crochet braids or twists are a quicker alternative to other twist styles. By simply cornrowing the hair and installing the pre-twisted extensions with a crochet needle, you can quickly achieve the same look as that of Havana or Marley twists. A style that allows the hair to rest in a stretched position to promote growth while allowing the scalp a chance to breathe, this style is preferred by many busy Naturalistas as it offers a diverse style without the need to sit for long periods of time for installation. For more information about crochet styles, click here!

Overall, protective styles are important as they allow the hair a chance to rest while also promoting health and growth. Imperative to maintaining long, healthy, natural hair, try theses protective methods any time you are short on time or would simply like to allow your hair a chance to rest.

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