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Renae’s Journey: How Daily Cowashing Stopped My Hair Shedding

I know many naturals may turn their nose up at the idea of cowashing everyday, however, it worked wonders for me.

See, my hair was shedding quite a bit and I simply could not figure out why. I conditioned my hair weekly and did a protein treatment monthly. But I was still experiencing more shedding than I cared for.

I also dealt with some breakage, though not as much as shedding thankfully.

But the shedding was becoming more than I could understand. I did not wear my hair in very elaborate tight styles so I could not understand what was wrong.

Then I thought about cowashing and how it was NOT a part of my normal regimen. I always felt it would not make a difference with my super thick, 4C strands.

Boy, how wrong I was.


Apparently, my hair LOVES cowashing! My shedding almost stopped immediately. What was once a lump of shedded hair in my hand went to a small ball of barely any hair.

I decided to try a couple of Giovanni’s Deep Conditioner for a week. I also used Shea Moisture’s Restorative Conditioner when I ran out of Giovanni.

I simply mixed coconut oil and avocado oil in with both conditioners and then applied it to my hair.

Then I allowed the mix to sit on my hair for 20 minutes before rinsing it out. Then I used Giovanni’s Light Leave-In Conditioner and my own DIY shea butter cream to gently comb through my hair for a two-strand twist.

My shedding almost completely stopped. I was so delighted to finally find a regimen that works to keep my delicate hair strong and healthy.

I likely will not be doing a cowash every single day. Now that I know it works great for my hair, I will likely be able to get away with cowashing every other day.

So if you need to find a way to make your hair strong and healthy again, I recommend cowashing a lot more often.

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