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Sabrena’s Journey

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Hello My Naturals!

My name is Sabrena; I live in Atlanta, GA/USA. IG: SEABREEZEBRE

My motivation to go natural was inspired by a change of lifestyle. I have always worn short relaxed cuts, braids and sew ins (randomly). After the thinning of my hair, I decided to do away with relaxers. I then began wearing braids for two years. Although the braids grew my hair out, it also damaged my hair. I’ve experienced extremely dry brittle hair and thinning around the perimeter of my hairline.

So I decided to cut off the old damaged hair and start over with fresh, new hair. Recently, I impulsively walked into a barbershop and asked a barber if he could cut me a tapered feminine cut. The barber began cutting; that was the beginning of my natural hair transformation.

I believe going natural is a spiritual choice before it becomes a reality. Going natural has been the final stage of my holistic transformation to living a healthier and more balanced life.

I now feel complete, balanced, empowered, liberated and even more confident! ❤️

Sabrena “Seabreeze Bre”(Certified Health Coach)

Live to Love…

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