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Sara’s Journey

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My name is Sara and I currently live in Chicago, IL. I have been natural all of my life but I have been paying close attention to healthy hair care for about two years. My journey consists of transitioning from heat damage, no chemicals involved. The transitioning process was pretty fast for me. Maybe it was because the cutting. I didn’t do a big chop but I did gradually cut some every month. I eventually went to the salon and got a semi big chop at a salon. That chop got rid of all the damage.

This journey has been a process for me–basically trial and error. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how much moisture to add to my hair. It’s tricky because not enough moisture will leave my hair dry as the Sahara desert and too much can leave me looking like a greasy mess. One major thing about transitioning from heat damage is to do protein treatments. Those helped out a lot.

If I had to describe my hair texture, I’d say that I have a mixture between “S” shaped curls and “O” shaped curls. I have fine hair in the front and a mix of fine and coarse hair in the back. My hair is also low porosity. I am always trying to find ways to add more volume because I love big hair. I like representing information for finer hair natural girls because I was told that there isn’t enough information out there for that demographic.

My current routine is to shampoo/clarify once a month; I may clarify more in the summer because buildup occurs more. The rest of time I co-wash. Over all, my washdays are every week. My styling decisions depend of the weather. In the winter, I try not to use products with glycerin and use little to no gel. In the summer, I increase the glycerin, humectants, and use more gels.

Some of my favorite products include Eco Styler gel, Kinky Curly Knot Today, Camille rose naturals curl maker gel, and Tgin Honey Miracle Mask.

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