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The Journey Begins


The Fro Stage

My fro was my stepping stone into the natural world. I loved my fro, though I was very misinformed on natural hair care treatment. I officially went naturally my sophomore year of High school back in 2007. I would Wash moisturize and rod my hair. I would then let my hair dry (which took, forever) and I would wear a textured fro. I would alternated between the fro and a press and curl. But the fro was my favorite. I was the ONLY one in my high school with this hairstyle, when I would go out and about people would always stare; NO BODY was natural except the guys. I felt very liberated sometimes I miss my fro.[/box]


Press n Curls

Early on I would have my hair lightly pressed & tightly rolled on rollers. I loved the outcome & it was a hairstyle that lasted for weeks. The goal for me was a healthy style that lasted and was versatile. That’s actually still the goal. It’s nice to switch it up & I would always get positive feedback on the change in look.

As time progressed, I began to come up with different styles. I would lightly press my hair put it in an up do and put sponge rollers in the top. I would select different sized rollers based on whatever look I was attempting to achieve. My hair styles have always reflected my mood. Even after I graduated college and began trying more things my mood and hairstyles have always been one in the same. In this photo I remember being stressed and irritated. I also remember not getting a lot of sleep. Those factors always seemed to be the normal but I also had been working out more I had lost over 20 pounds and I was feeling good about myself. The up do was perfect for workouts, meetings & class.




Two Strand It Is

My hair had become very long by sophomore year and I was looking for a more protective hairstyle. A friend of mine introduced me to two strand twists and I instantly fell in love with them. I loved the look of locs but was not yet comfortable with the idea of a permanent hairstyle. It seemed as if when I two strand twisted my hair flourished. I loved the look so much, twists became a staple. I only took them out and pressed my hair for huge events. Throughout college I learned a great deal about myself, my heritage, African-American culture & history, as well as African culture & tradition. I felt like I was awakening yet frightening. The more I learned about myself the more I realized, I would never go back to a relaxer…ever.[/box]

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  • Kimberly

    Wow So inspirational ! Love the locs keep it up !!!

    • NHM

      Are Locs your favorite Natural style?