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Top 7 TWA Styles You Should Try Today

Written By Venus L

One of the most exciting and, at times, overwhelming periods for any Naturalista, rocking a TWA, or Teenie Weenie Afro, is often the first step in a lifelong natural hair journey. While many seem to believe that natural hair lacks versatility, the truth is actually quite the contrary. With a wide array of options, you needn’t stress yourself out while trying to think of new styles to try. Thanks to sites such as this one, you can now easily find a wide variety of styles all in one place. With that said, the following is an overview of 7 TWA styles that every new Naturalista should try.

Basic TWA (With a Splash of Color)



One method of jazzing up your Teenie Weenie Afro, dyeing all or part of your hair is a great way to make your hair stand out. Whether you choose to go with a basic color such as brown or a more outlandish selection, such as purple or even rainbow, your TWA will certainly make a statement each time you enter a room! Moreover, you also have the option of dyeing parts of your hair or even just one section. For more information on dyeing your TWA, click here!

Fade it Out (With Optional Designs)



Another great option for those who may prefer super short hair or have suffered from serious damage due to perms or other harsh chemicals and methods of styling, rocking a short fade is a great, edgy way to display your TWA. While you are clearly limited in terms of length, there is always the option of using dye or adding designs to keep it fresh and get your hair noticed!

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Finger Coils 



A super cute style for a TWA or all Naturalistas in general, finger coils are a fun style and super easy to install. Created by starting with damp hair, using your favorite gel, and the hair around your finger until they begin to coil, finger coils look great and are fairly easy to maintain. A style that looks great on natural hair of all kinds, for an added level of awesomeness, try this style on dyed hair! For more information on installing finger coils, click here!

The Mo/ Fro-Hawk



An edgy method of styling your TWA, the mohawk or fro-hawk is a chic style that can be worn everywhere from the workplace to a night out on the town. Either created by shaving the sides of your head while leaving a lengthy strip of hair down the middle, or braiding or twisting the sides of the head to create this illusion, this style is easy to maintain and will get you noticed each and every day! For more information on fro-hawks, click here!

The Tapered Cut 



Another style that is perfect for those with a TWA, tapered cuts are a cute and low maintenance style. Achieved by simply having the back of your hair cut down or shaving the bottom of your head, a tapered cut is essentially a TWA with an attitude. Interested in a tapered cut, but don’t want to make it so final, check out this tutorial to find out how to create a faux tapered look on your TWA!

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Twist Out



Yet another style that looks great on natural hair of all lengths, the twist out is easy to install as well as maintain. Achieved by either flat twisting or two-strand twisting the hair, allowing the hair to set, and untwisting them to give the hair a crimpy texture, twist outs can be as wild or chic as you desire.  Great for those who prefer styles that are easier to sleep on, simply wrap your hair with a scarf and cover it with a bonnet in order to preserve this style.

Part It Up



Lastly, a simple, yet another super cute style, a parted TWA is a style that is edgy as well as easy to maintain. With an array of options for this style, sometimes using your imagination is better than simply copying someone else’s style. Achieved by simply having a barber shave a part into your head, this style adds levels of coolness to your natural do, instantaneously.

Overall, there is an array of natural hairstyles for any TWA rocking Naturalista. Once you have tried some of the basic, feel free to freestyle until you find a style that is perfect for your face and uniquely your own. Either way, never let it be said that natural hair isn’t versatile! With a little time and effort, you can prove that natural hair can be even more versatile than hair that is relaxed.

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