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How To Trim Your Own Natural Hair

Many women, natural or not, can save a lot of money from going to a salon to get a simple trim done.

In fact, it is a very good idea to keep hair trimmed home because it is very easy to lose track of the last time you went to a salon to get a trim. And frankly, you simply cannot always afford to get it trimmed! If need be, get a friend with a steady hand to trim it for you if you too nervous to do it yourself.

But we love DIY, right?! Luckily, with a little precision and a few mirrors, you can trim your own hair.

How do you know when your hair needs a trim or not, you ask? Very simple! Listed are the main times a natural should consider trimming her hair:

  • After wearing a protective style for a lengthy period
  • When your ends are split
  • When your ends are straggly and stringy (very common with perms and heat damage)
  • When your hair is obviously uneven (though this does not really matter if you don’t mind it being uneven)

Take these steps in trimming your own hair:

1. Wash your hair. Wash it a few times to make sure it is very clean.
2. Comb thoroughly through your hair, making sure there are absolutely no knots or kinks.
3. Place a tall mirror in front of you and face it. Make sure it is sitting face to face with another tall mirror. You should be able to see your entire head and back in the opposite mirror to the first tall one. The best place do this in a bathroom.
If you do not have a tall mirror, invest in one at your local thrift store for a few dollars.
4. Make sure your hair is lying flat to your back.
5. With a small pair of scissors, start trimming as much or little as your need. Be sure to
look in the mirror in front of you the whole time to watch what you are doing. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, trim in sections. Do NOT trim heavy chunks of hair at once.


If you need more of a “how-to,” check out this natural’s YouTube video of her trimming her own hair. It’s a more simple method to cut natural hair through the steps are similar.

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