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What’s Protective Styling?

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In the world of natural hair, locs, dreads, dreadlocks and length checks protective styling is quintessential to keeping your crown healthy. How so you ask? Protective styles help with growing your hair as well as keeping the hair full and healthy. These designs will keep your crown styled while eliminating the need for heat from flat irons and dryers, combing, and it also keeps your hands out of your head. (If you are anything like myself, when my hair is down my hands are constantly in it, love the way it feels)


What are protective styles?


Well there are a plethora of protective styles including but not limited to: braids, 2-strand twist, updos, flat twist, Bantu knots, and etc. Some designs will use extension or braiding hair, while others designs will use just your hair.  You are natural or loc’d so why not try as many as possible. In the line of styling and being creative go ahead and mix and match you may come up with something that unique to your individual style.


Types of Hair Extensions

Synthetic Hair

There are a lot of styles that hair can be added to your own natural hair to give you amazing looks.  Synthetic hair is the least expensive and comes in bulk loose, machine weft tracks, and wigs. Most synthetic hair is processed with chemicals such as vinyl chloride and vinylidene chloride and made from monofilament fibers or a combination of two or three polyfilament, fibers, acrylic, nylon and /or polyester. Vinyl Chloride is a highly toxic, flammable and carcinogenic. Combining chlorine, ethylene and air produces it. A drawback to using synthetic hair is that the chemicals can cause allergic reaction /irritations of the skin with an onset of itching and bumps (if this happens remove hair immediately and treat inflamed areas with witch hazel and tea tree oil). This hair cannot be heat styled, colored, is not free flowing, lacks versatility and looks shiny like plastic. The benefits of this type of hair is that you can wear right out of the package and it holds up during inclement weather by resisting frizz and drooping (Woop Woop can you say weather proof!). It has a use life of approximately 3-4 months.


Human Hair

This hair comes from humans and in an array of curl patterns from straight to overly curly and is higher priced. (Perfect for those allergic to synthetic and great for those that consider themselves too good for synthetic hair, LOL) There are several countries that are most prominent in the collection and sale of human hair: China, Indonesia, Brazil, India and Malaysia.  Human hair comes in bulk loose, weft – machine weft or hand tied, wig, clip in, & tips. Remy human hair is considered to be the premium choice (high class) for human hair. Remy refers to the cuticles still being intact and runs all in the same direction. With Remy hair you will have tips on one end and roots on the other. Virgin hair has never been processed, curled, colored, relaxed or permed. While Yaki hair is made to resemble relaxed African hair. The drawback of human hair is that it is not ready to wear and must be shampooed /conditioned before installing, requires maintenance, sometimes will frizz or curls will fall during inclement weather & will shed.  The benefits of human hair is that with proper maintenance it can have a use life of a few years (definitely worth the extra cost), its versatile, looks natural, can be heat styled, colored and is free flowing. (Allowing you to take a bundle pack and give it a totally different look to switch up your style)


Human Hair Blend

Blended hair is comprised of human and synthetic hair. It’s not as versatile as human hair but not as stiff as synthetic hair. This hair won’t hold curls for long and may even burn with high heat styling. Blended hair is usually mid priced (for the cost conscious hair buyer) and has a use life of about 9-12 months. Drawbacks of this hair: sheds heavily (oh noooo its a tumble weave, lol) and usually will have more breakage from simple combing and brushing; also it may be colored with inconsistent results.  The benefits are that it last much longer than synthetic, minimal frizzing during bad weather, heat styled on low heat setting, slight color ability, and has slight movement and looks somewhat natural.



Hello Queen, your style royally represents your individual flare. These are styles where the hair is braided or twisted up and off the neck. You may have hair/locs down in the front but mostly the hair/locs is completely styled into a design, which frees you from hair woes when headed out. Styles may consist of French rolls, buns, designer ponytails and etc. Style will also combine flat twist, two strand twist, braids coils and etc. Usually updos will last 2-4 weeks depending on your activity level and how well you care for it. Maintenance is easy, at night just a mist of natural oils for moisture and wrap up with silk or satin scarf. Then in morning unwrap and brush your edges (if needed) and you are ready to head out. (Thanking the style Gods!!!)


Braids, 2 strand twist & faux locs

Styles that will hang and can be styled into other designs, These styles takes sections of your natural hair/locs and is braided, twisted or wrapped with your hair or by adding extension hair or not with real locs. No need for flat irons, curling wands/irons for this style. You can pull into ponytail or bun to get off neck & out of way. This style can be left in for 4-12 weeks, but keep in mind that the longer its left in it can cause hair to matte or begin loc’ing process (Uh ohhh, matted hair and breakage).

Protective Styles are excellent yet cute and fun ways to prevent your hands and tools from breaking off hair. Not to mention the ease of maintenance and upkeep for these styles. Who doesn’t like get up and go styles? No fuss styling, is great for cutting down your get ready to head out time. Which will leave you more time to figure out your outfit, shoes, accessories and makeup (now look at you gorgeous, I see you looking fierce!). Prevent breakage and assist with growth by utilizing protective styles as a way to S.imply K.eep Y.our H.air H.ealthy.

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  • Dawn M. Clack

    I’ve been natural about 7 months need some ideas and would love to see the magazine.

    • Chanelle Singletary

      I have found that using combs don’t help. Running my fingers through my hair help support my curl pattern and prevents slip knots.

  • LaShawn

    I need some good hair products to used for my hair and my baby hair she is 8years old and curly hair

    • Rashonda

      Nutress Hair products are the bomb !!!! They help stop breakage and help repair your hair. These products make my hair super soft and manageable. I love them ! They will be great for you and your daughter’s hair. 🙂