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10 Tips to Help You Transition into a Raw Vegan Lifestyle

How To Live A Raw Vegan Lifestyle

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If someone had told me years ago that living a raw vegan lifestyle would change my life entirely, I would have never believed it.  I had no idea what living a life so fulfilling would be like.  In my mind, I was already living a “healthful” lifestyle.  I was so far off.  Little did I know that such a transition in my life would lead me to creating a life I truly love and have become so proud of.


A true blessing in disguise.


You see, living a raw vegan lifestyle is far more than just eating raw food.  It’s a complete lifestyle change.  It’s a holistic way of life.  One that is eye opening and so enriching that you won’t ever want to look back.  You learn to create a life of true happiness and gain a new appreciation for the world around you. Most importantly, you learn to love yourself unconditionally.


Raw Vegan Warning:

Transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle can dramatically change and improve the quality of your life. It can enhance your mental awareness and improve your brain function. It can lead you to lose excess body weight and stubborn fat.  It can take your energy levels to heights you never imagined. It can potentially reverse illness and disease; boost your confidence, self-love, and ultimately lead you to a life of optimal health while creating the life you truly love.

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10 tips to help you with your raw vegan transition


  1. Get clear on why you want to transition. It’s important that your mind and your heart are on the same page.  Do you have weight loss goals you’d like to reach? Do you want to live a higher quality of life? Do you want to improve your energy levels and be able to do the things you enjoy; for yourself and your family? Ask yourself the question “why?” Your “why” will help you get clear on the meaning behind the transition, allow you to stay focused, and ensure success is reached.


  1. Eliminate processed and refined foods. Ditch the junk!  If you want to lose weight, increase energy, improve digestion, and live a higher quality of life, these types of foods will only continue to slow you down and further complicate your health.  If you already have existing conditions, these foods are only adding more fuel to the fire.  If you truly want to reduce your symptoms and/or potentially reverse health conditions, it’s time to buckle down and clean house.


Note: The chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors, and all other ingredients not made for the human body are greatly dehydrating and intensified the craving cycle.


  1. Increase your intake of raw, living, whole foods. Buying organically, locally, and seasonally when possible.  Raw living foods provide the body with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body requires to thrive.  Eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds in proper combination allows the body to assimilate the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals successfully.  The result? Healthy weight loss, increased energy, optimal digestion, and ultimately, optimal health.

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We are not only what we eat but what our bodies assimilate.


  1. Don’t beat yourself up. So, you fell off the “wagon”.  Now what? It happens to the best of us.  The truth is, there is no “wagon” and no “perfect” way to eat.  What works for one, may not work for another.  Everyone’s body is different.  There is no one way for everyone which is why it’s so important to consult with a professional before taking on your own health independently through internet guidance.


Regardless, whatever you do, do not beat yourself up.  Always be forgiving and know that you always have a chance to start a new.  Just don’t abuse the opportunity because third or fourth chances don’t always come around.  We each have a choice.  Choose wisely for yourself, your body, and your overall health.  A healthy body is a happy body!


  1. Start where you are. There is no better time or “right” time to start than the present.  Most importantly, don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  It’s your life and your body with no other like it.  You can start your journey from whichever point you are at; whether you’re new to the raw food world, a vegan/vegetarian in training, or vegan/vegetarian ready to take it to the next level of mastery.  Everyone’s transition will be different.  There is no direct process to getting there nor are there any pre-requisites.  All that is needed is, your will to succeed and your drive to make it happen.


  1. Listen to your body. Your body will always let you know how it’s feeling and what it needs.  Keep in mind, that your body’s nudges won’t always be the same and its needs will vary from time to time; as seasons come and go or as you progress along your journey.


For me, my body’s needs change in the Winter.  I’ll tend to eat more cooked food during the Fall/Winter months versus the Spring/Summer months.  Eating raw isn’t what my body always desires.  But I’ll tell you what, when I do feed it a cooked meal, it quickly lets me know it needs hydration.  It doesn’t take long before I feel the dehydrating effects and leaves me craving raw fruit for water.  Although I do eat cooked meals from time to time, they are always plant-based with a raw food option to go with it for an acid/alkaline balance.  Remember, do what is right by your body and I promise, it will always do right by you.


  1. Change your relationship with food. We are not born to love eating healthy foods.  We develop eating habits by what we are introduced with and begin eating from day one.  Our behavior is learned and just as it is learned, it can be unlearned.  It all depends on you.  Yes, it is much easier to reach for the bagged, packaged foods or fast food versus being inclined to put a healthy meal together but they will only continue to deteriorate your body.


The truth is, as you train your body to adjust to healthful living foods while detaching yourself from the emotional state and addiction to junk food, your body will begin to develop a desire for real, whole food nutrition.  You will feel so good, eating raw living foods will remain front row and center as you continue marching on!


  1. Don’t deprive yourself. As your body detoxifies years of toxic build up, you will begin to reach the peak of feeling alive and well.  However, there may come a time where you are craving a certain food you used to eat or find yourself in a situation where your meal options are limited and reaching for the nearest fast food restaurant is the most convenient.  Whatever it is your body is asking for, go ahead and oblige.  Will you kick yourself in the butt afterward? Maybe.  Will you feel your stomach turn followed by the need to hightail it to the nearest bathroom? Possibly.


Bottom line, if you desire it, go for it but do know that when you do, you are reintroducing your body to highly addictive chemicals.  Just be prepared to take control and brake the vicious addictive-food cycle before it begins to spiral out of control all over again.  It is all up to you.  Don’t let your hard work go to waste.  Keep moving forward.

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  1. Keep it simple. There is no need to get complicated when preparing your meals.  Keep them simple and in minimal food combination.  As a matter of fact, I have found that in transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle, preparing my meals have become much easier and has saved me a lot more time.  Like with anything, there is an adjustment period.  Once you have surpassed it, you are good as golden.  Be patient during your transition to a raw vegan lifestyle, and keep it simple.  You will be grateful that you did!


  1. Educate yourself. Knowledge gives you power.  After all, isn’t your health, your body, and your life worth it?  Rest assured, you will come across people including friends and family who will feed you every reason as to why not and will think you are girl or guy gone crazy.  It’s okay.  Don’t let that derail your progress.  People who react that way, tend to get their panties in a bunch by what they don’t understand or know very little about.


The best thing you can do is set an example and be someone else’s shining star.  Lead the way by radiating health, vitality, and a zest for life.  Some will follow while some may not.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Those close to you will follow in your lead soon enough. The important thing is that you educate yourself and be prepared to come back with answers and your very own results.  Proven results don’t lie; they do, however, inspire.


Here are some excellent resources to help get you started:

  • The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell
  • The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck
  • Food, Inc. (DVD)
  • The Environmental Working Group

What I have learned is that people lack the education and the knowledge necessary to embark on the raw vegan journey.  The internet does a great job confusing and overwhelming you while putting you in a position where you don’t know what direction to take or if the direction you are taking is even accurate.  Picking up bits and pieces here and there don’t pave the way; it only leads you to a crossroads filling you with even more confusion and frustration than what you started with.


I know this because I’ve been there.  I was once an internet victim.  I always turned to the internet for answers and guidance.  Let’s face it, it’s the largest “go to” system for answers.  The truth is, the answers aren’t always correct.  Which is why I am here to tell you that you should never solely guide yourself by everything you see and read online.  Your body and your health will thank you for it.


Seek expert guidance from a certified professional such as a holistic nutrition practitioner or holistic health practitioner.  Do your research well and seek a consultation before deciding to become a raw vegan.  It’s important you do what is best for you.  Stop trying to find shortcuts.

There are no shortcuts to optimal health no matter what commercialized products claim they can do for you.  Organic, fresh, wholesome, raw living foods are your best medicine and your #1 source for optimal health.  It’s healthcare at its finest!


Your turn:  What are some tips you you’d like to share that are not listed and can potentially help someone else?  Share them in the comments below!


Love, peace, and light,


Sandra xo





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