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5 Tips To Maintaining Healthy Hair While Exploring Different Styles

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5 Tips to maintaining healthy hair while wearing extensions

Ladies I know many of you love yourselves some weaves/extensions. They allow you to switch up your look from long to short, straight to curly; even try new bold colors and everything in between. In other words weaves can be fun, adventurous and professional, but you MUST protect your natural healthy hair underneath. Here are a few tips on what can be done to save your beautiful tresses from stress or tortures of sew in weaves.


Tip #1

Braids should not be so tight that it feels like your brain is oozing out of your pores. Ladies if this is what you feel then your braids are absolutely too tight. You know its too tight when you have to take pain meds to numb the pain and or your begin to get white bumps that itch from your hair follicles being under too much stress from tightness. So if your scalp is on fire or you are resulting to pain medications to alleviate your discomfort, you need to find another stylist.  You should also advise your stylist when it begins to hurt so they can adjust pressure and tension.


Tip #2

Always use a net and silk thread. Silk thread reduces the breakage and tangles that cotton thread does. Cotton thread leads to split ends from rubbing against the your natural hair strands. When wearing sew ins, utilizing a net helps to displace tension from the braid to the net. Nets help to secure the extensions and prevent breakage. It also allows more versatility to your weave; you don’t have to fret about braids showing when wearing different styles. Choose a soft quality breathable net that doesn’t scratch the skin and allows proper airflow. Nets also provide a smoother laying weaves/extensions minus lumps and bumps.


Tip #3

Never wear your extensions/weaves longer than 3 months. Ideally you should not wear a weave longer than 2 months. To extend wear to up to 3 months, you must shampoo, condition and completely dry your braided hair. Cleaning your hair prevents build up of products on your extension hair and your natural hair keeping it soft, manageable and tangle free. Completely drying your hair prevents mold and mildewing of scalp. When your hair molds/mildews the only treatments to resolve the smell is blade-to-blade or chemical relaxer. Otherwise your hair will have a hideous smell that is toxic. By your hair being braided and under the weave extension, it will require longer dryer time.  (I know, I know you hate the dryer, but there is no way around this one ladies!)


Tip #4

Only use quality human hair for extension services.  Synthetic fibers are found in lower quality hair brands and will cause damage to you natural hair as it acts like a cotton and sucks moisture out and leaves hair dry and brittle. Quality human hair does come at a higher price but the wonderful thing about hair is like shoes or purses. When you invest in good quality product it will last you a long time, if you take care of it. I have known some women to keep their extension hair 3-5years, whereas the low quality extensions last only 1-2 sew ins, a span of maybe 6 months. As with anything in life when you take care of something it lasts.


Tip #5

Seek a professional stylist for installing and maintaining your extension hair. A great, knowledgeable stylist will use the best quality products to ensure the longevity of your natural hair and extension hair.  They will also do flawless installs that won’t leave you bald when you take out your purchased hair. Professional stylist comes at a higher price but still having your natural hair in tack in priceless. Please don’t become subject to experiment with unlicensed or untrained stylist who braid too tight and use low quality hair that leaves you looking like Sherman Hemsley aka George Jefferson (LOL). All jokes aside, if you truly care about your hair you will invest in it while you will see the difference and results of quality over quantity.


Ladies its your hair, well in this case its someone else’s LOL, but neither the less, care for it as if it where your own grown from your scalp. If you follow these tips you will be more pleased with your own hair and your extension hair. The better you care the longer it last. Always remember to tie your hair up when sleeping, working out, or any activity that may cause your hair to tangle or sweat. Sleep on satin or silk pillowcases to protect your hair from breakage at night. It’s not that hard to S.imply K.eep Y.our H.air H.ealthy.

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