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Men: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

Tammerah Clark 4-28-14


As I have become a part of the natural hair movement, I have realized that men are either a part of the problem or we are a part of the solution. Natural hair is a topic that is controversial amongst men because many of us have not accepted our sistas decisions to return to their natural roots. On the other hand, there are a few men who have accepted our queens, but many of them are not vocal about their support for our sistas or they allow others to degrade our sistas without defending them. Again I say, we are either a part of the problem or we are a part of the solution.

For the brothas who are against natural hair and are critical of our sistas who decide to return to their roots, why are you anti-natural hair? My goal is not to convert you to being a natural hair supporter, but I challenge you to ask yourself why are you so anti-natural hair? A lot of our sistas are reluctant to take this self-liberating step because they are afraid of what we may think about them. Have you ever taken a few minutes to research the natural hair process or are you making your decision and forming your opinions based on what you have been socialized to believe? My challenge to you is to do your research about natural hair so that you do not make your decisions based on ignorance and are able to form your opinions based on facts.

For the brothas who support natural hair but are quiet about their support and do not defend our sistas, please step up to the plate because they really need us. I can admit that the sistas are making it happen by supporting themselves, but the movement is a lot stronger when they have their brothas on their side. We cannot continue to be bystanders and watch others disrespect our sistas. I can say that many of our sistas defend us in many situations and they are by our sides, so we have to show the same levels of support and commitment to them. As much as we want to say that this is a Black woman’s movement, the reality is that this is a movement that is about the Black culture.

We have to see this issue as our culture and identities being attacked.  Although men do not have to deal with this issue, we have to realize that our sistas are a part of our communities and culture, so we have to protect our culture. So again I asked you, are you a part of the problem or are you a part of the solution. I hope that you become a part of the solution and take a stance with our sistas and support and defend them against those who are trying to take away their identities.

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  • Kelly

    I am blessed that my husband supports my natural hair, and loves how BIG it gets. I have had long hair, short hair, relaxed hair and natural hair and all he cares about now is “I love what makes you happy.” He saw pics of me with long hair and liked it, UNTIL he saw how high maintenance and expensive it was. My 3 sons don’t seem to care because we taught them,a woman is not her hair. I asked, “If she lost her hair, would you dump her? If the answer is No, you are a good man in that area.”

  • Patricia Opel Jaye

    Hi I agree with the article totally I think all too often
    SOME of our men may not be as supportive as the should be.
    I also agree with the article we “sistas” as always been in
    each other’s corners when it comes to our return to natural hair.
    I commend them our sistas for being do dedicated to our hair being
    nurtured and recreated to it’s natural healthy state. I to have
    gone natural it’s one of the best things I have ever done. I want
    to thank all of my sistas who stood on the front and taught me that
    the decision I made was a damn good one much love Patricia Opel Jaye.