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Adorable Swimming Caps For Summer Time

A big reason why I dreaded up my kids natural hair at an early age was because of time.

And water. Yes, I know that sounds silly but I simply did not want to take hours out of my life or their dealing with the struggles of natural hair textures.

I know some naturals treat water like the plague and I did not want that to be my daughters. They love swimming and one of them even thought themselves how to swim!

But lately, they have been expressing their desires to take their dreadlocks down. And while I completely support that decision, I cannot help but to think about what that will mean to me.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 7.03.09 AMTwo more heads of long, thick, natural hair to do. Two more heads of braiding and twisting.


And two more heads I have to worry about when we go to the beach!

We live in a coastal city and their is a pool in our neighborhood. So of course, they dart out to the pool everytime the weather is nice out.

Thankfully for them (and me), there are adorably cute and effective swimming caps and bonnets for women and girls of 4B and 4C natural hair textures.

Check out Amazon for plenty of inspiration in looking for a cute swimming cap for you and your kinky headed little girls.

They come in all different styles and characters for you and your daughters liking. I’ve found Hello Kitty caps, Spongebob caps, precious flowery caps and many other types designs.

Swimming caps are very snug but comfortable and great at protecting hair from a day at the beach. Any natural knows that water, sand and chlorine  are no-nos in keeping your hair healthy. You’ll be spending half a day just getting your natural curls back in order after that!

Luckily, swimming caps are a great way to protect your hair, enjoy the beach and still look fierce on the beach!

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