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Flaxseed Gel and Honey for Ultra Hold

I know we’ve talked about flaxseed gel before. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to make flaxseed gel.

Some naturals may add a significant amount of honey to they flaxseed gel recipes for better hold.

Honey is a thick liquid, similar to molasses. The taste is yummy and the hair hold could be even better.

I know I used honey to wash my hair with once is my hair is darn near stiff from the hold honey gave it. Luckily it did not pull my hair out or cause any other trauma.

A basic flaxseed gel recipe can be made following the instructions of the one and only Whitney or Naptural85.

To add more benefit to your flaxseed gel mix honey into your finished product. For starters, add a tablespoon to the gel and test it on a small hair piece. If you like the hold, you’ve used the right amount. If not, consider adding another tablespoon.

Additionally, honey makes for a good preservative so you could probably afford leave the gel in the refrigerator.


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  • I recently made some of this and I must say that the hold is absolutely perfect!