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Alternative To The Flat Iron: Root Straightener

When I took my locs out completely, the first thing I want to do was straighten my hair to see exactly how much length I retained.

However, I also knew that heat was the evil twin to natural hair and that it definitely needs to be used in moderation. That’s where a root straightener could come into play.

The one thing I have never liked about flat irons is that fact that you have no choice but to get very close to your roots to get them straight. And even still, for some naturals, straight hair is not even accomplished because their hair is just THAT big and curly!

But I came across a little doo-hickey in the hair store today: a root straightener.

It looked like a curling iron with combs around the iron itself. The comb is to protect the hair and scalp from the heat. The comb part actually helps do the straightening alongside the iron. It’s almost like a comb-chase method in one!

From reading the reviews, root straighteners seems to be the real deal. People are saying that they really work in keeping fly aways on the edges straight for several hours. The comb, as I stated earlier, is very convenient, making a similar flat ironing procedure simple.

The only qualm I have about toot straighteners is the fact that they are only used for the root. What about the rest of the head, from root to end? I mean, this would be a great devices to use in place of a flat iron because of the added straightening mechanism. But I guess then makers of flat irons would be out of business!

As with any heat device, make sure the proper protocols are utilized when using a root straightener if you decide to buy one. Also work on dry, clean and moisturized hair. Make sure to use a heat protectant as well, especially if you intend on using high heat.

Also, make sure to only use a device like this once and a while. Like with any heating method for natural hair, it is something you do not want to overdo. The last thing you want to have to reverse is heat damage. Additionally, the comb attachments could be pulling too much on your edges, causing you more problems than you may have bargained for!


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